World go boom!

I hit up my launcher early this morning, figuring if the patch that breaks the world is dropping, it might need awhile to load up. It took a shockingly short amount of time and when I hit play (just to see what happened), the Cataclysm cinematic started up. Even though I’ve seen it before, I was paying rapt attention to it…I even ignored a phone call from a friend while it played. I called her back right after – don’t look at me like that!

Then I got a look at the new screen that will be with us for the forseeable future. Deathwing crouched on top of the gates of Stormwind, flames everywhere. Buh bye, Sindragosa! I shall miss your flying around Icecrown animation, and your landing and big bellow that follows. Buh bye now!

Of course realms are down and I’m still wondering if that’s it. I was expecting a ginourmous download that took all day. Or maybe that’s what was being downloaded with 4.0.1? Aaaanywho….I logged off my toons in various places hoping one will get some awesome view or epic death. Celrina is parked in STV, where a guildie hinted that death was very possible because a maelstrom is splitting the zone in two. My lowbie lock is in the Park of SW, which is appearantly going the way of the dodo. Endyme and Ryska are both in SW. Endy’s just within the gates of the Valley of Heroes and Ryska may just be in the Inn in the Trade District. I’ve only changed my hearth for Ryska, but I don’t understand why people keep saying to do that, when for the time being, I’m still working out of the Northrend area for raids n such. I’m actually not sure where the new quest zones will be geographically speaking, so maybe I’ve just answered my own question. In any case, I’m quite excited to see which of my toons are dead upon logging in or what views they’ll see. I’m so ready for the world to change…and yet I’m not.

EDIT: OMG, I forgot to add something that made me squee last night! I queued up for Flamelash on my DK last night, in a last ditch effort to get the necklace he drops. He did drop a necklace, the same once twice in a row…a HEALING necklace. *sigh* That’s not the cool thing though. I looked at who was in my group before we started up and saw someone from Scarlet Crusade (my old server) in the party. They’re not in my battlegroup. What the…. Apparently, when you queue up, you’ll now get folks from all over the darn place and I’m not sure if this is forever or not but if so…WOOOOOO! Not that it means I can queue with old server mates, but maybe I can queue up for a specific instance at the same time they do with some coordination and get lucky? SO COOL.

EDIT the second: WTF is this I’m reading about both paladin and priest (as well as other classes I don’t have so I forget…shaman and um…eh, another class) talents being reset?! But….I mean, WHAT? *sigh*

EDIT the third, because adding another post would be silly: Final tally: the lock and Ryska were both ported to the area just outside the Stockades entrance, even though Ryska was in the Inn…appearantly it wasn’t safe there? Endy was basically where I left her, except she’d been moved back so she was outside the gates of SW, not within them. Celrina appeared in water, thisclose to The Sundering or The Shattering or whatever they’re calling that swirly-of-death thing in the middle of STV. BTW, if you’re curious, yes you die if you jump in. >.>


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4 Responses to World go boom!

  1. Russ says:

    I think that most of the patch was included in the somewhat-massive 4.0.3 download. I was still shocked, though, when it said I was only downloading 23MB or whatever this morning!

    I’m pretty happy to not have Sindragosa roaring at me anymore. I liked it the first few times, but for the past several months I’ve been playing a little game where I load up the game, and see if I can type my password and enter the authenticator code before the huge roar came through my speakers! 🙂

    • Endyme says:

      Yeah, it’s the only thing I could think of to explain the small, quick patch today. They already loaded us up with most of it in patch 4.0.1. I’ll miss Sindy the same way I miss the portal to Outland and um..whatever it was before, but ah well. Change is a comin’!

  2. Jindrax says:

    I agree it would be neat to login and find out you died at the Shattering, but Blizz said that they’ll spawn everyone by the closest graveyard, sparing the corpse run. 😦

    • Endyme says:

      Well….hmmph. Still means you died, though, if you’re by a graveyard. In any case, I just wanted to be able to log on and SEE the changes immediately. So I scattered my toons hither, thither and yon to hopefully have something interesting to see when I log onto them.

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