Changes, lots of changes

HFC went into Ulduar last night and got as far as General Vezax or whatever his name is before raid time. We had some fun before the Cataclysm was supposed to hit. I ran around like a chicken with my head cut off trying to get a few last things done before heading off to pick up my box. I got bundled up and was in line at the Gamestop (the same one I’ve gotten all my other expansions at) last night about 30 til midnight and was out of the store by 12:06am. In no time, I had the game all installed and my account upgraded. I DID end up inserting the CD-DVD in my computer, because I read that while yes, the game did ‘revert’ back to 4.0.1, as long as you hadn’t deleted the patches, it took no time to reapply them. And it didn’t. I was amazingly able to stay online with no issues exccept for one lag-out that made me force quit. At a few minutes past 2am my time, I got the eagerly awaited message (paraphrased) “Cataclysm content is ready, log off and re-enter the game.” It took me about 6 tries to not get disconnected from the server while trying to log in and then…there I was!

The only kink seemed the lack of XP gains at first. I turned in a quest… XP…at all. Turned in another….nothing. I killed a critter in Icecrown….you guessed it. Finally, after waiting a few minutes, turning in a quest netted me XP and I went on a quest turn in spree that got me a decent amount into the level, 28% or so if memory serves. Once I had turned everything, I hearthed and got my breadcrumb quest upon reaching SW to go see some guy in one of the new areas and logged, as much as I wanted to keep going. There were a few guildies on, but not as many as last time an expac came out and half the guild was online. Overall, I was shocked everything went so well as far as I saw. This was by far the smoothest, most trouble free expansion release I’ve seen. *quickly knocks on wood*

I did try to race change Ryska last night, but it gave me some lame-o message like “You have to be logged out of this character for more than 20 minutes,” and because it was already after 3am, I decided sleep was more important than waiting 20 minutes. But because I put in some OT at work last night, I went in to work an hour later than usual and logged in, processed the race change and after waiting a few minutes to make sure it went through, I logged in and Ryska the Draenei became Lirwyn the Night Elf! There were naturally a few folks online and already one or two 81’s and an 82.  /jealous! Lirwyn made her way to Vash’whatsis, which was a pretty harrowing journey, and after getting knocked over by a giant tentacle, I was underwater and got a timely rescue by an NPC.

I can’t WAIT to get home. At the same time, I am keenly missing my leveling partner, Arcand, back on Scarlet Crusade right about now. We met back when Endy was a noob level 20 something in Redridge and adventured all around Azeroth for the next 4 years, even going so far as to have a RP romance and marriage (one of my most fave WoW memories evar). We quested together up to 60, and with the next 2 expansions, leveled our pallies up to the level cap. We weren’t together every second of every time we logged on, I’m sure he quested when I wasn’t around and vice versa, but our play hours were much the same and I could count on having a buddy to run around with. It’s…gonna be wierd and lonely this go around and I’m slightly depressed every time I think about having to go it alone. Sure, I have my guildies, but I don’t wanna be a bother, or come across as a needy whiner: “But I neeeeeeed company, I can’t quest alooooone! *stomps foot and pouts* Please, please, please! Someone come wif me to quest!” I never had to ask with Arcand.  I logged on and if he was on, I’d get a party invite. If he logged on and I was on, I’d toss one his way.

*looks around* Anyone got some cheese that’ll go with my whine? Maybe some gouda?

Hugs and bubbles!


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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