Hello WoW, my old friend!

Upon getting my new PC laptop (some stripe of Asus my smart tech friends helped me pick out) in February, I went a bit crazy. I dove into SW:TOR, and unexpectedly got really into LOTRO, which I’d previously been unable to play much on my Mac. Suddenly, WoW was out of favor with me and the new shiny was SO in. Eventually, I settled into a routine where I logged in to WoW only to raid with my SC guild, and even that felt like a chore I forced myself to do at times. SW:TOR fell out of favor after a few weeks when I couldn’t find a regular group to play with, and LOTRO became my MMO of choice. Best of all, it was FREE. I like free.

There was a time when I seriously doubted I’d carry on playing WoW once MoP came out. Not because I have a seething hatred for pandas (yeah, I’m a bit…bwuh? about it, but it’s far from the only time WoW has done something that made me boggle), but because after 7+ years, I wondered if it wasn’t time I ended my time in the World….of Warcraft. Was I finally completely burnt out? Was it time to move on to greener pastures? Point in fact, I’ve actually questioned if I’d get each and every expansion, save Cataclysm. I’d think “Ugh, moar leveling? Totally screwing up/changing beyond recognition my class/spec? My raid gear becoming irrelevant? Why do I want to do this?”

The change came in June, when I went on a cruise to Alaska. Fun times, that. After not playing LOTRO for a week, I didn’t feel strongly compelled to go back. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve enjoyed LOTRO tons (and can go back whenever cause, hey…free). I was in a good kin (aka guild), but it was rather huge. I never really interacted with them to the point where they’d greet me upon logging in or anything. I mostly quested alone and occasionally went to the concerts they put on (playing music is a common thing in that game) or do instances a time or two….but omg, they have these things called Fellowship Maneuvers that were hella confusing. Plus, I couldn’t settle on a healing class I wanted to level, the most pure healer class was typically the minstrel…they played music to heal people. Which was just weird. I found myself leveling a hunter and it was fun enough.

And then suddenly, I was playing WoW more. When I logged on NOT on a raid day for the first few times, I called it a Christmas miracle. I still don’t log on every single day, but after only logging on for raids pretty much for 3-ish months, I’m taking it as a sign I’m not quite ready to hang up my WoW hat just yet. I still enjoy aspects of the game. I enjoy the raiding tons and the people I have gotten to know. I don’t always enjoy questing so much, or doing dailies…or professions. And leveling a toon just seems sooooo, unappealing at times. SO MANY LEVELS.

But I can’t leave for good. Not yet. I’m more progressed than I’ve ever been coming up to an expansion. Not only have I cleared the current raid content on normal, but I’ve got all but one boss down in HEROIC as well. That’s unprecedented for me. I’m dabbling in the polyserverous thing again, as I’ve got a few toons I’m actively logging into on Askevar’s server. I even transferred Lirwyn from ThoBro to her server because I felt like she was gathering dust where she was. I haven’t logged in serious time on ThoBro since I decided to focus on SC back in December. There’s just no reason for me. I certainly won’t be raiding with the guild there, it would be…fustrating. I think changing a few things up have piqued my interest in WoW again. We’ll see what September brings.


About Holly

I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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2 Responses to Hello WoW, my old friend!

  1. Askevar says:

    It’s good to have you back 🙂

    I need to work on leveling my Scarlet Crusade toon eventually

  2. Betine Ardan says:

    Thinking of you during the storm and hoping everything is well with you. Stay safe, dry and secure.


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