• The frost dual wield spec for DK’s is AWESOME! My original plan for Celrina was to make her main spec 2H Unholy and to make use of her secondary spec, thought I’d try out dual wield frost. Askevar was quite pleased with it, so I thought I’d give it a go. Specced out, glyphed myself, brought my Nighttime from FoS out of the bank and realized I had a Tankard O’Terror from Brewfest that was like, useful to me now. Attacking a dummy made my eyes go wide. I was getting close to 4K DPS, not having a clue in the world what I was doing, and Askevar coaching me over vent. Feeling confident, I went into an instance (FoS, which I am well familiar with and has a chance of dropping a second Nighttime) and I say, it went rather well. I may end up keeping Frost as my primary spec!
  • My 10 man crew went into ICC last night for the second time since the patch. Last time, we wasted alot of time because I was suck with unplayable lag and figured out I hadn’t finished patching, so I had to tend to that. Whoops. This time, we breezed through Rottie, Festerface, even Putricide and Dreamwalker before *gulp* Sindragosa. Who we then one shot with ease. Best part was, I didn’t get caught in Blistering Cold once! I really think it was mostly lag that was hindering me, it had to be. It was only afterwards, when we headed over to the Blood Wing, that I realized I hadn’t drunk my resistance flask or put on my frost resist gear! I think we’re all hoping that in our current OP state (mages and shadow priests are DEATH right now), we can get over our Lich King hump (valk’yr) and kill him before we get hit with nerf bats. I think I’m starting to find my ‘groove’ as Endy again. Slowly but surely.
  • We had a number of new additions to our guild recently, coming over from a smaller guild for reasons I’m not entirely clear on. I think the GM knew folks in our guild and had run with us a few times or something. I hope it’ll go well. I’m just gun shy because my previous experience with a guild merger did NOT go well. Now, in my case, it was 2 separate raiding guilds coming together to make one, bigger, new guild. And it was good for awhile, but then things went slowly downhill and blew up entirely when I was on vacation, and thus sparing me the horrible drama. My only quibble atm is grammar. I know it’s a stupid thing, but most of the newer folks just can’t use proper grammar, be it no caps, or the dreaded ‘ur silly’ versus ‘you’re silly.’ Hopefully, that’ll be it. We really should see to making a 4th 10 man, so they and other guildies can get their 10 man raid on when they want to.
  • Ryska’s not getting ignored, I just haven’t been spending as much time on her recently. I’ve been trying to show Endy as much love as I can and Celrina just grabbed me by the throat and said “Play me NAO, dammit! Look, I can even wield 2 things at once…..one of them is a tankard! How cool is that?” I’m keeping Ryska’s spec simple for now, with the non-smite spec. I’ll probably get around to making the smite spec her secondary spec so I can give it a fair shake and see what I prefer.
  • On a completly non-WoW note, my town is being invaded by the Twilight people. They’re filming parts of the last movie, Breaking Dawn, here and appearantly just started arriving in town to shoot it in the last day or so. They’re supposed to be filming alot of the indoor stuff in a studio just like, 5 minutes from where I work. SOCLOSE! I’m sure I’ll be hearing all about where various people have been spotted while not actually seeing jack squat myself. They’ll be here for a few months, I think. Maybe I’ll get lucky….*dreamy sigh*

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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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One Response to Randomness!

  1. My understanding is that the new people have their own ten man they were bringing over and were going to pull alts/etc from our guild as they could and needed – so hopefully they’ll get that under way soon.

    Yeah the grammar is an irritant, but if that’s the worst we have, we’ll be doing well.

    Many of my alts ARE being ignored lol.

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