Disneeeeey Wooooorld (and other stuff)!

I’m driving over to Disney World next week with some friends and we’re going to spend the whole week there. I am beyond excited. My family used to go every other year, in between visits to family out in Florida during the summer. But I haven’t been to DW since the Animal Kingdom was brand new, so about 10 years or so.  I’ve been wanting to go to Disney for awhile as an adult and most especially, during the off season to avoid the craaaazy crowds. So off we go, and we’re even spending a day at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Studios where I hope to drink a Butterbeer and eat a chocolate frog.

In WoW news, I have a dilemma. You see, a guildie recently told me that with my playstyle, she thinks a mage would suit me well. Mages and priests are apparently similar enough that she thought if I wanted a DPS’er to work on, it would be something to think about. The problem is this. I have a warlock at level 42 and I quite enjoy her. Mostly, to be honest, because of the ease of leveling due to heirloom items and I have a pet and it’s superfun. How good I am is…well, it’s an alt. I’m weak on alts when I level them up because I’m usually not into researching specs in depth and learning things like I should until I start hitting the bigger leagues. About a week or two after Cata I made a worgen to see what they were all about and since I didn’t have one I made a mage (this was before being told a mage might suit me). She’s been getting some play time recently and just got out of Gilneas. So far, she’s level 14 without much effort and with NO heirlooms, since I’d have to ship them from the lock to the mage. THEN, after the ‘you should play a mage’ conversation, I rolled a nelf mage. So now I’ve got 2 mages, and a lock and not a clue which one I should focus on. It’s not like I’m clearly in love with one class over the other at the moment. I’ve wanted to try the warlockery and magery thing since I don’t have much experience with either class (except for the level 26 mage gathering dust over on Scarlet Crusade). Ideally, I’d like to focus more on one and since the lock is already 42…..I’m leaning towards her. And I’m still not sold on the worgen as a race. The lore is nifty and I LOVE my top hat, but they’re not very err, graceful. So I may work on the nelf mage if I go the mage route. So indecisive!


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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7 Responses to Disneeeeey Wooooorld (and other stuff)!

  1. caelaran says:

    Take lots of pictures of toontown, it’s going bye bye permanently after Feb to make way for the major fantasyland overhaul / expansion!

  2. I currently prefer my mage to my lock… though I think either one would suit you alright. The lock rotation is more elusive to me endgame though… not that I put a whole ton of effort into either one since neither is my main.

    As for the worgen… they could become your bank alt? You could tool around town in a fine outfit and top hat 😛

    HARRY POTTER! Send me a chocolate frog!

    • Endyme says:

      See, that’s an idea. I’ve never had a bank alt before, but SO many times think how handy it would be to have one. And you are right, she could be one good looking lady wandering about Stormwind or Ironforge, with that classy top hat.

      I would truly send you a chocolate frog if I wasn’t scared it would melt first. Wonder if they ship? Hmmm…..

      • I can craft a bunch of cute dresses/shoes/suits too on my tailor… you could have an outfit a month… or per holiday… really get them dressed to the nines!

        Maybe they can send butterbeers via owls?

  3. inquatitis says:

    You’re too sweet to be a warlock.

  4. Tam says:

    Like you, I’m all about the healing but I have found my mage to be the DPS class I disliked least. I don’t know, there’s something quite pleasing about the pure-fire-in-the-face nature of them. I hate DPSing on my priest though. Shadow is so blah.

    • Endyme says:

      I tried shadow and just didn’t excell at it. And when I didn’t, I thought how neat it would be if I went Holy for my offspec. Once that idea gained a foothold in my head, I couldn’t get rid of it.

      My nelf mage is now level 8. Progress! (Hey, I just got back from Disney last night, gimme a break)

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