My (most played) toons

Thorium Brotherhood

Endyme:Level 85 Human Holy Paladin. Originally hailing from Scarlet Crusade, Endy was the first character I had that I took to max level. She’s my one true love, the character I never see myself tiring of, though these days, she’s not strictly speaking my main. My healing confidence was shaken with the intro of 4.0.1 and took awhile to come back. She started off in a small RP guild and along the way I met a fellow pally that became her leveling buddy and a dear e-friend (I tend to call friends whom I’ve never met except through the magic of the internets that) and we RP’d a friendship and budding romance that ended up in marriage. It was fun stuff, and I have great memories of those times. Due to my RL work schedule, I wasn’t able to raid for a few years. Eventually that changed and when the small RP guild died a slow agonizing death, and I joined up with my leveling buddy in his guild and raided MC and BWL.  Drama was the main factor that drove me away from that guild and I joined up with a great bunch of people who raided later (which worked great for me) and later on we merged (and then unmerged) with another raiding group. We did SSC and Hyjal and TK to varying degrees of success. Later on there was Naxx 2.0 and Ulduar. Eventually, I was burning out, avoiding logging on due to drama and decided to transfer Endy to Thorium Brotherhood, where she’s been raiding with Wrath and Retribution ever since summer of ’09. Except for brief stints as Ret to level, she’s been Holy since I can remember (I don’t count the days when I didn’t even know about specs and what the talent points were for…. >.>).

Celrina: Level 85 Night Elf Frost Death Knight. Cel is the first toon I created on ThoBro to test the waters when I was re-connecting with my friend who played on the server. She joined WaR the very first night I logged onto her, but I stayed pretty quiet for the longest time. Eventually I started to consider moving my main over here and once I did, decided I was liking playing Cel and pushed to level her to 80 after awhile so I’d have something other than mah healz to offer the guild. It’s a fun change of pace from healing, and it’s nice to have a DPS’er I feel competent on. Trying to DPS on Endy or Lirwyn, I feel like I’m wearing ill-fitting clothes. It just doesn’t feel right. But on Celrina, I enjoy doing damage. I had to respec her in light of the massive changes to the DK talent trees in 4.0.1. Blood is 4 tank now, much to my dismay. I specced Cel out for Unholy 2H DPS, thinking that would be her primary spec. Then, I grabbed a frost dual wield spec for funsies, just to have something else to try out and without knowing much of what I was doing, put out upwards of 3800 DPS in a heroic! Frost is definitely my preferred spec these days.


Lirwyn Level 85 Night Elf Discipline Priest. Lirwyn started life on SC, where I wanted a toon to compliment my arsenal. I had a healer, I had a melee DPS’er in my rogue, and I wanted something that could fling death from afar. I’d tried priests before, but deleted her after awhile because omg, she was so squishy! I created Marinka within a few days of BC coming out and for awhile, I just noodled on her here and there. Eventually, she worked her way up to 70 and being as she was like, an alt of an alt of an alt, she didn’t get much in the way of raid action til laaaate, when we could afford to bring in third string alts to Kara.  I suspect her DPS wasn’t too spiffy, and I never felt like I got shadow priesting. Time passed and Lich King came out. Naturally, Endyme was the first to make the trek to 80 and when the time came to decide which toon to level next, the rogue, priest or my shiney new DK, I asked in guild and was basically told “shadow sucks, go holy”. I hate people telling me what to spec (as in “Holy pallies suck, you should spec Ret, it’s funner and better”, not as in putting points in blah vs blah may be a better choice for you..that I am fine with). I wanted Marinka to be SHADOW dammit, not another healer. I was rightly or not hurt by my guildies words and went with my DK instead. Marinka, along with my rogue, pretty much collected dust from that point on. Time passes and I move servers and I start noticing how much fun my friend and guildie Askevar is having with her disc priest. I’d been considering adding another healer to my arsenal, even going as far as to start leveling a druid. The druid had been languishing in the low 20’s awhile, because I was paying more attention to Celrina or Endy 2.0 (my alt of choice at the time), and I started thinking about that priest over on SC that was collecting dust. SHE was already 70, there would be less effort to make to level her up, I could learn the ways of Disc from Askevar…but she’s on the wrong server. One lightbulb moment and $25 later, she was on Thorium Brotherhood, with a new name because apparently Marinka was taken.  I’ll admit, the first week or 2 was rocky, because not only was I picking up a toon I hadn’t played in at least a year and a half, but playing a spec I had never so much as though of before! I didn’t want to go in instances alone, I was overwhelmed and hoping I made the right choice. I must say, I’ve come to LOVE it! Not long after transferring, Ryska got into some retro-raids (not so retro for her!) and made out like a bandit in Sunwell, BT and Hyjal which helped boost my confidence and helped her get out of the Kara purples she’d been wearing for far too long. She made great strides in her gear within a few minutes of dinging, thanks to a generous friend. Within a week, I was shocked at how awesome her gear was compared to say, how Endy’s was within a week of hitting 80. But I think it’s much easier now to gear up vs when Endy was first leveled. Kids these days…I think it’ll be nice to have another healer to offer up, because as much as I enjoy DPS’ing on my DK, I’m a healer at heart. So come Cata, when a healer is needed and Endy is saved, BAM! I can bring Lirwyn instead. I really think she can stand toe to toe with Endy now, in fact, she has I think surpassed Endy. They both have their strengths and weaknesses and I hope I can be able to swap one out for the other when having certain abilities would be a boon for a fight. She’s surpassed Celrina to be First Alt and is now intent on fighting Endy for the right to call herself main. I decided to level her first when Cata came out, and completed a race change on her the day of the Cataclysm release which made me all happy. Night elf casting animations just…complete me. Lirwyn has more recently been transferred to Azuremyst, after I decided I didn’t like her collecting dust on ThoBro. I transferred her to Askevar’s server so I could play with her and possibly fill in as needed in raids when they don’t have the peeps.

Scarlet Crusade

Endyme (yes, again): Level 89 Draenei Holy Paladin. Affectionately known as Endy 2.0. When I transferred Endyme off to her new realm, I was leaving behind many dear friends and guildies. But I was craving a change from the cycle of drama and didn’t come around to dear ole SC for a bit. Plus, I wanted to establish myself in my new guild and raid and instance with them. I didn’t want anyone to have the name Endyme though, so I quickly made a draenei paladin with the name and may have logged on a time or two, but nothing serious. Eventually, somewhat renewed, I began logging on when I didn’t have anything going on with ThoBro or just wanted to chat up my old friends. Because I’m already pretty familiar with the paladin class (imagine that), she’s leveled fairly fast-ish. I respecced her as Holy in the early 50’s…I just missed it too much to wait any longer. After sitting a few months at 70, I dusted off 2.0 and found things much easier than they had when I stopped playing. 2 days after hitting 85, she found herself in BoT, where the guild killed the Council boss(es) I forget the name of. Not kidding. It was hilarious when it wasn’t scary. She’s now raiding fairly regularly with her guild and is actually my best geared toon. Didn’t see that coming.

Velyana: Level 85 Night Elf Frost Death Knight. This was my first Death Knight, made the opening night of Lich King. I recall standing around the starting zone, looking at my abilities and going “Err, now what?” It was slightly overwhelming to be handed a grown up toon, essentially, and figure out how to play it. But, my goodness, the money you make on Death Knights doing the starter quests! It’d be a smart way to fund a toon on a new server….*cough* Anywho, it took me awhile to find my footing on how to play a DK (I’m still learning), but something about it was fun. Funner-er than my last toon that was a DPS’er, a shadow priest. She was durable! She was a night elf (I’d always wanted a high level nelf)! She kicked ass, even though I knew I wasn’t playing her exactly right! So she got to 80 in due time and right around then, the guild I was in was getting to that point where all the mains had been through Naxx, gotten pretty much most of the gear they wanted, and oh oh! can I bring my new 80 in pleeeease? Everyone wanted to bring in alts, not many wanted to bring their mains unless they HAD too and so Vel only got into maybe 2 partial Naxx runs. The guild had some issues later and it wasn’t too long after that I transferred my main to another server, so Vel got neglected for one reason or another for a few months. I’ve recently started leveling her up to 85 (almost there!) so I can help fill a role other than healing if need be. Plus, I just love effing shit up on DK’s.

Elaysia: Level 85 Night Elf Discipline Priest I made Elaysia at some point after I started to play on SC more and realized I enjoyed disco priesting (and of course, didn’t have Lirwyn on the server any more…). Heirlooms are a blessing, is all I can say. She reached max level and despite wanting to stick her in more DS raids, never got in there more than a few times on normal. She’s a virtual clone of Lirwn, just with slightly better gear.


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