Kingslayer x 2

Last night, in what is likely our last ICC raid pre-Cata, HFC stepped into the Citadel and prepared to battle the Lich King. We were going in an attempt to get our 2 HFC’ers their titles. One ended up not coming in, but I think it worked out well, since we got a third healer and the rogue that was with us for our first kill. Before logging, I asked in Vent who I should bring and was told my priest – color me happy about that. Not that I would have griped if I was told Endy, I have the title on A toon, and that’s enough for me.

We actually had no truely bad attempts….we got to phase 2 or 3 every time, I think. After our first visit to phase 3, I commented that towards the end I was almost dry on mana so I was trying to smite the LK to get enough stacks of Evangelism and then the only tank alive died whilst I was doing so. Said tank (who also had a holy priest) whispered me saying he uses his shadowfiend whenever he can to get back mana. Errrr, oh yes. I have one of those. >.> I had completely forgotten about that wee beastie. One attempt was going swimmingly and before we knew it, we were in phase 3 with only one death (the shammie who we were trying to get the title for, if I’m recalling right) and I was getting a bit low on the mana for my liking, but as long as I had enough to bubble people, I was alright. I put down PW: Barrier when it was off CD, figuring whoever could find shelter underneath it was getting some help that way and I also tried to keep PoM bouncing around. Beyond that, phase 3 is so crazy hectic I was spending alot of time trying to avoid the Vile Spirits (eeeeep!). And then we were killed en masse as Arthas appearantly got tired of playing with us and just like that, we’d done it! It didn’t even occur to me at first that Ryska had just earned the Kingslayer title, I was all happy we’d done it a second time, and done it for our raid member who was sat out and handled it graciously. I must say, healing on the priest is more enjoyable (at the moment).

Arthas had the gall to drop 2 of the same item. I mean, lamesauce. A little variety here, Artie? And you may or may not know (since most people are exalted with Ashen Verdict by the time they get to the Lich King, but you get 1500 Ashen Verdict rep for the kill if you’re not exalted. Which Ryska is most definitely not. I think she’s still stuck in Honored somewhere. πŸ™‚

Hugs and bubbles!


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One Response to Kingslayer x 2

  1. Iris says:

    Well, at least Z was happy with the drops. πŸ™‚ Congratulations!

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