Night elf name ideas

I’m posting this so I can lose the post-it note I have the names scribbled on right now and also so folks can give their input or own ideas if they feel inclined.

Names are very important to me in WoW. It’s where I get hung up on the longest in the character generation process. I can sit for 10 minutes trying to find the ‘right name’, the one that feels right for the type of class/personality I have in mind. Sometimes it’s quick. Endyme came off a list of fantasy names I had handy at the time I made her and that was that. Not alot of thought went into it. Sometimes I get lucky with the random name generator or I find a name I kinda like and tweak a letter or two. I’m pretty sure Celrina was a product of the randomizer. Then there are times I put in serious time into looking for a name, such as when I found a name for Marinka, and later when I transferred her and she became Ryska. Both times sent me to Russian name sites where I poured through TONS of Russian girl names.

And now I’m forging ahead with the plan to make Ryska into the Night Elf she’s always wanted to be. I’ve started her on a strict regimen of hugging trees and practicing her bouncing, you know, to get in the nelf mood. Then it’ll get more serious, there will be no turning back after I press that button and the tail goes POOF! and the ears stretch out. But firstly, a name change will be in order (since that comes with the race change, why not?). Her name is more suited to her current race for obvious reasons, so I trolled around some nelf name generator sites and even hit up one of my favorite LOTR fanfiction stories (don’t laugh, you in the back….I see you!), which has a seriously long roster of Elven names I rather like.

Behold, the fruits of my labor. I have no clear favorite, as I haven’t looked to see which names are already taken. One or the name generator sites actually did tell you if the name was available or not, which was cool. But the rest, I dunno.

  • Teleria
  • Merilwen
  • Miriel
  • Thelyna
  • Sulyn
  • Vylana
  • Lerlin
  • Amarie
  • Indis
  • Lirulin
  • Melian
  • Serinde
  • I tried to combine Ryska’s current and former names (Marinka) into something, but…they mostly look odd: Marska, Maryska, Ryskina, Rysinka, Rinka, Marka, Myska…..

Edit Sooooo I was perusing the FAQ about race changing and came across this:

What will happen to the character’s quests when I change its race?
Quests which are active in the character’s log at the time of the Race Change will be cleared and all quest items associated with these quests will be destroyed.

Guess I’ll be waiting til after Cata, since I have a number of dailies/quests I’m waiting to turn in for XP.


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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8 Responses to Night elf name ideas

  1. Personally I like Teleria of the names you have listed and Merilwen and Serinde would be second.

    My SiL named her elf on Lotro Inirwe and that’s kinda pretty too *shrug*

  2. Iris says:

    I like Teleria, Miriel, and Vylana.

  3. Endyme says:

    And Teleria takes the early lead! S’funny, looking at Vylana, it reminds me strongly of the name my DK on my old server has: Velyana. Love that name, but I think I tried it on ThoBro and it was taken. Fiddlesticks!

    The name of my elf in LotRO is Istildiel, which is nice, but…it’s not my most fave name. I like it, just not enough to want to recycle it, I think.

  4. Iris says:

    If your name isn’t an English word (or is a word of two or more syllables), people will abbreviate it. “Tel” sounds very nice. I only mention this because I had a character named “Moira” in Aion and everyone called her “Mo.” To my horror.

    • Endyme says:

      You know something that (oddly) touched me in the early days after my transfer to ThoBro? When someone, I forget who, called me Endy. It was what people called me on my old server and I felt like “Awwww, they called me Endy! Feels like home…”

      I have a feeling that no matter what name I end up going with, people will still by and large call me Endy. No matter what toon I’m on, I was Endy first and that’s what I’m known as.

  5. Braydenn says:

    Of the names you mentioned, I like Braydett the best

    • Endyme says:

      *looks through names again, double checks* Nope, nope….no Braydett there. Good one though, Bray! Almost had me for a micro-second.

      I’m kinda liking Serinde and Melian, myself, but I am gonna have to wait until after Cata hits so I can turn in all the quests/dailies I’m hoarding for XP so they don’t go POOF when I race change.

  6. Lirwyn says:

    omg i guess JUST stole Lirwyn sorry for that!

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