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Stuff n’ things

Color me impressed with the restructured lowbie quests so far. I’ve been working on my wee lock, who was 25 when I started playing her again last week and just dinged 37 last night. Quests have been relocated, flight paths … Continue reading

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Post completely unrelated to the Shattering…mostly.

So last night, I ran my various characters around a little to see what changes the Sundering wrought. I oooh’d I aaaah’d, I jumped to my death into the Swirly-o-Death in STV….I mean, what? Then I decided to make a … Continue reading

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World go boom!

I hit up my launcher early this morning, figuring if the patch that breaks the world is dropping, it might need awhile to load up. It took a shockingly short amount of time and when I hit play (just to … Continue reading

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It’s been a long time coming

Many eons ago when I first started playing WoW, when I was well and truely a noob in every sense of the world….my schedule sucked. I was at work until (officially) 1 am, though usually I got off a bit … Continue reading

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I say you, he dead!

Maybe when I’m not tired after crashing from the utter awesomeness that came from finally killing Arthas, I’ll write up a lovely post on what this means for me. It really was quite the first for me and putting it … Continue reading

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Very helpful LK strat

This is an awesome strat for killing Arthas. I’ve just given myself a refresher course and as a visual individual, I liked the simple, yet clear pictures they had for showing who should be standing where at various times. Sufficed … Continue reading

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By some odd miracle my 10 man crew was able to extend out Raid ID another week last week. Maybe they changed things in the big patch, maybe it was an accident….either way, we’ll take it. Gladly. I wasn’t looking … Continue reading

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Alas, the Lich King still lives (well, sorta)

Last night was out last tries at Artie before we have to start anew, so you can imagine the pressure to get him down was (for me) intense. We had a few issues getting the group together, but after some … Continue reading

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