Pandas are almost upon us!

When Blizzard announced they’d be releasing an expansion called The Burning Crusade way back in…whenever it was, that there would be new content, a new level cap (70, omg!) and all that jazz, my initial thought was, “Oh, I probably won’t be getting that…I mean, I’ve had my fun.” It was a new concept for me, who was a gaming and MMO noob before playing WoW. I liked my game how it was, gosh darn, why are they changing things? At some point before it got released, I came to change my tune. I didn’t want to get left behind by my guildies and if I wanted to raid, I’d have to get TBC.

Rinse and repeat for Lich King. I wasn’t gonna get it, wasn’t gonna….oh FINE!

Cataclysm was the first expansion I intended to get from the beginning. I had a great guild and an awesome raid group (HFC, may you rest in peace) and by gosh, those fun times would continue in new content! I was wrong on that count. Cataclysm very nearly resulted in me walking away from the game. Within a month or so of release, my raid group had been scavenged for parts and the few of us not in a new group hung on for dear life, trying in vain to fill in the holes and ultimately failing. I was bitter about it all for quite some time. I felt my options were either to leave the guild I was in (and probably the server, since there weren’t many desirable options for me where I was) or leave the game entirely. I hung on longer than I ought to have, even while keeping my eyes out for other guilds I could join.

In the end, Endy 2.0 (who was made in the immediate aftermath of Original Endy’s transfer) was the solution to my woes. I made the decision in January to dedicate myself to one server again, simplifying things for me raiding wise and freeing up a lot of RL time. I was already raiding on Scarlet Crusade with her anyway. Best of all, no characters had to move servers. I already had Endy 2.0, a copy of my priest who was being leveled up on SC, my first DK was there and already 85. It was a good move for me to make and would make me a better raider, since I could focus solely on bettering Endy 2.0 and getting her VP and whatnot.

It was when I got my PC and thusly could play SWTOR and LOTRO that things changed again. My WoW time was drastically cut down, I really only logged on to raid and little else. I wondered if now was the time for me to stop playing. I had, after all, been playing since months after the game came out. They announced the new xpac at some point and like some, I went “WTF, pandas?” I know, I know..there’s already a lot of bizarre things out there. Moo cows, worgen, space goats, etc. I was dubious, given the state of things, that I would continue once MoP hit. And then things started to change around June. I went on vacation, came back, and was playing WoW again more and LOTRO less (I had given up SWTOR after about a month of play). Actually, not at all. I haven’t logged into the land of elves and hobbits since my vacation.

I began to reconsider my stance on buying the expansion. At some point, the GM of my guild sent out a letter asking us what our intentions were when MoP hit and I replied that I wasn’t sure I’d still be playing (but if I was, Endy 2.0 would be my immediate focus). I had to tell him I was seriously leaning towards getting it after my mind started to change and last week, after much procrastination, I ordered my digital copy of MoP. This marks a first for me. Usually, I would pre-order a copy from a local GameStop and get out at midnight with the other geeks to obtain my copy. I liked getting to hang out with other locals who played WoW, and talk about what we played, what servers we were on…it really added to the excitement of the new expansion. But this time, eh…I may still be playing and really got back my WoW mojo, but I think I’d rather not wait in line and all that.

Overall, I enjoyed Cataclysm as an expansion. Lich King is still my favorite, I think. The raids in Cata were pretty nifty (DS still felt rather easy overall – least in normal mode) and the way the world got changed around was interesting.  I *didn’t* enjoy the changes it brought me as far as guild/raid group, though, and it’s left me a bit wary at how things will go in MoP. There’s a raid on the schedule for next week (Moshu-something or other) and I feel it’s a bit too soon to worry about raids. I will try my best to be 90 and ready-ish, but I’m not killing myself to get there. At the same time, I don’t want to be left behind or take too long, because that’s what got me last time. I wasn’t ready when others in my raid group were, so they got antsy and sought out other groups that were. Fortunately, my current guild isn’t large enough to have more than one raid group, so…we’ll see.

I’ve tried to get Endy prepared for MoP. I’ve done some bank/bag cleaning (still need to do more) and I’m trying to have 25 quests quests ready to turn in right away for at least a bit of XP. I probably need to have some potions ready to chug as I quest along, too. I’m gonna level her Holy, unless it becomes utterly impossible. I always have her Ret spec, but I don’t have a clue how2Ret. My plan is to focus solely on Endy until she’s 90, and after that I can think about other toons. Probably my priest on Azuremyst, then maybe my DK on Scarlet Crusade just to have a DPS to offer up (a lame DPS, probably…) and then whatever toons strike my fancy. My toons on ThoBro will probably stay as they are for a long while. I have little desire to go back at present.

I’m quite curious about Monks and will probably make one to noodle on at some point after the initial made leveling rush. Guess I need to see if I have leather heirloom items (I’m guessing no). I’m less curious about pandas, to be honest. I’m still a little bit “WTF, Pandas?!” but nobody’s making me play one, so it’s all good. I will likely make a panda, just to see what they’re like, but it might turn out like my Worgen…stuck at the level where the Worgen only content was finished and they were sent out to join the rest of the WoW playing populace.

Here’s hoping things go super well for everyone in MoP!!!


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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2 Responses to Pandas are almost upon us!

  1. Navimie says:

    Endyme, stop being slack! I want to read about what you’ve been up to in MoP 🙂

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