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Life in Pandaland

This post has been brought to you by Navimie…who has shamed me into posting this. 🙂 It’s been a full week now since Mists of Pandaria came out and many folks are already sitting pretty at 90. My GM hit … Continue reading

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Pandas are almost upon us!

When Blizzard announced they’d be releasing an expansion called The Burning Crusade way back in…whenever it was, that there would be new content, a new level cap (70, omg!) and all that jazz, my initial thought was, “Oh, I probably … Continue reading

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Hello WoW, my old friend!

Upon getting my new PC laptop (some stripe of Asus my smart tech friends helped me pick out) in February, I went a bit crazy. I dove into SW:TOR, and unexpectedly got really into LOTRO, which I’d previously been unable … Continue reading

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Back to the beginning…and stuff

I spend so long working on this the other week only to have my computer crash and I thought I’d lost this post. I was quite the sad panda. But lo, it was backed up! Huzzah! Rejoice! *does the happy … Continue reading

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I’m a bad healer (but not really)

So I have a confession to make: I’m a bad healer. There, I said it….whew, feels good to get out. Been holding that in for awhile. I have a second confession: I am a darn good healer. Not perfect, mind … Continue reading

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I’ve been here and there and everywhere!

First off, to those who are still here…..hi!!! I’m NOT dead or not playing WoW or any such thing, I just lost my blogging mojo for awhile after a bunch of things that happened earlier this year. It’s all fine … Continue reading

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Character Roundup!!

Lirwyn has shuffled around a bit to find a raid group she can call home. Though I enjoy the company of the folks I’ve been raiding with, I don’t much enjoy the results at the end of the night. So … Continue reading

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Finding happiness in WoW

It’s been a rough 2 months, dear readers. I’ve been considerably less active on my blog of late because (as I’ve said before) I didn’t know what to say without hurting feelings or sounding like a bitch, or both. I … Continue reading

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It’s all fun and games….

A month or two ago, I got promoted to an officer in my guild. It’s basically the ‘has no official responsibilities’ kind of officer, but one nonetheless. I figured I had something to offer and I had a certain level … Continue reading

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Raiding changeup

I’ve been pretty quiet of late, and it’s mostly because what I wanted to say I couldn’t without hurting somebody or stirring up more stuff by my words here. I’ve seen the power of words in blogs firsthand and have … Continue reading

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