All about me

When I’m not traipsing about Azeroth, I’m a graphic designer and I have a cat who likes to chat when I’m trying to say things in Vent (just ask my guildies). I dig travelling and musicals, so I go to NYC on a disturbingly regular basis to get my fill of Broadway. I’m also liek, totally a girl IRL. Tee hee! *cough* Anywho. I’ve been playing WoW for 5 years. I’ve taken a few breaks along the way, but nothing much more than a month here, a few months of sporatic play there.

I picked up WoW from a group of friends who got me into tabletop roleplaying. They were all excited about the beta for this new game and let me tool around on a night elf toon of my very own. Eventually I caved and a few months after release, I got my very first (and only) MMORPG.  I started off on Hellscream, but one of my friends had started playing on another server and was in a RP guild and made it sound like funtimes. Thus Endyme was born. I’ve been playing Endy, a holy pally, for about 5+ years. She was technically my second character, but my first (a rogue) was my toon to make all the mistakes on and logging on her after years of neglect horrified me. She had gear with spirit and all manner of appaling stats on it. I’ve learned the error of my ways since then. Promise.  >.>

Just over a year ago, after about 4 years on Scarlet Crusade, I transferred to Thorium Brotherhood to  join the raiding guild of a RL friend. Burnout and some drama (I friggin hate drama…it wears me out and I think that’s why I try so hard to be cheery and help out people) made me realize something had to change and the result was a fresh start on a new server. On ThoBro, in addition to Endyme, I have my Blood DK Celrina and a Disco Priest named Ryska (who used to be known as Marinka on Scarlet Crusade before I transferred her). It’s been a year of fun and I hope to have more when Cataclysm hits!


3 Responses to All about me

  1. Have you seen – I want to see it, not sure if I’ll get to NYC before it finishes though, Sydney is pretty far away – haha 😉

    I’ve been on an extended break from WoW, probably get back into healing again soon, still on my 1st toon and only at lvl 75…

    I heal the same way, as long as the bars are green and everyone is alive, I’m good to go =)

  2. Endyme says:

    Actually, I am going to NYC at the end of the week and have tickets for Book of Mormon. How crazy is that!? My folks saw it back in April and loooooved it, so I’m pretty sure I will enjoy the heck out of it.

  3. Zwingli says:

    Evening! I think we might have a mutual wow friend/acquaintance. i have an idea to do something nice for them, but it takes a few people. If you are even somewhat curious about it, please email me. I’ll fill you in from there.

    also, please delete this comment as soon as you can.


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