Of dings and things

Cataclysm has now been out 2 weeks…some of the dust is starting to settle and the leveling frenzies are calming down since the powerlevelers have done their thing (many times over probably). I SO do not regret race changing Lirwyn! She’s fun to play, and feels like a new, yet familiar, toon. I totally love being a night elf. *bounce bounce* Plus she finally made it to 85 this past weekend. But after I dinged, I pretty much logged immediately because (hooray), I was suffering from a cold and felt like utter crap.

So for the past few days I’ve been largely taking it easy, doing easy things like working on my herbalism and alchemy. I logged on last night and Askevar told me I may want to check my email and boy oh BOY, she gifted me a moonkin for my birthday! /dances with moonkin Big thanks for that, I love him! Still trying to contemplate a name….Cluckers, maybe? WoW must have also known it was my birthday yesterday, since I did Halls of Origination for the first time and got no less than 3 drops! Main hand, off hand and a lovely chestpiece (with the same pattern on it as the one I’m wearing so….boo). Yay!

Healing. Something that’s got many healers in a tizzy right now is the harder times we’re having in instances in general. I haven’t PuGged myself out as much, definitely not by myself, since Cata’s release. I don’t want that kind of stress and abuse while I’m gearing myself up, learning the new instances and others are too. HELL to the NO. I have noticed it’s harder to keep folks topped off (which is always what I’d prefer but know isn’t something to worry about as much nowadays) and my mana still goes away fast much of the time. Could be many reasons for that. My gear isn’t as enchanted as it usually is, given I don’t like to enchant gear I may only have a week or two before replacing. Also, I’m sure I still need to work on perfecting my priestly healing, there are still things to learn and get better at. But people are largely not dying on me….there have been a few occasions where the tank’ll go down because they’re taking an OMGWTFBBQ beating and I just cannot keep them alive.

I’m still advising patience all around. Everyone’s having to adjust. DPS are learning (or re-learning) various methods of CC, Tanks are having to adjust the way they pull, and not just rush in and grab everything. Healers are learning to manage their mana and prioritize who to heal and butting heads with folks who don’t realize how HARD it is for us sometimes in this brave new world.

Endyme will soon suit up and head to Vashj’ir. I’ve been trying to get Lirwyn a little more developed as an 85 without delving into Heroics (which she JUST became eligible for last night). I really don’t want to do Heroics until I have my gear looking prettier, because I hear they’re a BITCH and I want to be as ready as I can. But I’m thinking I’ll get Endy out to Vashj’ir and can work on her during lulls in instancing on Lirwyn. I aim to get Endy to 85 soon as I can. Celrina, I’ll take my time on. But I want 2 maxxed healers first and foremost. Endy’s almost gotten relegated to alt status in my mind, but I don’t want to make THE call until she’s 85 and I see what I’m working with and if I can learn to handle the new shinies she has.

Life Grip Leap of Faith: BEST. ABILITY. EVAR.


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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2 Responses to Of dings and things

  1. Betine Ardan says:


    HAPPY BIRTHDAY! (A little late)

    So I thought I would download a free trial of WoW and see all the changes to the world for a bit and at the same time send you birthday greetings, but the tricksy folks at Blizzard pointed out to me that I had already had a free trial and they wouldn’t let me back in! The nerve!

    Still, I felt the need to send greetings so a quick Google search and look what I found! A treasure trove of Endy!

    So I spent WAY too much time reading through a lot of acronyms and instances that I couldn’t begin to understand until, I confess, my vision began to glaze and I drooled a bit. 😉 Obviously this is a blog for fellow hardcore WoW players.

    But a few things stood out to me:

    1) You’re really enjoying the game and it’s challenges now. Yay!

    2) Not a single mention of ME anywhere! *sniff* ;D

    3) Huh, what? You are flirting with LOTRO? *ears prick up*. I wonder what server? I have a level 17 Captain on Landroval myself. Although I play VERY casually (i.e. not much).

    However, as I was bopping around Bree one night I got a message asking me if I played a character by the same name on the Scarlet Crusade server in WoW. *blink* *blink* (okay Betine is not a very Middle-earth appropriate name, but I am sentimental).

    Turns out it was our Reldin’s girlfriend, who is a real sweetheart. She called Reldin and we had old home week for a while. Heh.

    Like me, Reldin plays casually, I think his girlfriend actually plays more. She helped me understand some of the games more obtuse systems.

    If you do happen to poke around on that server sometime add my name so we can maybe say hi every now and then.

    Anyway, I really just wanted to say happy birthday and I hope you had a good Christmas. I realize this is much more of a personal message than something that belongs on this forum, so please delete after reading.

    *this message will self destruct…*



  2. Endyme says:

    OMG, Betine! *big hugs* How nice to hear from you again! I still miss you and Reldin (who sent me an in game mail with his email on it that disappeared on me before I could think to write it down…arg). I’ll have to see if I can stalk you on LOTRO. I’ve got a Minstrel on Nimrodel, but like you, I’m quite casual. I love the fun things they do that WoW doesn’t, but it’s just SO different from WoW it’s hard to adjust.

    I am still enjoying WoW, though Endy herself has been….put aside for the moment. I get so much joy out of my priest at the moment, the bubbles are funtimes. I’ve gone through periods where I didn’t play as much or felt the burnout creep in, but since my transfer a year and a half ago, I’ve been pretty happy overall. I think it did me a world of good. And it reconnected me with a RL friend again. 🙂

    And I have no such intention of deleting this message. I love it. I had a great birthday and Christmas (aside from being a little sick), I got all the things I’d hoped I would. I hope you are doing well yourself…glad to see you still gaming. I fully plan on making something or other on Landroval, assuming I can now that my account is um…not VIP like it was when I got the Moria expansion added on. The game still confuzzles me. >.<

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