Character Roundup!!

  • Lirwyn has shuffled around a bit to find a raid group she can call home. Though I enjoy the company of the folks I’ve been raiding with, I don’t much enjoy the results at the end of the night. So the guild has put together a raid team comprised of people from 2 of our raid groups with the idea in mind that we need to consolidate more of the mains in one group, as well as wanting some srs progression. Not that her previous raid group didn’t want to progress, but at the end of the night, I didn’t feel like any progress had been made, any lessons learned. And I myself have felt rather useless, trying to keep up with all the AoE damage Magmaw puts out – plus I’ve lost my long time healing partner-in-crime for the forseeable future, which sucks. So, she’s just this week started raiding with the new group. For our first night together, I’d say we did rather excellently! After trying various strats in various combos of toons/specs, we ended the night with Magmaw at 23%!! In the meantime, I’ve tried to gear up Endy…
  • Endyme has had to try and gear up much faster than I’d thought. After hitting 85, I didn’t do very much with her. My focus is still on Lirwyn, so Endy got mostly ignored. But when I learned Lirwyn would most likely be going off to the other raid, I looked to Endy to plug in the hole being made by losing Lirwyn. Now, should a main healer wish to join that raid group, I will be MORE than happy to step aside (I always feel guilty for ‘double dipping’ raiding wise), but for now Endy is needed. I got the epic shield crafted, and am working on gathering mats for the epic chestpiece. The one or two heroics I’ve done on Endy since I deemed myself eligible (yeah, 329 ilevel is technically when I could have gone in, but…ouch) haven’t yielded much in the way of gear for me, but I’ll keep working on it, and farming mats for more truegold, and getting JP’s and VP’s to buy gear with, and Ramkahen rep for the belt, and and and!
  • Endy 2.0.… Where to begin? I suppose I’ll start with the fact that not only has she killed the Ascendant Council a mere 2 days after hitting 85, but as of last night, has also killed Atramedes (the first time I tried him!) and Chimaeron (I do NOT like that fight, it goes against my instincts as a healer)! I’m just….what? The toon I least expected to get my first boss fights on in Cataclysm is the one that has 3 boss kills under her belt (which is now a crafted epic belt). But at least it’s fun, and a learning experience I can hopefully use in my other guild. The only bad thing about it is, my SC guild raids really late. Like, REALLY LATE. So I log in after a night of raiding or whatever on ThoBro and then at 11:30 or so, “Oh hey Endy, come help us kill Cho’gall!” I’m hard up for raiding experience, so I really want to do it. It’s not like I would be asleep if I weren’t raiding – I stay up rather late all the time – but still, it can be challenging.
  • Celrina has started the leveling process, slowly but surely. The only reason she’s been stuck at 82 for a week or so is I just have too many toons I’m doing things on, so I can’t *focus* on her like I want to. But my gosh, I do love just killing things sometimes. It’s a nice stress reliever, to not be responsible for peoples lives all the time. Dual wield frost is still the bomb. Of all the DPS toons I’ve played, she’s the one I’ve connected with the most, I think. Well, DK’s in general. I liked my rogue back in the day, but I haven’t played her in sooooooo long.

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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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  1. Betine Ardan says:

    Poor Kirone. *sniff*

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