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Back to the beginning…and stuff

I spend so long working on this the other week only to have my computer crash and I thought I’d lost this post. I was quite the sad panda. But lo, it was backed up! Huzzah! Rejoice! *does the happy … Continue reading

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Raiding changeup

I’ve been pretty quiet of late, and it’s mostly because what I wanted to say I couldn’t without hurting somebody or stirring up more stuff by my words here. I’ve seen the power of words in blogs firsthand and have … Continue reading

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Interesting times

Warning: sensitive topic in the first paragraph…I see other people warning about triggers when this word/topic is brought up, so consider yourself warned. I read a post on a blog awhile back about the use of certain words and phrases … Continue reading

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Mains vs alts

Warning: rambly post is rambly A conversation with a guildie about something unimportant to the issue at hand left me seriously pondering who my main was. Just the simple question, “Well, who should I say is your main?” (paraphrased to … Continue reading

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It’s been a long time coming

Many eons ago when I first started playing WoW, when I was well and truely a noob in every sense of the world….my schedule sucked. I was at work until (officially) 1 am, though usually I got off a bit … Continue reading

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Caught in the middle

Warning: Cryptic post is cryptic I have people confide in me in game, not all the time or anything, but people tell me things and I’m not a gossip so it generally doesn’t go anywhere. Sometimes I even forget what … Continue reading

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Ahh, ye olde days

You know that favorite TV show of yours from childhood, the one you fondly remember as being just AWESOME and oh, I remember when that happened and this episode was the best evar?! Whenever you think about it, it gives … Continue reading

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Some observations about LFD

Once upon a time, in a server far away…… People used to have to *gasp* put together their own groups. Say you wanted to run Deadmines. You have some guildies who want to go, but you’re left needing a healer … Continue reading

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Oy, Blizz

Blizzard has made an announcement about the the future of posting on their forums. Appearantly, they like RealID so darn much that they’re going to make your name (i.e. your real first and last name) appear when you post … Continue reading

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I’m liek, totally a girl IRL (so what?)

/jumps on bandwagon I’ve been seeing this trend in many blogs lately, the discussing of gender in WoW. Either it’s a discussion about people who play toons that aren’t the same gender they are IRL or it’s about how they … Continue reading

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