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Well, it’s been an eventful last week or so. Disney was hella fun, for one. As someone who only went in the middle of summer, when it was hot and crowded as all get out, hitting up the Theme Park in January was full of win. I have pictures of Epcot with 5 or less people in them. I rode rides multiple times. I ate until I wanted to explode. I bought souveniers like they were going out of style. I almost literally walked my feet off (wtb nice walking shoes asap). Aaaaand my tradition of being on vacation when something goes down (either IRL or in game) continues. The guild saw a spot of drama pop up, the worst of which occured while I was away, and has (I hope) now calmed down. As a result, HFC’s lineup has gotten changed a smidge, but as we’re still focusing on hitting up heroics for lewt, we won’t have to deal with that for the time being. I’m feeling optimistic.

I have decided to give the wee (nelf) mage a try in light of some people’s comments and my own curiosity. She’s only level 13, but the levels do come easy when I play her, as I sent along all the cloth heirlooms my lock had on her…so of course, the poor lock now looks like a hobo and I had to put a tabard on her so she didn’t look naked. I’m trying out a fire spec for now, because it sounds fun and plus, I get to say “Fire, fire, heh heh, fire…heh heh” in Bevis and Butthead style to myself alot. Hrrmm, I think I just dated myself. So for now, my mage looks quite warlocky, with the skulls all over the heirlooms. I really think that if they can have the stats adjust to ones level, they aught to have the LOOK of the heirloom gear change depending on what class they’re on. I mean, c’mon! The worgen mage I started up will probably become a bank alt, once I figure out what all that entails. Probably stuff like getting lots of big bags made up (course, I have this revelation after I sell off most of my frostweave stash. Oh wells), sending things that my various toons are stashing away in their banks that they can’t use but may need (like enchanting mats, gems, etc) someday.

Poor Endyme has sat at level 82 for awhile and I haven’t got the desire to play her overly much at the moment. I do feel that I owe it to myself to get her to 85 just so I can see how the Holy Pally is at max level and give her a fair shake. Plus, the guild only has one main spec Holyadin right now and you never know when 2 Holy Pallies may be needed for…something. Yeah, ok, I dunno. Speaking of Holy though, I finally caved and made Lirwyn’s offspec Holy. I haven’t done too much with it just yet, but it feels right. Maybe I’ll experiement in some regulars…those poor PuGers won’t know what hit em. Muahahahaha! Ha!


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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