Post completely unrelated to the Shattering…mostly.

So last night, I ran my various characters around a little to see what changes the Sundering wrought. I oooh’d I aaaah’d, I jumped to my death into the Swirly-o-Death in STV….I mean, what? Then I decided to make a gnome priest for funsies, just because I could. As a note, I generally can’t stand playing gnomes. They’re just so SMALL!! All their gear and weaponry is squished, they get a lousy view since they’re practically on the ground and they’re just too cutsie with their casting animations and stuff like that. I got a gnome to level 9 once before I deleted her and that’s as far as I’ve ever taken a gnome. So I make my wee gnome, pink hair with 2 big pigtails of course, and find her the most cutest gnome name that wasn’t already taken..Rixie. She’s only level 3, but I didn’t spend much time on her. The new gnomish starting area is nifty, much as it pained me to be in Gnomeregan. You start off all radiated and kill off some crazed leper gnomes before rescuing stranded citizens and heading off yourself to be sanitized (in the Sanitron 500!) before you head up to the surface. Neat stuff.

Aaaaanywho, my whole point in detailing this story is that it got me thinking about the new class/race combos, which in turn got me thinking about something that had occured to me a few weeks ago before dismissing it. I’m quite tempted to make Ryska (currently a space goat) into a night elf. Simply put, I LOVE the casting animations of night elves. The thing(s) holding me back are money and the fact that Ryska was my first draenei, made within days of TBC coming out. I think I’d feel bad changing her race up. But really, it’s money. I have it, but I’ve already spent $50 transferring 2 of my characters and I don’t know how much a race change costs, but….hmmph. And her name is kinda custom tailored to her race. I deliberately picked out a Russian name since the Draenei sound like Russians. I had dismissed this urge when it occured to me weeks ago but now it’s back because of the changes the Shattering brought us.

Thoughts, opinions? Have you race changed before…how is the process, can you customize your look like you do at character creation? Have you regretted it?


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5 Responses to Post completely unrelated to the Shattering…mostly.

  1. kanrad says:

    Race changes come with a free name change.

  2. Iris says:

    They cost $15 or $25, can’t recall. As K points out, there is a name change included. (Sorry, I would check the price, but I am on my mobile and the new official site sears my poor Android browser.

    • Endyme says:

      Consider me happy that a name change is included, though it could confuse things. She’s already name changed once, poor dear, when I transferred her from Scarlet Crusade. Bleh, this does make things easier and more complicated. Would it be worth losing Gift of the Naruu, which I almost never use? Coooould be. I’ll have to look into the price. I have a feeling if it’s $25, I may not do it….at $15, I might. Or I might say “Screw it!” and go for it. I just really like the nelf casting animations, for healing anywho.

  3. Vidyala says:

    I’ve race-changed! From a night elf to a draenei. The process is pretty simple. As people have noted above, a name-change is included. You could always re-interpret your name in a more Night Elf sort of way if you so desired. The process functions exactly as if you were creating an entirely new character – you customize the face, skin tone, hair etc. A few other things change. Your reputation with your current home faction will be swapped for Darnassus. Any elekks you have will become Nightsabres. You might lose draenei specific things like the Tabard of the Hand. I’m not sure, though! I’d be curious to know about that one.

  4. Iris says:

    You keep the Tabard of the Hand. 🙂

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