I’ve been here and there and everywhere!

First off, to those who are still here…..hi!!! I’m NOT dead or not playing WoW or any such thing, I just lost my blogging mojo for awhile after a bunch of things that happened earlier this year. It’s all fine and dandy to blog about what’s on your mind, but when it can hurt feelings or cause more trouble or you’d be saying the same doomy gloomy thing over and over, it’s hard to keep up posting. I didn’t even keep up with other’s blogs or my twitter after awhile, I just kinda took a break.

Anywho, since my unplanned hiatus, things have stabilized. Lirwyn’s raiding group is chugging along, trying to work on Atramedes and/or Chimeron. Endyme is in the group Lirwyn was originally in and after a few weeks of going back to basics (heroics and troll heroics), we finally went back to BWD and just downed Magmaw for the first time. I had stopped going to the heroics because once we started to do ZA, it became a 2 hour wipe fest and that’s just not fun to me. Heroics should not (at this point) feel like raids and that’s what they were starting to feel like. I love my guildies, but…ouch. I’m still dubious about that group but I’ll try my best while I’m there, because to do otherwise is just not how I do things. Celrina just hit 85 recently and I’ve had great fun doing some regulars and Ahune on her. I love how much DPS I can do (real srs DPS’ers would probably point and lol at it, but to ME, it’s alot) in my frost spec. LOVE.

So somehow, I’ve found myself raiding on both my current server and my old Scarlet Crusade. How did this happen? Very slowly. You see, when I transferred Endyme to Thorium Brotherhood just about 2 years ago now, I quickly remade an Endy on SC (a goat pally!) with the vague intention of leveling her to help if needed but otherwise to keep in touch with old friends/guildies. Eventually, after a few stops and starts, she reached 85 in April and 2 days later found herself in BoT because they needed a 10th person and oh look, there I was, scrubby and new! When I was nearing 85, I thought, well..if they need a healer to sub in when folks don’t show up, I can probably be that. My SC crew raids much later than my ThoBro guild, so the times don’t overlap. Thanks to people not showing up and a few key folks seemingly taking breaks from the game, Endy 2.0 has found herself a fairly regular fixture on the SC raiding scene. We recently downed Nefarian and with that have killed all the bosses in BWD and BoT….and we’re working on heroics. Only Halfus has fallen to our efforts, but we’ve tried a few others and with the better gear 4.2 should get us, might see success on other  bosses. I still can’t believe how this all fell together.

There are a few things to keep in mind, I think, when raiding (or even playing) on 2 servers regularly. It’s important to know which server gets your vote in a conflict of scheduling, which one you will put above the other(s) if there is a need to. I try to keep in mind that Thorium Brotherhood is my main server, and should any raids on SC be scheduled at times that would conflict would get put on standby in favor of ThoBro. My primary concern is my priest and her raid team. I want to get the best for her and any thing I can do (like the new Hyjal quests that end in a really nice cloak) to better my toons will be done on her first. But as Endy 2.0 is raiding as well, I need to try and put aside some time when I can to run heroics or do quests on her that will get her in raiding shape. It’s nice because WaR is more active in the earlier part of the day/evening…we have alot of family types who tend to go to bed or do other things before it gets to late. Whereas on SC, my guild is full of youngin’s. It’s full of people in their late teens/20’s so they’re up (and raiding) til fairly late.

Most days it works out fine, with raiding on 2 servers, but Tuesdays can be a bitch. That’s when Lirwyn’s raid team raids until 9, and then my SC guild usually starts a raid about 9:15-9:30-ish. And they raid laaaate. Fortunately for me, I’m a night owl, so I’m up that late as a matter of course anywho, but oy. It’s incredibly fulfilling to get to see raid content much earlier than I’m typically used to, but at the same time, I love the feeling of community and fun I get raiding with my ThoBro peeps. WaR is a more casual environment, so we’ve never been at the forefront of progress, but we get there and that’s fine by me. I have no idea how long this raiding on 2 servers thing will last, I expect if my Scarlet Crusade guild gets in some new folks (there aren’t alot of raiding regulars at present), I could get bumped and that’s really fine with me. I never planned to raid regularly on Endy 2.0, though I’m having a fun while I am.

Another (mostly amusing) issue I’ve come to deal with is the confusion factor. When one has 2 toons named Endyme that have the same spec, one can easily get the 2 confused. And one has. I’ve spent an annoying amount of thought over “Wait, did I get that trinket on Endy or Endy 2.0?” “Which Endy got her Therazane rep to Honored the other day? I was working on both!” Also, raiding with 2 different guilds can mess me up because each group works out their own way of killing the bosses with the group make up they have. Like Theralion and Valiona: one of my guilds has the melee group up and the ranged group up for the Meteor Crash/Smash/whatever it is and the other one has the person who is getting the Meteor thingie run to the melee and they soak the damage and then you run back out. And I am sure I’ve annoyed people coming off like a Little Miss Know-it-all about boss fights when I’m eager to share nuggets of wisdom I have gleaned with my ThoBro peeps…I honestly don’t want anything more than to help out and make the whole process easier on us but I can imagine folks not taking it that way. I just need to learn to talk less or something. Easier said than done.

Anywho, just wanted to post something before folks decided I’d given up on blogging entirely and let y’all know what I’ve been up to. I’ll try not to be a stranger! Now, to slog though the backlog of a few months worth of blog entries…Weeeee!


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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2 Responses to I’ve been here and there and everywhere!

  1. Braydenn says:

    Hiya Endy !! Good to have you back. I’m glad you are having fun at the raid level again. It looks like Firelands will be bringing a lot more opportunities. Been missing you. Hope to run with you more soon !!

  2. slice says:

    Welcome back!

    I know how it is raiding on 2 servers….did i get that rep or enchant yet lol.

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