Finding happiness in WoW

It’s been a rough 2 months, dear readers. I’ve been considerably less active on my blog of late because (as I’ve said before) I didn’t know what to say without hurting feelings or sounding like a bitch, or both. I didn’t want to post issues that could and should be solved in game. I felt silence was for the best, all the way around. I still don’t know the ‘right thing’ to say….therefore, this post may go all over the place.

I just want to raid, as I’ve said to many a person recently, and it’s been hard to do that between this issue and that. For awhile, it seemed like either raid lead or not at all and…I’m so not a leader. Not in the least. But because of my strong desire to raid, I tried to do just that (with help). Let’s just say that my career as a co-RL was very, very short (hint: I sucked BIG TIME). The group I’m running with now is still a work in progress, our DPS needs improving across the board and the roster seems to change in a major way based on who can make it…but we’re a good, fun bunch of people, recently united by the crummy actions of one of our former raid group members.

It’s been hard for me to find joy in WoW at times lately. It was stressing me out IRL, and I thought of many a wild thought during the worst of it. The thing that made it hard(er) was I love my guild, it’s full of great people, and it’s been a haven for me since I transferred to get away from the drama of my old server. Having the first major bout of ‘bad times’ on ThoBro hit me extremely hard. So, still taking the advice I gave myself long ago, I’ve been not forcing myself to play when I wanted to do other things and logging on my old server more to play Endy 2.0 (part hiding from the stress, part having fun reconnecting with old guildies I hadn’t seen in awhile, cause  it’d been awhile since I’d logged into Scarlet Crusade and some were coming back from years away). Simply playing the game again, selfishly doing what I want when I want. I’ve needed the ‘vacation.’

Playing on 2 servers is like having my cake and eating it too. It has, in my case, provided me with a place to go when one of my servers is causing me stress or just has nothing going on. When most folks are logged off for the night on ThoBro, I can hop on SC and they’ll be in BoT or BD, raiding til the wee hours. In fact, funny story, that. No really, it’s hilarious. See, Endy 2.0 dinged 85 about 2 days ago. She hasn’t run any instances since doing so, but I have managed to get the epic healy shield crafted for her, as well as buying a few bits and pieces off the AH. Her average gear score is 328, so she’s juuuust shy of being eligible for Heroics. I logged on last night after a rather fun night on ThoBro so I could do my daily JC’ing quest – Timeless Nightstones 3 days running…wtf – and maybe troll the AH for a good deal. I’m the only person on NOT in BoT raiding. I’m doing my thing, looking at rings on the AH and the GM suddenly says in guild “Hey Endy, wanna raid?”


What is this, I don’t even…..

Less than a minute later, I’m in BoT, facing…well, I didn’t even know where we were. I later figured out it was the Elementium Monstrosity council. Keep in mind, just dinged, not even eligible for heroics, no proper flasks or food stuffs and no familiarity with the boss fight. I’ve never been past the trash in that first room that everyone farms for epix. I was, to quote Illidan, “not prepared.” And yet, an hour and a half or so later, for the first time, the guild downed the Monstrosities and I was in quite a bit of shock that (at times), I was actually second on the healing meters. I know, healing meters can lie and not tell the whole story, but I was expecting to be a distant third to the other 2 healers. I’m still kinda…whaaaaa? We actually tried Cho’gall once and got him to 79%. So….hilarious story, right? My first Cata boss downed, on my freshly dinged 85. Wasn’t expecting that.

Anywho, things are holding steady nowadays. I’m wary, but not stressed out. My raid group is a fun bunch, though I am going to try to get some of them through heroics for better gear. I’m focusing on leveling my DK currently (omg, smashing in faces is so much FUN!) and even working on my wee mage a bit now that I’ve influenced some of my SC guildies to make/transfer toons over to ThoBro. I’m having fun. I’ll take it.

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It’s all fun and games….

A month or two ago, I got promoted to an officer in my guild. It’s basically the ‘has no official responsibilities’ kind of officer, but one nonetheless. I figured I had something to offer and I had a certain level headed nature that could be useful. Even though I didn’t have to, I felt I should DO something because, I didn’t just want to be an officer in name but not action. So I came up with the idea of a Fun Event(s) for the whole guild to get in on. The first officer I mentioned this too kind of dismissed the idea, or at least the notion I had to do anything to ‘earn’ my officer status, but I really felt I had a strong idea, it just needed fleshing out. So I mentioned something in /o chat later on and it was fairly well recieved. I was given the go-ahead to head up the planning on it. Unfortunately, I was just about to go on my Disney trip, and then at the same time, drama happened, and then from that drama came more drama, which left me with not much of an inclination to plan any fun events (with not even a strong inclination to play WoW). But, faced with disappointment from some that I didn’t get on top of the planning like I’d said I would, and my own desire to do some fun, guild bonding, I’m hoping to get back on track with that.

When I first conceived the whole thing, it was going to be a Weekend Extravaganza of Fun. Lots of fun events, packed into one weekend. But, it’s evolved a bit since then. It’ll be easier to focus on planning one event at a time, plus, it guarantees that more people should be able to get in on the action if it’s one event here, another event there. I have in mind things like a Fishing Tourney, to get the That’s A Lot of Bait achievement, maybe even a Mining Tourney to get the mining one, since we’re pretty close on that, an Alt-o-rama, wherein people get a chance to run their alts through instances with guildies (either with all at level toons, or having an uber 85 run them through), or a Hide & Seek game, where a guildie hides in a zone, and guildies try and seek him (clues being given of course, to pinpoint his location more and more as time goes on). But the one that I’m getting together first, since it’s fairly easy, is Ground Beef. What is Ground Beef, you ask? Of course you’re asking….I know it! It’s an idea I’m borrowing from here, and mostly keeping it intact, save the name. It’s easily done, should be fun, and will result in prizes being given!

Basically, we’ll make level 1 Taurens on a random server (since I know a few guildies at least, have little or no spaces free) and give their cows names that hopefully reflect their own, but with a cow-like twist to it. I could be “Endymoo” for instance, or “Moowyn.” We’ll then make our way to Thunder Bluff. If we can find a kind mage to make a port to Dalaran, it’d be even better, since we could jump from the Purple Parlor….waaaaaaaaay at the top of Dalaran. Either way should work. Once at TB, I’ll jump and become the ‘target.’ Everyone else will get 3 chances to jump, and land as close to my poor, mangled body as possible – and not rez when they’re happy with their position, so their corpse remains. We’ll have 2 or 3 judges to decide who is the closest to my body, and we’ll have a first, second and third place, with prizes. I just need to decide what prizes…augh!

Hopefully, this will be the first of a series of fun events we can do as a guild to bond, hang out with each other, have some fun, etc. Since 25 mans are not in our immediate future at least, it’s harder to hang out with tons of guildies at once. That’s why I always liked 25 mans. Yes, they were harder to organize and I myself prefer 10 man raids, but with the 25 mans, I got to hang and raid with tons more guildies. I kind of miss that.

So if anyone has a hordie mage that wouldn’t mind helping out, um…I could give you uhhh, err, lots of thanks on my blog and twitter? >.>

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Twitter….I has it

So on a lark I decided to try out this thing I’ve been railing against (if only in my head) for so long. I have joined Twitter. I have no idea how it works, but I’m fumbling around and messing with settings and fun stuff like that. Please feel free to find me….my err, handle thing is Endyme (or do I have to put a @ in front of it for it to be properly Twitter-ized…..@Endyme?) and help me learn how2Twitterz.

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Raiding changeup

I’ve been pretty quiet of late, and it’s mostly because what I wanted to say I couldn’t without hurting somebody or stirring up more stuff by my words here. I’ve seen the power of words in blogs firsthand and have no desire to be that person. This is sounding all doom and gloom already, and it’s not! Too much. >.>

I’ve weathered 2 expansions previous to Cataclysm, but none have been so full of upheaval and change with regards to raiding for me. In BC, I was extremely new to raiding and didn’t know the ins and outs of the whole thing. In Lich King, the guild I was in really didn’t have raid ‘teams’ formally….I’m pretty sure we only had one group raiding, kinda fuzzy on it. This expansion, I knew would be rough, but I was not expecting what happened. I didn’t handle it well.

I’ve been with the same raiding crew most of my time on ThoBro and was hopeful we could continue that in Cataclysm. Drama claimed some of our members recently, but then a few of them migrated to another raid group and I erroneously assumed it to be a case of them just filling in to get experience and help with the holes that group had, which was pretty much ready to start raiding. That assumption held for awhile and gradually it got chipped away and I realized I was ‘raid homeless’. And that thought left me not feeling good. Communication was not happening, or rather, it was…but much in the manner of the telephone game, where “I sneezed on grannny” turns into “I have red panties.” Things seemed to be changing day to day, it felt – everyone was getting different information and I was hella confused (as were others, no doubt). And in one weekend chat with the GM, I was crying in Vent, left with a headache and an upset stomach much of the day and pretty miserable. I ended up creating a Vent meeting so the remnants of my raid team could chat about our prospects, but I fail at putting up events, so the old RL of our group did it for me…inviting officers as well, at the suggestion of a friend, so we could all be on the same page.

This whole thing was probably made worse because I bottled as much of my misery up as possible in an effort to not spread it around and start drama. Nothing on the blog, nothing to Askevar (I knew she was dealing with a busy time IRL), and I really didn’t know what TO say without sounding whiny or annoying (“My raid group died and I don’t have a raid group, waaaah! I want to raaaaaaaid!” /hissy fit). I turned to my old server more, but after my weekend sobfest, I took my own advice from months back and took a step back. No matter what the cause, no matter if it was all my fault and nobody elses, I got so worked up about the game that I was physically out of sorts a good portion of a day. That was no good. I gave myself permission for the next week not to log on or play on certain toons if it would stress me out.

Things have started to work themselves out, I hope. Our meeting ended with a tentative group of folks, a tentative day/time and a thirst for raiding. It will be me and 2 others sharing raid leading duties. It’s hella stressful to Raid Lead, I’ve seen how it wears on a person. I’m believe that having 3 co-RL’s will be a way to alleviate the stress and weight of it all, and won’t end up being confusing. If we do it right, it shouldn’t. We all have our various strengths: one is good at logistics and planning, one is really good at leading in a fun way, and if he needs to correct someone, he does it in a way that isn’t mean or condescending, and me….I cheerlead. I maintain morale (or try to!), I joke and make silly cheers, I um, I hope to find more I can do well, because I am DETERMINED to see this work. There are still a few kinks to be ironed out, such as a name for our group. HFC is gone (RIP, Happy Fun Crew), this is a clean slate for us to craft to our liking and start anew. I hope things go well, I want them to very badly.

My guild does organized guild heroics twice a week and last night we didn’t have quite enough people to fill out 3 groups like we usually do, so we changed things up and went into Bastion of Twilight with 10 folks to do a ‘trash run.’ I loved every second of it. I missed raiding in new, fresh content with a group of nine other folks and seeing what Lady RNG might hand us. An epic leather helm dropped and erm….may have gotten sharded instead of sold or used by someone. Honest mistake, since we were in the middle of fighting when it got looted and I know I didn’t have a chance to do much other than go “Oh, leather…meh.” and pass. That aside, I had SO much fun. I can’t wait to do it with my new crew, whatever our name may be. 🙂

Character Roundup:

  • Lirwyn’s gear continues to sloooooooowly improve. I got some crafted epic pants thanks to the help of some generous guildies. Because I’m restricting myself to mostly guild heroics, I haven’t done enough to buy anything with VP’s yet, but I’m inching my way up there. Raiding should help with that. She topped 100k mana recently (buffed up) and I squee’d a little.
  • Endy 2.0 has made improvements in leaps and bounds. She’s now on the verge of level 79 and has pretty descent gear, I must say. She’s at the point where she can nab some GREAT upgrades from the AH that come from lowbie Cata zones (because they’re able to be worn starting at level 78) and it’s been great fun catching up with old guidies again. I hope at some point to be able to get to 85 and geared well enough I can help sub in on raids if they need it. My guild over on SC raids late enough it most certainly wouldn’t clash with ThoBro stuff. I may fall asleep at some point though….
  • Original Endy is a good halfway through level 83. It’s just hard because I usually just quest on her and have only done 2 instances. I need to do more. I either need to pester guildies or….*gulp* PuG. I just want her to be 85 already. Arrrrrg.
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(Un)Holy Randomness has a blogoversary!

On February 9, 2010, very late at night, a brief blog post was made. It didn’t say anything more than “Hi blog land! Here I am!”, but it was a start. I was inspired by the blog of a friend and guildie, Askevar, who seemed to really enjoy doing her blog, and thought I could try my hand at it. I struggled with what to name it, and eventually settled on (Un)Holy Randomness because of the fact that my main toons at the time were my Holy Pally and Unholy DK, and I didn’t want to be tied down on what the blog would be about – and thus (Un)Holy Randomness! It seems time has flown since then, because it certainly doesn’t feel like it’s been a year since I started blogging. There’s still so much I want to do! So instead of putting facts and figures out there, or favorite or most commented on posts, I wanted to talk about what blogging has meant to me and my goals for the future of this blog.

I’ve been playing WoW for 6 years now. SIX. Putting that in words feels wierd. Alot has happened in those 6 years and I’ve long felt I had observations, advice, stories to share. This blog has enabled me to share them with others, even if it’s not very many people. Big name bloggers like Matticus, Tam (who just announced he’s retiring from blogging), Larisa etc, have tons of readers, fans, pull in the blogging community and that’s cool. I’m not blogging for the e-fame, or attention in general. I’ve enjoyed blogging for the release of it, for the ability to get out all the stuff that’s been stuck in my head with nowhere to go. Posts like Getting Emotional in Game didn’t necessarily get a shite ton of comments, but it let me put my feelings about a nasty incident in WoW on pap..err, screen. I felt better having shared it and hopefully it connected with someone. Truths of the Game is another post I feel proud of because I felt, after 5 years of playing WoW, I had some (not earth shattering or unique) observations to share that until my blog came about, only stayed with me.

In the beginning, I was so busy trying to figure out how2blog and getting all these things that were stuck in my head out of it, that I had a treasure trove of post ideas. Lately, it’s not been the case, and sometimes I flounder for things to say, but I try not to force it. It’s why, unlike Tarinae and some bloggers, I haven’t made a ‘posting schedule’ for myself. I’d rather not make a post because I have to, but rather, because I have something to say/share. Since I started blogging, I have discovered what I was seeing mentioned in other blogs (which I was voraciously reading in the beginning to see what they were all about), which is there a fine line to tread at times when posting. If guildies read your blog, as I know some of mine do, you have to be mindful of what you put if you are being negative. If the drama llama comes to visit, or you have a tiff with Bob the Annoying Warrior, or you’re thinking of leaving your guild…speaking your mind freely may not be ideal. I’ll admit, at first I thought, “Sweet, I’ll post about all sort of things and if guild drama happens, I can make posts about it and share my trials and tribulations with others!” Yes, it’s your blog, your space to do whatever you want with.  But with great blogging comes responsibility, as the wise uncle of a spider loving superhero once said (well, almost). Words have power and can hurt and as tempted as I’ve been to unleash them at times about certain goings on in my WoW life, I try to remember that. I’ve seen firsthand and with others what damage can be done by oversharing and being too honest in ones’ posts.

Another part of blogging: getting comments. They’re awesome and connects you to your readers and the blogosphere. Comments let you know your posts are being read, and gives you feedback and dialogue you hoped to create by posting in the first place. I live off of getting comments, no matter who it is. I won’t lie though, when a big name makes a comment or links to me, it makes my day. I got linked once late last year by Miss Medicina but didn’t realize it at first. All I knew is that the traffic for this blog SPIKED one day and I was flipping out….until I visited MM’s blog and saw a link to my wee spot of the blogosphere. I may have squee’d. Comments are love.

As for the future of this blog? Well, first off…I need to get off my lazy buttocks and whip up a new header for this blog. I’ve changed around the theme a few times since I created it, but this current one can have a customizable header and I need to make a new one that reflects where I am now in WoW. I also need to update the “My (most played) toons” section, take new pictures of my toons and update the links. I still have a draenei picture for my priest, who’s been a nelf for 2 months now. D’oh! Also, I’ve been meaning to create an email just for this blog, in case anyone wants to contact me, send in a guest post (I would totally love that) or subscribe or something. The biggest thing though, is get on Blog Azeroth. It’s a great resource and way to network and I swore I’d do it once my blog got a bit more established. Reeeeally need to do that.

*sets out a cake and starts cutting it up* Just for today, the cake is not a lie. Thanks to everyone who’s visited and commented on (Un)Holy Randomness, I hope to be around for awhile!

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Getting my pally mojo back?

It’s no secret to anybody that knows me that I favor my priest these days. I got SUCH a kick out of leveling the bubble loving gal to 80, and gearing her up, but 4.0.1 was definitely the straw that broke the camels back for me. I just didn’t make the adjustment to the new way of healing, with all our fancy new abilities and I was a bit traumatized by the issues I had when 4.0.1 came out. I was constantly crashing and at first, thought one of my addons was to blame and disabled them all. Then, when I was addonless and still flailing about, the guild went into ToC (I think it was the weekly) and I…yeah…trauma. It was horrible. I felt much like I did when I was on my disco priest shortly after transferring her: I panic healed. Paladins on various blogs were theorycrafting and I’ve always been more of an instinctual healer, so I just felt overwhelmed, lost and unhappy with my paladin.

Months before that, I had also stopped playing Endyme 2.0 on my original server, because suddenly, my gear was hindering my ability to heal, my pride wasn’t helping and my confidence was blinding me to problems. I found that I was unable to handle instances Northrend was giving me. I even had to leave a group when I was unable to properly heal them (I went OOM during the first boss in Utgarde Keep. Embarassing)…I’m just grateful I didn’t get kicked. I had a wake up call and went on an AH’ing/enchanting/etc spree to bring 2.0 more up to speed. It helped a bit, but I was scarred from my experiences and busy with raiding and prepping for Cata on ThoBro, so I never found the time to pop over and work on her. So she sat at 70 for many months.

Time passed…*makes Wayne’s World hand motions* Doodle dooodle doo! Dooodle doooodle do!

Lirwyn is 85 and making the heroic rounds to better her gear (green ilevel 318 wand…must replace!) and prep for eventual raidage, Endyme is slowly clawing her way towards 85 (she’s 82 and some change now) and I’ve become interested in leveling my wee nelf mage.

My old leveling buddy from Scarlet Crusade and I are RealID friends, so we can chat cross server with each other, and his warrior was about to hit 70. The other day, I joked “Hey, when you hit 70, you can tank, 2.0 can heal!” Well, naturally he started bugging me once the warrior hit 70 to spend some time on 2.0. I felt guilty enough for not logging on at all since roughly August, so it didn’t take much for me to decide to head on over to the old stomping grounds, whereupon it felt like it was an “Guidies of Days Past Reunion.” Seems I wasn’t the only old timer to start playing again, so it was funtimes chatting up old friends I hadn’t seen in years and speccing out Endy while doing so. Finally, while crossing my fingers that all went well, the tank/healer combo queued up!

I tell you, we breezed though Utgarde Keep. I was a bit taken aback at how easy it was. I was doing nothing more than using Holy Shock and Word of Glory, with the occasional Flash of Light or something random tossed in. I wasn’t OOM, or even close to OOM at any point, I didn’t feel stressed. Easy peasy. Since that night, I’ve clocked in more time with 2.0 and it’s still easy. There have been times I’ve been in conversation with someone while healing, and I’m slightly distracted..and even then, it’s fine. Nobody’s died, Endy 2.0 gained a level or two, and I’m easing back into the paladin thing.

It may have given me my pally mojo back. I’m trying to work on Endyme, the first, more. The only drawback to it is that Endyme is leveling as Ret. I have no idea what I’m doing (I just mash buttons, and things die) and haven’t done any instances with her yet. But I hope that by working on Endy 2.0, I can get to know how2holypally again, start easing into it a little bit at a time. All I know is the for awhile, I couldn’t bring myself to log onto Endyme (either one), I just wasn’t interested enough, there was always some other toon I could play around on. Now? Bring on the paladins!

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Clever title goes here

Well, it’s been an eventful last week or so. Disney was hella fun, for one. As someone who only went in the middle of summer, when it was hot and crowded as all get out, hitting up the Theme Park in January was full of win. I have pictures of Epcot with 5 or less people in them. I rode rides multiple times. I ate until I wanted to explode. I bought souveniers like they were going out of style. I almost literally walked my feet off (wtb nice walking shoes asap). Aaaaand my tradition of being on vacation when something goes down (either IRL or in game) continues. The guild saw a spot of drama pop up, the worst of which occured while I was away, and has (I hope) now calmed down. As a result, HFC’s lineup has gotten changed a smidge, but as we’re still focusing on hitting up heroics for lewt, we won’t have to deal with that for the time being. I’m feeling optimistic.

I have decided to give the wee (nelf) mage a try in light of some people’s comments and my own curiosity. She’s only level 13, but the levels do come easy when I play her, as I sent along all the cloth heirlooms my lock had on her…so of course, the poor lock now looks like a hobo and I had to put a tabard on her so she didn’t look naked. I’m trying out a fire spec for now, because it sounds fun and plus, I get to say “Fire, fire, heh heh, fire…heh heh” in Bevis and Butthead style to myself alot. Hrrmm, I think I just dated myself. So for now, my mage looks quite warlocky, with the skulls all over the heirlooms. I really think that if they can have the stats adjust to ones level, they aught to have the LOOK of the heirloom gear change depending on what class they’re on. I mean, c’mon! The worgen mage I started up will probably become a bank alt, once I figure out what all that entails. Probably stuff like getting lots of big bags made up (course, I have this revelation after I sell off most of my frostweave stash. Oh wells), sending things that my various toons are stashing away in their banks that they can’t use but may need (like enchanting mats, gems, etc) someday.

Poor Endyme has sat at level 82 for awhile and I haven’t got the desire to play her overly much at the moment. I do feel that I owe it to myself to get her to 85 just so I can see how the Holy Pally is at max level and give her a fair shake. Plus, the guild only has one main spec Holyadin right now and you never know when 2 Holy Pallies may be needed for…something. Yeah, ok, I dunno. Speaking of Holy though, I finally caved and made Lirwyn’s offspec Holy. I haven’t done too much with it just yet, but it feels right. Maybe I’ll experiement in some regulars…those poor PuGers won’t know what hit em. Muahahahaha! Ha!

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Disneeeeey Wooooorld (and other stuff)!

I’m driving over to Disney World next week with some friends and we’re going to spend the whole week there. I am beyond excited. My family used to go every other year, in between visits to family out in Florida during the summer. But I haven’t been to DW since the Animal Kingdom was brand new, so about 10 years or so.  I’ve been wanting to go to Disney for awhile as an adult and most especially, during the off season to avoid the craaaazy crowds. So off we go, and we’re even spending a day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios where I hope to drink a Butterbeer and eat a chocolate frog.

In WoW news, I have a dilemma. You see, a guildie recently told me that with my playstyle, she thinks a mage would suit me well. Mages and priests are apparently similar enough that she thought if I wanted a DPS’er to work on, it would be something to think about. The problem is this. I have a warlock at level 42 and I quite enjoy her. Mostly, to be honest, because of the ease of leveling due to heirloom items and I have a pet and it’s superfun. How good I am is…well, it’s an alt. I’m weak on alts when I level them up because I’m usually not into researching specs in depth and learning things like I should until I start hitting the bigger leagues. About a week or two after Cata I made a worgen to see what they were all about and since I didn’t have one I made a mage (this was before being told a mage might suit me). She’s been getting some play time recently and just got out of Gilneas. So far, she’s level 14 without much effort and with NO heirlooms, since I’d have to ship them from the lock to the mage. THEN, after the ‘you should play a mage’ conversation, I rolled a nelf mage. So now I’ve got 2 mages, and a lock and not a clue which one I should focus on. It’s not like I’m clearly in love with one class over the other at the moment. I’ve wanted to try the warlockery and magery thing since I don’t have much experience with either class (except for the level 26 mage gathering dust over on Scarlet Crusade). Ideally, I’d like to focus more on one and since the lock is already 42…..I’m leaning towards her. And I’m still not sold on the worgen as a race. The lore is nifty and I LOVE my top hat, but they’re not very err, graceful. So I may work on the nelf mage if I go the mage route. So indecisive!

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Interesting times

Warning: sensitive topic in the first paragraph…I see other people warning about triggers when this word/topic is brought up, so consider yourself warned.

I read a post on a blog awhile back about the use of certain words and phrases and how by letting them go, the blogger felt they were essentially saying it was ok. This realization deeply upset them. The post went on to talk about the use of phrases such as “that’s gay”,  and “that’s retarded.” It was food for thought, even though I thought the blogger went a wee bit too far with what words/phrases bugged her and omg, a commenter even said she thought ‘bad’ and ‘fail’ were starting down the slippery slope. Really? I mean, really? Aaaanywho, one of the issues brought up was the use of the word ‘rape’ in phrases like “We’re going to rape that boss!” and I agree…I believe it’s not appropriate to use in that situation. Unless you’re not saying something like “A dear friend of mine was raped”, that word has no place in a conversation. So when someone in game used that word where I could read it recently, I objected and at first said “You meant defeated.” When they didn’t quite seem to get it, I may have seen red briefly, but said something like “No, rape is a sexual, violent act, having nothing to do with actions in the game, rape does not happen in this situation.” They tried to argue that well, I was ok with pwnage happening right? Yes. Ok, then since neither can happen in game why the objection? The conversation was forcibly ended after it was said that I was jumping down his throat.  I am still….discombobulated. Why do I feel like I was the bad person here? I feel it was entirely right of me to object to ‘rape’ being used in the manner it was used, and the only thing I can figure is I should have just straight out said “Please don’t use rape in that way.” So I feel bad about being too..forceful in my objection, but not about feeling that ‘rape’ was not cool to use in that instance. I am hoping that none of it ever gets mentioned again, this person knows now I object to the word being used in that way and it’s water under the bridge. I am certainly not interested in pursuing it any further (in the game), nor in causing drama. And yes, I realize I’m putting this on my blog, where it is being read by many folks, which is why I am attempting to be vague and brief. I have a worst case senario already thought of and I hope it never comes to pass. Ugh.

The excrement has hit the rotating blades in other ways that I won’t detail in…detail. Sufficed to say, the next few days should be interesting.

Lirwyn is still trying to stick mostly to heroics and I have her looking better now, but I still have mana problems on trying fights and aim to fix that by hoarding as much spirit as I possibly can. I’ve gotten some gear with JP’s or the few heroics I’ve tried (even ones I don’t finish still drop gear. 🙂 ). I’m going back and forth on if I should make her off-spec Holy or stay Shadow. My initial thought was that by having Disc/Shadow I could bring the heals or the pain, depending on what was needed in 5 mans or even raids. But….it’s not working out that way. I’m not very good at Shadow; I don’t research optimal specs, gearing, rotation choices. I know I should. I know I could. BUT…I had a thought recently that froze me in my tracks. Off-spec Holy. I like healing alot. This is a time honored, proven fact. Disc brings certain things to the table, but not everything. Holy has other strengths Disc doesn’t. What *precisely* those are, I’m still unsure, since I haven’t looked much into it. I think they’re better raid healers, bring the AoE heals and right NOW, are stronger than Disc, or at least….not struggling as much. So I am thinking that especially down the line, when raiding starts up, going Holy off-spec could be helpful, so I still bring the versatility, but just in the way I can heal. If a certain fight calls for things Holy would shine *better* at, I can do it! If a fight needs damage mitigation via bubbles…I got that too. I’m still thinking it over.

Endy is level 82 now, and slowly working her way through Vashj’ir. I think that’s my favorite zone, which is why I’m not buggering off to Deepholm, even though I probably could. I haven’t done any instances with her yet, mostly because I’ve been lazy and not discovered any of the instance entrances. I should do that. I am motivated to get her to 85, but not as motivated as I am to work on Lirwyn. Hmmph.

*starts singing Kumbayah to herself*

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Mains vs alts

Warning: rambly post is rambly

A conversation with a guildie about something unimportant to the issue at hand left me seriously pondering who my main was. Just the simple question, “Well, who should I say is your main?” (paraphrased to not bring up the topic we were discussing) sent me into a mini identity crisis. I said that at this very moment in time, I would say it’s Lirwyn. In my mind, it’s more Lirwyn than Endy. She’s certainly the one who will be raiding first. But in my heart, it’s Endy.

What makes a main a main? Time spent on a toon? The joy you get while playing on a certain toon? How well you tank/heal/DPS on one toon vs another? These things do now always happen on the same character, I’m sure. You may get joy out of playing your warrior, but you DPS far better on your DK. Some people play one toon, and one toon only. They may dabble with alts, but they love that one toon, they theorycraft, gear up, and focus entirely on him/her for raiding purposes. But then you have people like a guildie of mine, who essentially has co-mains. He plays a priest and DK (he’s got a whole army of characters, but those are his *main* toons) and raided with them both in Lich King. He played them both well kept up their gear. I don’t know which one he truely favors above all others, but those toons were seen often in raids/heroics/etc.

I’ve never strayed from Endyme. Not since I made her in 5 minutes and began the journey of leveling her, when WoW was new and I didn’t have a clue in the world what add-ons, Vent, or raiding were. Other toons have come and gone. There have been times when I was enamored with the alt of the moment, leveling her (all my toons are female, I just can’t get into guy toons) with joy, loving the newness of it. But Endy never lost her favored spot as my MAIN. I *got* her. I loved playing her. I got joy out of healing on her and getting nice things for her. I never doubted she was my main for 5+ years. Alts were the ones that changed up every now and again, knocking others off the pedestal of First Alt. Celrina was First Alt for a long while after I transferred to ThoBro. Then when I transferred Marinka Ryska Lirwyn over, and I started leveling her up and running things on her, she slowly started to edge Celrina out. I found new joy in Celrina after speccing her dual-wield Frost, but the bubbles had grabbed hold of me by then. It was too late for Celrina…Lirwyn was here to stay.

But just like I used to think I’d never transfer, I started having these…thoughts about Lirwyn taking Endy’s spot. The straw that broke the camels back for me was 4.0. I didn’t get Endy like I used to. Suddenly, things were topsy turvy for me. Disc priests changed very little, whereas paladins changed a ALOT. In all fairness, I didn’t give the new changes much of a change to settle in and learn how to incorporate them into my healing rotation. I just backed away and said “Oh hell no, what is all this shit?! It’s new, I don’t like it!” Lirwyn suddenly made her case for why she was cool. It didn’t hurt that she was more valuable in the Lich King fight and according to my Raid Leader, was healing stronger than Endy. I was only bringing Endy to the LK fight over Lirwyn because of her stun, which we sorely needed. I fumbled by enough on Endy but didn’t feel that…connection and instinctive understanding I’d felt with her all these years.

And that’s why right now, I consider Lirwyn my main. I *get* her (not entirely, I feel I’m still learning on her since she’s ‘new’ compared to Endy), I get joy out of playing her, especially now that she’s a nelf. I love my bubbles, and the plethora of spells I have at my disposal and ways (oh yeah, plural. Eat your heart out Endy!) I can get back mana. And I chose to level her first, over Endy. That right there doomed Endy, honestly. Least for a little bit. Lirwyn has a jump start on things, and will get to raid first. But all is not doom and gloom for Endykins. She’s halfway through 81 as we speak, leveling as Ret. I WILL get her to 85, because I want to see how life treats her with all her spells, and if I can adjust, after a break, to the changes. I think a break from Endyme will be good, just to HAVE one.

So what about you, dear readers? Do you have one main to rule them all, or do you have multiple mains? Do you think it’s possible to have more than one main? Do you think it’s wise to have more than one main? I think it’s very situational, and dependant on the person. As for me, I’m taking it one day at a time and will seriously consider things once Endyme hits 85 and gets some instance experience. By then, I should have a better grasp on where I stand on the issue of main vs alt.

Until then, just call me Lirendy.

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