By some odd miracle my 10 man crew was able to extend out Raid ID another week last week. Maybe they changed things in the big patch, maybe it was an accident….either way, we’ll take it. Gladly. I wasn’t looking forward to slogging through 11 bosses to get to Arthas again. We got to phase 3 that Thursday, once. We’re getting better at consistently getting to phase 2, we just need to work on the Valk’s and other details. I started off on Ryska, but by the end of the night, I found myself on Endy to add in the extra stun on the Valkyr, so between me and the pally MT, we can keep them stunned each time they come up. This is good. We really need it.

Then this weekend, they tried again, sans me, because I was out frolicking at the Ren Faire that just opened this weekend and eating delectable food such as deep fried oreos (they’re TO DIE FOR) and cheesecake on a stick. It appearantly didn’t go terribly well. I’m somewhat of a cleanse freak, it’s one thing I pride myself on (on the opposite end of things, I need to work on keeping Judgements up on mobs so I get benefits from it). Shamans now can’t cleanse the Plague, otherwise the Raid Leader would have been ALL OVER it. So people were dying badly.

And then there was last night. *sigh* We did good at times…got him to at or near 40% a couple of times. Even pushed him into phase 3 once. But people were dying to STUPID things like getting flung off the platform by the Icy Balls that should be dying with barely any effort. Or getting silenced and being unable to do anything. Or pulling aggro. I hate the way this sounds, because goodness knows I make my own share of dumb mistakes. But I try and learn from them and not do it again. The Icy Balls problem happened a few times and it’s like…..arg. Everyone, heck, even myself, needs to make macros to target those balls and get them pew pew’d down. But when I start trying to DPS things and be clever whilst I’m trying to heal at the same time, it doesn’t always go well. So we’ll see how it goes.

As happy as I am that we’re seeing as far into the fight as we are more regularly, it’s annoying when you die for an easily avoidable reason. And do it repeatedly. Maybe if we can’t extend this week, it’ll be a good thing. A bit of a breather, some time away from the fight before we get into it again will be nice. Then we can get him on the first try when we get to him again. We are trying to remind and remind people to keep vent clear so that people can communicate necessary info and be heard. I noticed last night it was better towards the end when mostly the MT was calling out things but sometimes I’d say “Stunned” or “Defile, move.” And props to everyone for moving when they got the plague…I didn’t have to get on anybody to “MOVE, MOVE, PLAGUE, #%@#%^!” Yay progress.


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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5 Responses to $%@^!

  1. Iris says:

    We will get there or die trying. Oh, wait.

    As I said last night: /facepalm.

    I am truly grateful that most of our group manages to keep up the fun and a good attitude. That is rare and precious.

    • kidichka says:

      lol Iris, did you mean most of us = All of us minus a certain grumpy old Brit 🙂

    • Endyme says:

      Good thing you can’t hear what I’m saying when I’m not hitting my PTT key. >.> I do try to keep the fun attitude, but it starts to slip after a night of wipes that were caused for reasons other than “We just need to fine tune our strat and practice more.” But more than other groups I’ve been part of in the past, HFC does manage to keep an upbeat attitude, even after repeated wipe-fests.

  2. Tam says:

    Our last few attempts at the LK, guess who wiped the raid not once but twice by running first face into frosty balls? Yep, that would have been me *shame*. I can’t help but feel as a healer you have enough to worry about without also trying to DPS orbs – we normally put two ranged folks at either end of the raging spirit conga line and they have responsibility to take care of them.

    • Endyme says:

      I *shouldn’t* have to deal with the orbs, I do agree. But if it keeps happening, by gosh I’ll DPS them because I want Arthas down with a burning, firey passion that knows no bounds. I tweaked the spec on my priest to get moar better heals out of her, I was contemplating doing the same on my pally. I’ve regemmed to get more bang for my healing buck. I’ll bring whatever toon I have to, even if it means getting the achieve on my priest first vs my sorta-kinda-main Endy.

      We’ve tasked people with taking care of the orbs before, but I’m probably going to suggest that *everyone* should be “Kill zee spirits! Nao! DPS DPS! Oh, an orb. GET IT!!!! Aaaand back to zee spirits!” Well, except for the healers who would be “Heal, heal, heal, KILL THE ORB!, heal….”

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