Under da sea!

Marinka Ryska Lirwyn is swimming around Vashj’ir on her trusty seahorse Bubbles and having a grand time so far. She’s most of the way through 81….I’m sure I’ll hit 82 with a little more work tonight or tomorrow (since we have a ‘raid’ scheduled for tonight. Not sure if/what we’re doing). I’ve found the zone to be vibrant and interesting, and OMG the whale shark is huuuuuuuge! I was so scared I’d hate hate hate the underwater zone because previous attempts at underwater maneuvering and anything requiring spacial awareness (oh hai Malygos!) sent me into fits. But I read somewhere that Blizz said they really worked on the zone to make it not so bad and from what I’ve experienced so far, I’d believe it. You can walk on the ‘ground’ (well, it’s sort of a run/hop/skip animation) if you are so inclined, which is really nice if you hate the open confusingness of swimming in the water. Also, you move quicker than normal because if you’ve done the first quest – and you have, otherwise you’d have drowned by now – you have your sea legs buff, which rocks. And the seahorse helps alot too. LOVE MY BUBBLES (both the seahorse and actual bubbles)! The only negative for me is when you’re trying to find a mob or person, finding them in the underwater environment can be on the difficult side….they could be above you, below you, it’s hard to judge distance and angle….but so far, nothing so horrible that I want to leave and try Hyjal.

I’ve done the Throne of Tides instance and the new Blackrock one (dunno the proper name) once each and got some nice shineys from that. I’d have replaced more of my gear by now, but the greens I get from quests are more….kinda sorta upgrades, with no gem slots and eh….I can wait to get something that’s a BIG upgrade. I’m getting the hang of this DPS’ing thing. I’m no shadow priest expert at ALL, but I’m pulling close to 3k at times, so I’m satisfied with that. I tried doing some Ret DPS on Endy before Cata dropped and I was lucky to be pulling 1700 DPS. I’m actually worried I’ll like DPS so much I won’t want to go back to Disc…. kidding Iris!

WaR has it’s first 85 already, a holy Pally (go Kan!). He has an ungodly amount of health and mana. It makes me worried and giddy at the same time. I can’t say I’m regretting picking the priest to level first. I’m having a blast on her and I have a feeling if I’d picked Endy first, it’d be a drag, feel like a chore I’m doing because I have to, out of obligation. Rysk Lirwyn is fun and a joy to play and I’m LOVING the race change. I still need to get her a nightsaber becuase I think I’d ditched the elephant she had or something went wrong because I don’t have one. Between you and me, I think Endy’s already lost the race to be my Cataclysm main and doesn’t even know it yet. Poor dear. But you know, Endy’s been my one true wuv for nigh on 5 and a half years and I think that change can be good in this case. I still like Endy, and I may like her even more once she hits 85 and gets all her proper goodies, but I’m loving Lirwyn ALOT right now.

I still miss my leveling buddy. 😦


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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2 Responses to Under da sea!

  1. Iris says:

    I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you as a leveling buddy… with me being sick (for real, not the “Cataclysm Epidemic” that struck American business) last week with the preventative rabies stuff, I just pedal-to-the-metal leveled.

    Maybe we can make doggies? Doggy! Doggies love bacon!

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