It is time for a Cataclysm!

Cataclysm has the unique distinction of being the first expansion I haven’t debated over getting. When they announced Burning Crusade I was like, what is this, I don’t even….. and I told a good in-game friend that I didn’t think I’d be getting it. I wasn’t sure until it was about to come out that I’d get the xpac. Then when they announced Lich King, I was unsure yet again. 10 more levels, on multiple toons, ugh. Newer content, more talents to learn, another hard gear reset (actually, it wasn’t as bad as BC, thank goodness). I wasn’t 100% sure for awhile that I’d be getting it. Obviously, I did.

When they said “OMG, Cataclyeeeezm!”, I didn’t doubt I’d be getting it. I am totally committed to WoW, and my guild, and the fun times I have with it and for the first time, I was like “Heck yes, I’m getting the expansion!” And do you know, until last night, I was thinking I’d be going Tuesday night, to wait for midnight and get my pre-ordered copy? I’m such a noob. *facepalm* Unlike most of the blogosphere, I am NOT taking Tuesday off, or any day soon. Mostly because I have only one day left to take this year and my personal day is totally being used on my birthday (a day I annually struggle to get off due to it’s extremely close proximity to Christmas). So I’ll be lucky to get Cata on loaded up after I get it and MAYBE log in. MAYBE.

I chose to pre-order Cataclysm from the same Gamestop I’ve gone to for previous expansions and it was only afterward that I found out/remembered that you can digitally get a copy and have it pre-loading and ready to go once the switches are flipped over at Blizzard HQ. But you know, I don’t regret my pre-order. I actually like going at midnight and interacting with other local WoW players, and looking around to see how many other females are actually there that don’t seem like they’re just girlfriends going for moral support or something. It’s been pretty fun before. I mean, it’s fun to ‘talk geek’ with others, and chat about all things WoW. For Lich King, they had a dance contest and I only participated for shits and giggles. I did the human dance (the one I know best), so of course I lost to the girl who did the nelf dance (badly). But it was fun times!

I have my toons mostly in order. At least the 2 I plan on focusing on first. Ryska’s pretty darn ready. The only thing I would like to do tonight if I have time is input a shadow spec on her secondary spec so I can use it if needed for leveling. I got her bank emptied out some, still needs a bit of  work though. Her bags are pretty clean and her quest log is full of quests ready to turn in for some XP, after which I plan on making my way to SW, getting some of that new mana/food, setting my hearth there and leaving her parked in SW for spell. Whereupon I’ll repeat the process on Endy. I gave her a Ret off spec for ease of leveling and finally got around to gemming and sorting out her Ret set, which is not as embarassing as it once was. I have NO freaking clue what I’m doing, but I got some tips from knowledgable guildies, so hopefully it’ll do for now.

After I’ve parked both Ryska and Endy in SW, I’ll log so I can order the race change for Ryska. That shouldn’t take long, from what I’ve read. And then we’re off! I hear the zone that starts with V is where it’s at, vs Hyjal, so I suppose I’ll try that zone out first, wherever it is. Earthen Ring, according to Matticus gives pretty good items with rep, so I’ll be finding their tabard for Ryska and slapping it on for my dungeon delving. Poor Celrina, I do love her, but she’s just not my focus right now. I aim to work on Ryska til she’s 85, followed quickly by Endy, so I can really gauge if I want to make a main change.

I’m quite excited today. Cataclysm awaits!

Edit: So I am trolling around the wow forums (haven’t been since they got all new and shiny) and came across some info that has me excited/moar confused. According to a fellow on the Mac Tech forums This time, from what I know, the CD will have the same data as you do now. If you are able to play now, then you will be adding the CD key to just access all Cata related items. There may be some small data to download, which is why we do the pre-download. You shouldn’t have a problem with the CD install itself. If you do have problems, you can always download the digital client, and use the streaming client while it is still installing/patching.”

Soooo, I just need log in and add the CD key number and I do not have to actually do anything with the disks themselves? I’m still trying to work out what’s going on, cause I read elsewhere if you install the stuff on the CD’s, it’s gonna revert you to 4.0.1 from 4.0.3a and I really don’t wanna have to reinstall that shit if I can avoid it.


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