Mains vs alts

Warning: rambly post is rambly

A conversation with a guildie about something unimportant to the issue at hand left me seriously pondering who my main was. Just the simple question, “Well, who should I say is your main?” (paraphrased to not bring up the topic we were discussing) sent me into a mini identity crisis. I said that at this very moment in time, I would say it’s Lirwyn. In my mind, it’s more Lirwyn than Endy. She’s certainly the one who will be raiding first. But in my heart, it’s Endy.

What makes a main a main? Time spent on a toon? The joy you get while playing on a certain toon? How well you tank/heal/DPS on one toon vs another? These things do now always happen on the same character, I’m sure. You may get joy out of playing your warrior, but you DPS far better on your DK. Some people play one toon, and one toon only. They may dabble with alts, but they love that one toon, they theorycraft, gear up, and focus entirely on him/her for raiding purposes. But then you have people like a guildie of mine, who essentially has co-mains. He plays a priest and DK (he’s got a whole army of characters, but those are his *main* toons) and raided with them both in Lich King. He played them both well kept up their gear. I don’t know which one he truely favors above all others, but those toons were seen often in raids/heroics/etc.

I’ve never strayed from Endyme. Not since I made her in 5 minutes and began the journey of leveling her, when WoW was new and I didn’t have a clue in the world what add-ons, Vent, or raiding were. Other toons have come and gone. There have been times when I was enamored with the alt of the moment, leveling her (all my toons are female, I just can’t get into guy toons) with joy, loving the newness of it. But Endy never lost her favored spot as my MAIN. I *got* her. I loved playing her. I got joy out of healing on her and getting nice things for her. I never doubted she was my main for 5+ years. Alts were the ones that changed up every now and again, knocking others off the pedestal of First Alt. Celrina was First Alt for a long while after I transferred to ThoBro. Then when I transferred Marinka Ryska Lirwyn over, and I started leveling her up and running things on her, she slowly started to edge Celrina out. I found new joy in Celrina after speccing her dual-wield Frost, but the bubbles had grabbed hold of me by then. It was too late for Celrina…Lirwyn was here to stay.

But just like I used to think I’d never transfer, I started having these…thoughts about Lirwyn taking Endy’s spot. The straw that broke the camels back for me was 4.0. I didn’t get Endy like I used to. Suddenly, things were topsy turvy for me. Disc priests changed very little, whereas paladins changed a ALOT. In all fairness, I didn’t give the new changes much of a change to settle in and learn how to incorporate them into my healing rotation. I just backed away and said “Oh hell no, what is all this shit?! It’s new, I don’t like it!” Lirwyn suddenly made her case for why she was cool. It didn’t hurt that she was more valuable in the Lich King fight and according to my Raid Leader, was healing stronger than Endy. I was only bringing Endy to the LK fight over Lirwyn because of her stun, which we sorely needed. I fumbled by enough on Endy but didn’t feel that…connection and instinctive understanding I’d felt with her all these years.

And that’s why right now, I consider Lirwyn my main. I *get* her (not entirely, I feel I’m still learning on her since she’s ‘new’ compared to Endy), I get joy out of playing her, especially now that she’s a nelf. I love my bubbles, and the plethora of spells I have at my disposal and ways (oh yeah, plural. Eat your heart out Endy!) I can get back mana. And I chose to level her first, over Endy. That right there doomed Endy, honestly. Least for a little bit. Lirwyn has a jump start on things, and will get to raid first. But all is not doom and gloom for Endykins. She’s halfway through 81 as we speak, leveling as Ret. I WILL get her to 85, because I want to see how life treats her with all her spells, and if I can adjust, after a break, to the changes. I think a break from Endyme will be good, just to HAVE one.

So what about you, dear readers? Do you have one main to rule them all, or do you have multiple mains? Do you think it’s possible to have more than one main? Do you think it’s wise to have more than one main? I think it’s very situational, and dependant on the person. As for me, I’m taking it one day at a time and will seriously consider things once Endyme hits 85 and gets some instance experience. By then, I should have a better grasp on where I stand on the issue of main vs alt.

Until then, just call me Lirendy.


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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13 Responses to Mains vs alts

  1. Gatwaz says:

    I have 2 toons that I play most of the time. A unholy,blood dk and a holy pally. My pally was my very first toon and like you played him before i knew what a guild, vent or even the AH was other toons have come and gone and I have even deleted a few”GASP” but I always come back to my pally and my dk. The problem i have is once i hit 80 with my pally I went heals and just heals no other spec so I have no idea how to dps with him lol. Have you tried to quest as holy by yourself?? Pretty tough so my Pally has been put on the back burner at level 82″ got to that level doing Archeology” and sits there while I have hit 85 with my dk and keep playing with him. I am going to get my pally to 85 but to do so I will have to put on my big boy panties and relearn how to be a killing machine 🙂

    • Endyme says:

      I’m slowly leveling Endyme as we speak, and she is in fact Ret for now, since I have no great desire to take all day to kill a mob. I haven’t in all fairness *tried* to level as Holy this go round, but much like I did on Lirwyn, I plan on questing as a DPS spec and instancing (when possible) as my healy spec. I will also have to put on my big girl panties and try and ‘relearn’ how2holypally. It’s probably a combination of old habits, some sloppy habits and big changes that caused my averse reaction to playing Endyme after 4.0. I’m hoping a break will be just what the doctor ordered.

      • Fannon says:

        lol, it doesn’t take all day to kill a mob as holy, it simply takes your entire mana bar. 🙂

        • Exul says:

          Eh, I have a holy spec where I took the reduced cost of exorcism and mana is no problem… A bit lame, but I just have no inclination to learn ret and gather gear, I just do it holy. Works fine for the most part, mainly leveled in dungeons, and really only do the TB dailies which are fine because so much is undead.

  2. Askevar says:

    It depends on the person. I have one main – Askevar. I put a lot of time and energy into my alts, to be sure… but I’m never as confident or as comfortable on my alts as I am on Askevar.

    Some people can have co mains. For others, trying that is a disaster that results in neither toon being adequate for their job.

  3. Enlynn says:

    I’m always torn between my priest and my paladin. My druid, my shaman: they are just alts.

    I think most of the time if I had to identify with one class it would be priest. There’s something so quiet and understated about a discipline priest. A humble sort of confidence and a solution to every problem. Then there’s the paladin, who is bold and direct (I never tire of joking about how judgmental I am!).

    My paladin is my “main” because as a raider I simply must declare, but my priest is my first love. She is the lens through which I discovered every aspect of the game. I’ve already been itching to get her to 85, and even though I just did those quests in Hyjal a few weeks ago I’m enjoying every moment.

    So yeah, I think I have two mains.

    • Endyme says:

      I’m waiting to see what I think of Endy once she hits 85 to make any dramatic statements of “THIS is my main and THAT is my alt”, but it’s a tricksy thing. You are right, that for raiding you simply must declare (unless, like the guildie I spoke of earlier, you run with 2 different 10 mans) a main with which to raid.

      When I first started leveling Lirwyn, my thought was to have 2 healers, as equally geared as I could have them, to offer up in case some other group needed a healer because a regular couldn’t make it, or damage mitigation is more valuable in a given fight than ginourmous front loaded heals (a la Lich King, for infest). For now, Lirwyn is my ‘acting main’ if you will, because for raiding, she’ll get in places first, most likely. She had a bit of a head start.

  4. Fannon says:

    I think I may have to devote a post to this, but I have one main… but it changes from time to time. My main has migrated from my Warrior, to a Holy Priest now to a Holy Paladin. It’s always a hard thing to realize that your main is changing, especially when you are “named” after him. But if you are playing one character to the exclusion of all others, then that one is your main.

    If you are unsure who your main is, ask yourself this: Which toon were you most excited about leveling and which one did you log onto first when Cataclysm dropped?

    • Endyme says:

      The answer, for me, is my priest. It was scarily easy to decide to level her first, which doomed my pally right then and there to be an alt, at least at first. But as I told a guildie the other day, I’m afraid it’s a case of the new shiney. Endy is old. I made her in March of ’05 and has been my main ever since. No doubts, no questions. The priest is new and exciting and *not* a paladin. Now that I’m more familiar with healing as a disco priest (and not panic healing because I don’t know what I’m doing), it feels like everything my pally isn’t. HoT’s? Got em! Bubbles whenever I want? Score! AoE heals? Totally! Pally healing is all I’ve known for years and having something different is exciting. So of course I’m enamored of the priest.

  5. Iris says:

    I’m more like Fannon. Over the years, my main has changed, but I have never changed the fact that I have one main.

    Normally, I have an army of alts that serve as a cottage industry, places to vent, places to hide.

    My lack of alts this last year has been strange, but now that the world has finally Shattered, I can get on with the business of building my army of one… mind.

    That is, if I can ever decide on a class…

  6. Troutwort says:

    I cannot name a main from all my toons. But I think since people call me by one toons name, that’s probably the main.

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