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Twitter….I has it

So on a lark I decided to try out this thing I’ve been railing against (if only in my head) for so long. I have joined Twitter. I have no idea how it works, but I’m fumbling around and messing … Continue reading

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Raiding changeup

I’ve been pretty quiet of late, and it’s mostly because what I wanted to say I couldn’t without hurting somebody or stirring up more stuff by my words here. I’ve seen the power of words in blogs firsthand and have … Continue reading

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(Un)Holy Randomness has a blogoversary!

On February 9, 2010, very late at night, a brief blog post was made. It didn’t say anything more than “Hi blog land! Here I am!”, but it was a start. I was inspired by the blog of a friend … Continue reading

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Getting my pally mojo back?

It’s no secret to anybody that knows me that I favor my priest these days. I got SUCH a kick out of leveling the bubble loving gal to 80, and gearing her up, but 4.0.1 was definitely the straw that … Continue reading

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