And now for a Public Sanity Announcement

• CC=Crowd Control

• LoS=Line of Sight

• Must read educational post at Bossy Pally here

A guildie asked in guild a few days ago what CC was, that group he was in said he was supposed to have it (he’s a DK), I at first thought he was joking. HE WASN’T. Then last night, the first (fail) tank I and a group of guildies had in Stonecore asked what CC was when one of my guildmates commented we might want to CC one or 2 of the mobs in the pack. I think we’re running into a generational gap type thing. For the old school WoW players like myself, CC was always used in instances (the pre-Lich King ones). If you had a rogue, they sapped. If you had a mage, they sheeped. If you had a lock, they might could banish. Priests can Mind Control and make one of the bad guys turn traitor and beat up his fellow baddie. You used these skills often and didn’t at your peril. For newer WoW players, you could ignore that and simply attack it all and pewpew it down. Faceroooooooooll! Not to say instances were easy peasy in WotLK, just that the pre-planning method of attack wasn’t necessary. You coul, most of the time, overcome mobs simply with brute force DPS.

This is going to be an interesting time, I think. Where newer players will out themselves simply by asking “What is CC?” and veterans will have to go, “You see, a long time ago, in a game far far away….” Unfortunately for us last night, our fail tank didn’t seem inclined to listen to our requests to slow down a bit, despite our frequent requests, so we could make sure we had mana (cause mana’s a problem now) and possibly CC a mob or two. I have no problem helping folks out and teaching them how we did things back in the day, but when they don’t listen…my patience wears thin. She/he almost had less health than I did and I was a squishy priest in cloth! One of our shadow priests had had enough by the second or third boss and initiated a vote kick with the simple reason “idiot.”

It’s a whole new world, folks.


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7 Responses to And now for a Public Sanity Announcement

  1. kanrad says:

    The few times I’ve done randoms, with less than a full group of guildies, we have found ourselves in the same situation.

    We have learned not to be shy with the vote kick button. If a person isn’t receptive to taking things slow and safe, or listening to strategies, out they go.

    It’s just not worth the headache. The new instances, particularly on Heroic mode, demand you play smart and use everything in your toolbox to win.

  2. If you don’t CC [or don’t have CC] in the new heroics, you’re going to be squished on the first trash pull… Some of the regulars you can cheese through a bit… but get into the habit NOW rather than later.

  3. And oh yeah… the realization that CC is a foreign concept to some people shocked me too… but it was a bit of a wake up call… We need to make sure they’re taught rather than just assuming they know – and many random pugs may be similarly in the dark.

    And DKs don’t really have effective CC. We can zap a target in place for 10 secs if we’re frost [hungering cold] or slow them with Chains of Ice. Our real strength is our interrupts [Mind Freeze/Strangulate]. I’ve already found Strangulate useful as a tank simply because I can yank one caster and strangulate another to lower the chance that dps aoe will break any CC we’ve got going on.

    • Endyme says:

      Oh for sure, I’m all about assuming people truely don’t know and being patient at first. Not everyone has played the game since ye old days. I think there are alot of people out there who are going to have to do a 180 from the way they have been doing things (myself included) in LK and not everyone is getting the memo. But Cata is only a week old, so growing pains like this are to be expected. Hence why I’m wanting to confine myself to mostly guild runs for the time being.

  4. Iris says:

    Sadly, I’m doing what my old Guild-Master called “empowering bad tanks” on a grand scale in normals… they don’t CC, but I so don’t want to die, so I heal them through it. This is not conducive towards the whole “setting up for heroics” concept.

    • Endyme says:

      Oh, I usually do the same cause I’m just a sucker like that. But there are times I can get mercenary-ish. The fail tank from the Stonecore run didn’t run back after a wipe and said ‘res’ in party and I refused. I said “or there’s always the run back option.” I have to run back, you have to run back too. And if you’re not asking for a res like a lazy person, and actually trying to run back, I’ll be more inclined to attempt a res. Also, if I’m drinking and people (usually the tank) runs forward and stars attacking crap, I can’t be bothered to rush right over and start healing. I’ll get up soon as I feel I’ve got a decent amount of mana, but not before. I may stop trying to get up before I’m topped off if it gets too bad. Think I’ll make a macro I’ve been threatening to make for years along the lines of “I’m drinking to get back mana. Mana=life. If you value yours, you will wait. Run forward before I’m full and I’m not responsible for the smear on the floor that results.”

  5. shadanzi says:

    I’m a massive fan of watching tanks-who-don’t-know-what-wow-is die in glorious agony. I run with a guildy rogue friend of mine who often ends pulls as the tank because the tank is dead from breaking about 487256387 CCs. The thing I don’t get is people coming into Cata Heroics and being like “what is CC? what is a ‘tactic’? what is ‘interrupt’?” You’d think they’d have learnt doing the normals? I patiently explain, and the tactics in detail for every boss. Then they tell me to stfu and not waste time, jump in the fire, get one shotted and proceed to tell me I fail. I’m also a massive fan of watching tanks-who-don’t-know-what-wow-is die in glorious agony. I run with a guildy rogue friend of mine who often ends pulls as the tank because the tank is dead from breaking about 487256387 CCs. But it gets better. I’ve had some EPIC tanks and DPS from LFD who were so skilled and pro I squealed with delight. Some groups even understand MC pulls – they are my new best friends.

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