I say you, he dead!

Totally dead....again. For reals.

Arthas, giving us his "O" face

Chillin on the throne with my homies

Time to celebrate our epic win...without clothes

Maybe when I’m not tired after crashing from the utter awesomeness that came from finally killing Arthas, I’ll write up a lovely post on what this means for me. It really was quite the first for me and putting it to words as eloquently as others may be hard for me, but I’ll do my level best. Oh, and I got a mace. 🙂


About Holly

I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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6 Responses to I say you, he dead!

  1. kanrad says:


    Grats Endy, you guys totally deserved it

    The king is dead, long live the Kingslayers!

  2. Iris says:

    Whee! I’m so proud of you guys! I sent cake and “Still Alive” quotes this morning. 🙂

  3. Endyme says:

    “This was a triumph, I’m making a note here, huge success!”
    TY all, it was such a relief to get it done. Lemme tell you, until we hit 13% (when someone announced the percentage), I wasn’t sure it was gonna happen. With the tanks down, that’s usually a bad sign. I was healing Drac and Bray for all I was worth, and trying to DPS myself when another person called for something, anything, but I was too afraid to let loose because Drac and Bray needed to stay alive. Wow, what a way to end the time before the expansion!

  4. Braydenn says:

    Woot, still smiling about this ! Good job to all !!

  5. Janyaa says:

    Woohoo! Grats to the Kingslayers!

    And, also Grats on your new mace. 🙂

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