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  • Color me impressed with the restructured lowbie quests so far. I’ve been working on my wee lock, who was 25 when I started playing her again last week and just dinged 37 last night. Quests have been relocated, flight paths and quest hubs added every darn place, zones been shuffled around level wise (I just soloed Araj the Summoner, Gandling and one of former mini bosses of Scholo in WPL yesterday), and they’ve added portraits of named mobs you need to kill for quests next to the quest text and…here’s my fave…quest turn in’s are even different. For that dreaded Nesingwary questchain in Northern STV, where he and his cronies send you out to decimate the entire tiger, panther and raptor population, once you finish killing your 10 wee panthers, a thing pops up saying yay, you finished! You turn it in and get the next quest without ever having to work your way back to the camp. Brilliant. Just brilliant. Since the Shattering, I’ve mostly been focusing on my lock and raiding when my 10 man heads into Ulduar or ICC to get our 2 members the Kingslayer title.
  • The internal debate rages on about who will be my ‘main’ in Cataclysm. Or at the very least, who I’ll focus on first to get to 85. I won’t lie, Ryska’s looking pretty good right now. I just don’t GET Endy like I used to, with all these changes that are still happening. It’s just doesn’t feel natural like it used to, there’s Holy Power to keep track of and now that WoG an LoD share it, you have to keep that in mind when healing and…and….arrrg. Still, I’m trying to keep the ultimate decision from being made until both toons are 85 and I have a feel for all their talents and such.
  • Our third 10 man got down the Lich King last week. That sure feels good, to have all of our 10 man groups get him down before Cataclysm comes out. HFC is trying to get our two folks that sat out their titles too, but I’m…not supremely confident. I could be wrong and I will still try my hardest and bring Endy for the extra stun (though I’d love to bring Ryska to get her a shot at the title, but it’s a minor thing). We can surely take a break from the race to 85 to try Arthas again, with our newer, better-er gear and levels, and try and show him what for.
  • I’ve got a confession. I, uh… *looks around* I’ve started playing Lord of the Rings Online. It’s all free to play now and I have friends to play it so they got me to make an account and got me the Mines of Moria expansion dealie for an early birthday present and voila! So far I’ve just been trying to learn how to do things and made a Minstrel (closest thing to a pure healer that I could find…I think) and she’s 21 now. It’s a whole different world in LotRO. They have PLAYER HOUSING, which is just the coolest thing. For RP reasons alone, that rocks. Even if you don’t, it’s nifty! I got a horse at level 8, with the help of my friends, since I sure didn’t have the silver. You can do ‘skirmishes’ which, as I understand it, are um, not like instances. In fact, you can do solo skirmishes if you don’t have alot of friends or a kin (that’s a guild in LotRO) to help you out. Or are shy, like me. It’s beeeeautiful too. The world is just so pretty to look at and I love elf, human and hobbit lands (dwarfs are just so…into stone. Meh). And it’s wierd: I’ve gotten the feeling that mentioning WoW would be bad in LotRO. My friend told me this was the case, saying something about how people who played WoW would come in and try to act stupid and get them to just come over to WoW and the LotRO folks got sick of it. Since they went F2P, they probably got alot of interesting types. I am liking the game though. It’s free (woo!) and it can be something I turn to when WoW is down for a long time (*cough* Cata release *cough*) or I just don’t feel like playing or something.
  • Over the next week, I’ll be trying to get Ryska and Endy both doing dailies and not turning them until Cata is released in so I’ll have a jump start on leveling. I’m sure it’s not going to give me epic shite tons of XP, but it’ll be a nice help I’m sure. Plus, hey, gold! Also, I’m contemplating race changing Ryska as a birthday/Christmas present to myself. I’m taking name suggestions here, Elf-type ones of course.
  • Cake

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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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