I have a confession…

First, for news completely unrelated to my post, big grats to Askevar’s 10 man crew, who got down Arthas on Sunday!!! They got to Artie not terribly long after HFC did and have been working on him diligently since then. It’s a nice morale booster for the guild (or at least, felt like that to me) and I’m happy for them.

And now, on with our regularly scheduled post:

I feel….almost upset to admit this, but right now I enjoy healing on my disc priest more than my paladin. I confessed this in whispers to my 10 man RL last night after bringing in both to try and get Arthas down. I actually brought Ryska in Sunday night when we tried out raiding on that night for the first time, and again last night and she did (imo, anywho) well. Much better than the last time I tried her out on LK, when her gear wasn’t as good, but I had heard disc priests were good for infest and wanted to try it out. For our last attempt of the night last night, I brought in Endy, so we could have an extra stun for the Valk’yr in phase 2. And that would have worked out better had I not gotten grabbed BOTH times (we can only survive atm til usually the second Valk) they came up. Oh well. Since the patch, I’ve struggled to regain my ‘healing mojo’ on Endy. There’ve been times I dispaired, and there have been times I was giddy with my healing awesomeness. I seem to have settled in some sort of middle ground for the time being. My instincts, built up over 5+ years, are screaming at me to do one thing, while my new buttons tell me I can’t do that any more or it costs more mana or I have something new now.  I’m not the only one dispairing. Whereas on Ryska, things feel largely the same. Except now I have a super big bubble I can put over the whole group, weee!

I’m really trying not to make any definite proclamations of hate or love until Cataclysm comes out and I see how things are at 85. I aim to keep things as they are, with Endy as my main and Ryska as First Alt (and Celrina making a roaring come back as First Alt in Waiting instead of the Second Alt-I-Sometimes-Forget-About). When both are 85 and I’ve had a taste of raiding on both, maybe then I’ll give things some serious think time. Unless I’ve already made up my mind by then, which is entirely possible.

I guess it’s a wierd feeling, contemplating for the first time if I want to demote Endy from beloved main status. But it’s the fact that I’m debating so much that at least tells me she’s not ready to go yet. There were times when I thought about server transferring idly, but it seemed painful to seriously contemplate. I might have wanted it on some level, but it would have made me a sad panda to do so and I just…couldn’t. Then there was the time when it just felt right. I was still sad, but I knew in my heart it was what I needed to do and I did it with little wailing and gnashing of teeths. So the fact I’m doing said wailing and teeth gnashing now tells me Endyme still wants that title of Miss Main 2010!

It’s just that ever since I got Ryska to 80 and got some gear on her, she’s been a joy to play. I loved the change of pace, the different spells and ways I had of healing people, from HoT’s to Penance. I loved being able to wield a staff, and bubbles and the buffs (no trying to figure out what to give to who, it’s just Fort for all!). And I guess it’s that change of pace, while still doing something I love (healing) that I’m really enjoying right now. So for the next little while, until Cata comes out and whenever it is both healers get to 85, I’ll be enjoying whatever toon brings me the most joy and hoping that the obvious choice presents itself. Ultimately, I enjoy healing and I do enjoy having 2 healers at my disposal. Maybe it’s time to change things up and try out a different main, maybe I’ve been slowly moving in that direction for awhile now. I still love Endy though. I’ve been through alot with her. I guess time will tell!


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12 Responses to I have a confession…

  1. No offense, was wondering when you’d make this statement 😛

    If you “fall for” a new main, don’t make the mistake I did with Carlyn and hang onto the old too long. Thankfully, yours are both the same role so… the problem would be less of an issue for you 🙂

    • Endyme says:

      That obvious, was it? Yeah, I’ve been in love with Ryska from the get-go (as opposed to when she was Marinka, the wanna-be shadow priest who probably wasn’t that good). I just feel on her there are so many options, sometimes too many. On Endy, pre 4.0, there weren’t as many…but at least she was a strong tank healer with the OP bacon. Now she’s got more spells and I need to get used to them before I go “OMG, I hate Endy! Ryska’s my new main.”

      And yes, it’s good they’re the same role so I don’t have to really force a decision asap so I can give folks time to adjust. I’ve just never swapped mains before and after 5 and a half years, I’m somewhat attached to Endy as you might imagine.

      • Oh I understand. And I’d have been shocked if you said “OMG I hate endy!”. But I was expecting you to consider the priest vs pally dilemma.

        As for what you choose, I don’t know – choose whichever makes you happy.

        I remember back when LK hit that my warlock stopped feeling familiar and started feeling like a foreign entity slapped onto my account. I couldn’t overcome that [plus we desperately needed tanks]. You’ll know in time.

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  3. Janyaa says:

    I can absolutely, completely relate to this post. Janyaa has been my holy main since I first started playing this game. I have so many memories and so much time associated with her.

    For the first time ever, I’ve been playing around with the idea of switching mains. Specifically, my resto druid…

    But, I don’t want to give up just yet. I’m going to hold out hope that things will get better. I think your idea of waiting until 85 is wise. I’ll probably give it until then, too.

    • Endyme says:

      Yep, I think it’s the best thing for now. There’s alot of grumbling in the blog-o-sphere with regards to post 4.0.1 pally healing, and it’d be all to easy to go “I quit, this sucks!” Big patches like this are naturally times of great upheaval and I want to wait until things settle and I see what paladins end up really looking like in Cata at 85. Even now, things are in flux with regards to paladins (I’m reading about some Holy Radiance nerf, because pallies are using the hell out of it right now).

      So until I see what ends up *actually* being put out in Cata and how I personally react to it, I’m not making big decisions. Unless it just gets to a point between now and then where I feeling very strongly I want to do (insert choice here). I may end up completely reversing myself, as well. Who knows?

  4. Kanrad says:

    You got my support no matter which class you choose.

    As for me I will never stop having my Paladin as my main. Kanldar was my first toon and we’ve been through thick and thin. I’ve endured times of being OP and times where people asked me why I was foolishly playing a Holy Paladin.

    No matter where Holy Paladins sit in the balance of things I’ll always find a way to make it work. I’m a Holy Paladin and I can’t try to be something I’m not.

    • Endyme says:

      I’m a Holy Pally4Lyfe in here *points at heart* but atm, I’m just feeling better on Ryska. I too have seen many buffs and nerfs. I remember life before Bacon (and the /squeeeeeee’ing of the pally community when they introduced that lovely talent), I remember 5 minute buffs, I remember being made to feel like I’m a ‘simple class’ with only 2-3 heal spells. It’s why no matter what, I don’t see myself giving up on Endy. But she may be set aside in favor of Ryska. I dunno. Like I said, not making any definite statements for now.

  5. Janyaa says:

    Yep, holy pally is my love, too. Just makes it all the more frustrating when things are so tough right now. And, I too remember leveling in Vanilla.

    In fact, I’ve found myself referencing some of the same healing tactics. Particularly with the changes to Beacon. Remember when it only worked for effective healing and healing the the beacon was common?

  6. Enlynn says:

    I’m so confused about my paladin. I don’t want to “give up” on her, but priests are just looking so fun right now. I have a lot of memories of my paladin, my first real raiding character, my main. The coolest things I’ve done in game, I’ve done on her.

    I’ve dropped enough hints to my guild that if this paladin thing doesn’t work out, I’ve got a back up plan. I just don’t know when to call it. We have a few more weeks before a decision must even be made, and I hope to use that time to keep learning the paladin, get into the groove, start having fun. There’s this sinking feeling I have, though, that Cataclysm is going to hit and I am going to have no idea what to do about it.

    It’s scary that just about every holy pally on my blog roll has at least considered a re-roll, but it’s reaffirming to know I’m not alone.

    • Endyme says:

      I’ll admit this isn’t what I had in mind when I decided to transfer my 70 (formerly shadow) priest over and level her as discipline, but it’s nice that I have a ready-for-action second healer. I *love* healing, and finally decided to try something other than pally healing. It opened my eyes and started me on the path of doubt and 4.0 just shoved me further down it. I figure between my 2 healers, at least one of them will tickle my fancy in Cata. If all else fails, I have my DK, riiiight?

      You totally described my feelings Enlynn (and Janyaa too…yay new visitors!). Endy’s not only my first toon to max level (she was my second toon created in WoW), she was my first raider, the toon I do everything on, get nifty achievements on, etc. She’s the only toon of mine to have epic riding, because I trick out my main but my alts just have to suffer.

      I wonder if the reaction from many pallies comes from the feeling that we already feel gimped enough compared to other healers, and they get new shineys (and so do we, to be fair) and our spells just aren’t as….awesome. We’re dependant on ‘combo points’ to use one of em, another (Holy Shock) has a 6 second CD, another (LoD) is neat looking but…meh and oh yeah, Beacon of Light got nerfed. We still have no HoT’s (not straight out HoT’s anywho) and our AoE heal isn’t here yet. *shrug* But I’m just gonna wait and see how it all shakes out.

      • kanrad says:

        Good news from the beta patch notes. They made Beacon of Light a 5min long buff. But best of all they upped our healing by 30% pretty much across the board.

        That should help you feel more like a tank healer again!

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