Life in Pandaland

This post has been brought to you by Navimie…who has shamed me into posting this. ๐Ÿ™‚

It’s been a full week now since Mists of Pandaria came out and many folks are already sitting pretty at 90. My GM hit 90 within a day (I’m pretty sure) and I’m fairly certain all of the main raid team is 90 as of last night. Except for this paladin. Not for lack of trying, though! I’m at around 88 and a half and hope by the weekend I’ll be well into 89. My problem is I’m not the fastest leveler on the planet. Plus, I have that blasted work that interferes with things 8 hours every day. Add to that I have a fierce hatred of pugging instances in the beginning days of xpacs, when strats haven’t been nailed down and learned via osmosis by the entire WoW playing community and everyone’s gear is in a state of flux.

I LOVE my guild, but for all the things they do right, they do have occasional faults (and what guild doesn’t?). My guild is not a super social one…in that we don’t have fun activities just to hang and be BFF’s. It’s mostly been an every man/woman for themselves kinda leveling process. I expected this going into MoP. It would be nice to have more help, but what I like about the guild is the raiding. I can get my social fix from other sources. Now, once I hit 90, I’m sure I’ll have no problems getting heroic runs because as we’re a guild that focuses on raiding, gear upgrades for one = better times for the group.

However, while I slog my way through the leveling process, I am rather happy with what I’m seeing and how the quests are situated. Every bit of Pandaria I’ve seen so far is pretty darn gorgeous!! Rolling hills, lush jungles, buildings that just blow your mind….it’s phenomenal and I tip my hat to the folks at Blizzard responsible for the landscapes. *tips hat* I mean, in contrast, remember TBC and how desolate and quite frankly UGLY the land was at times? Hellfire Peninsula certainly lived up to its name. Certain zones were hell to slog through solely because of how horrible they looked. Quests are seemingly well organized and lead you from zone to zone rather well, except in the case of the uh, Valley of the Four Blossoms I think it’s called…at one point, you’re sent after about 5 different characters who all went in completely opposite directions across the landscape and I wasn’t sure where to go (each character was a mini-quest hub unto themselves). Now I’m in Kun-Lai and just getting situated at some Alliance camp I can’t recall the name of because by the time I got there last night, I was nearly falling asleep at my keyboard.

Endy finally got an actual upgrade (vs a “Well, it’s better here and here, but then I lose TONS of spirit and I’d have to re-enchant it and I lose mastery and…”) last night from one of the first quests I did in Kun-Lai. Her gear was basically all but BiS at the end of Cata, so it’s taken awhile to come across gear that rocks my socks. What I need to do is more instances, but again, I’m faced with the loathing of PuGs and have to hope friends or guildies need a healer for non-heroic action. I don’t to ask too often, lest I come across sounding like a whiny, broken record. I’ll keep chugging along and get to 90 eventually, one way or another. I might need to clarify that I’m questing as Holy. I tried Retting it up for a bit, and while her DPS definitely went up (it darn near doubled, or more), I was flailing about, felt like I had less options to keep me alive and basically didn’t care for it all too much. I know Holy; it’s familiar. So until I reach a brick wall, I plan to stay Holy for the duration of my climb to 90.

I have had little to no time for any other toon since MoP dropped. I’ve been on my SC priest once to get her through a quest or two in Pandaria and I’ve been on my space goat monk enough to get her to level 3. Had to put her in Endy’s guild straight away, which is unusual for me. I like to see if a toon is going to stick before putting them in guild, but I had gotten 2 whispers trying to recruit me to their guild before I’d even dinged level 2, so….yeah.

To end this post on a happy note, my old buddy Arcand is back in the game (thanks to a Scroll of Resurrection sent from yours truly) after a LONG absence and it makes me happy! I just hate that I’m so focused on leveling I can’t be by his side 24/7. But if he whispered me to do instances or quests, as I have told him to, I will drop whatever I’m doing in a heartbeat. He’s one of my oldest friends in WoW and when he stopped playing, it made me a sad…wait for it….panda. I hope he sticks around for awhile.

Onward, to 90!!!!

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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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4 Responses to Life in Pandaland

  1. Navimie says:

    I feel no shame at all ๐Ÿ˜› I got a lovely post to read! And I hear you about the slow levelling thing. In fact, I probably would be 90 if I didn’t have pet battles distracting me all day long. We have 25 level 90s in our guild and I am still plodding slowly along – I think I will be 90 by the end of the weekend… maybe. Oh and you have to love it when old buddies come back to game. Good luck on that road we’re travelling together to 90! May many blues and reputations come your way ๐Ÿ˜€

    • Endyme says:

      My problem (at times) is I get sick of questing after awhile, so I tab out and surf the net for a bit. I know instancing is a way to change it up, but I am a bloody coward and too scared of having the pug from hell or not being up to snuff. But! I am now halfway into 89 and have replaced a few more pieces of gear. I’m confident with another push tonight and/or Saturday, I’ll hit the big 9-0. I basically did enough of Kun-Lai to have a chat with Anduin Wrynn and open some fancy doors, then headed straight to Dread Wastes upon hitting 89, at the suggestion of guildies. I’ve got such tunnel vision I’m probably missing some things, but that’s why I have alts, where I can take my time to 90.

      Yeah, I am very glad my buddy is back. We met when Endyme 1.0 was in her early 20’s and I was still quite the n00b. We keep in touch via FB, so it’s not like I haven’t seen him in over a year, but it’s nice to have him in the game again. Might could get my priest leveling with him some so we can have funtimes questing together like we used to!

      Good luck on your own journey to 90! *cheers Navi on*


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