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Character Roundup!!

Lirwyn has shuffled around a bit to find a raid group she can call home. Though I enjoy the company of the folks I’ve been raiding with, I don’t much enjoy the results at the end of the night. So … Continue reading

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Of dings and things

Cataclysm has now been out 2 weeks…some of the dust is starting to settle and the leveling frenzies are calming down since the powerlevelers have done their thing (many times over probably). I SO do not regret race changing Lirwyn! … Continue reading

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Under da sea!

Marinka Ryska Lirwyn is swimming around Vashj’ir on her trusty seahorse Bubbles and having a grand time so far. She’s most of the way through 81….I’m sure I’ll hit 82 with a little more work tonight or tomorrow (since we … Continue reading

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Kingslayer x 2

Last night, in what is likely our last ICC raid pre-Cata, HFC stepped into the Citadel and prepared to battle the Lich King. We were going in an attempt to get our 2 HFC’ers their titles. One ended up not … Continue reading

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Night elf name ideas

I’m posting this so I can lose the post-it note I have the names scribbled on right now and also so folks can give their input or own ideas if they feel inclined. Names are very important to me in … Continue reading

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I have a confession…

First, for news completely unrelated to my post, big grats to Askevar’s 10 man crew, who got down Arthas on Sunday!!! They got to Artie not terribly long after HFC did and have been working on him diligently since then. … Continue reading

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My plans for 4.0

I’m not an original thinker, me. I don’t theorycraft. It doesn’t tickle my fancy. So I look to others and their sage wisdom in this time of great upheaval. And I thought I’d give them props, thanks and link love … Continue reading

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What’s my main again?

Endyme’s been my main going on 5 and a half years now. She was the second character I ever created (well, 3rd if you count the nelf of some sort I made on a friend’s account during beta) and I’ve … Continue reading

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Dribs and drabs

Endy’s 10 man killed Prof Putricide last week, which made me realize that woah…all we have now is the King himself. We still need to get past Sindy again, which may give us some trouble as our roster is adjusting … Continue reading

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So….I have an 80 disco priest

I have neglected to share that my disc priest made it to 80 just shy of 2 weeks ago….and I LOVE it! I dinged in an instance with guildies, knowing I was super close to hitting 80 and within the … Continue reading

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