Pally healing in the 4.0 world

The night of the patch, it was all I could to do log in and gawk at all the changes. While waiting for the ginormously huge patch to download (I didn’t have my background downloader running…don’t look at me like that!), I tried to download newer versions of addons I used. Cause I’m on top of things like that.

Wednesday night, I attempted to do the weekly with guildies. I say attempted, because for some reason, I kept getting booted from the game, sometimes as soon as I loaded in. Why was a mystery. I tried disabling all of my addons. My settings (somehow) were fairly low already. I had restarted my computer before even attempting to log on. It only seemed to be Endyme that had the problem. I logged on my priest and seemed to be fine. Eventually, I managed to get a summon from guildies into the instance and stayed online. Except I had no addons. *flails about in panic* It was bad. We had Jaraxxus for the weekly and there was a wipe. I can’t speak for the others, but for me, it was the deadly combination of no addons at all plus new abilities that weren’t entirely familiar. I mean, having more than 3 heals is just….overwhelming. I started ‘panic healing’, much like I did on my priest when I didn’t know what I was doing. I mashed buttons. Eventually, we got Jaraxxus and I logged off feeling the unfamiliar sensation of failure on my pally. She the character I feel the most confident on, that I always know what to do on. Even with previous expansions, I’ve never felt so unbalanced, so wrong, so off. Sufficed to say, Wednesday night was night was not my best.

Last night is a raid night for my 10 man. We were going to start anew in ICC, so folks could get used to their new selves. Once everyone started attacking the undead up front, I locked up. My lag was at 1 or 0 fps. It was pretty bad the night before, too. But this was BAD. RL suggested I log off and run the repair tool. Done. Then I launched WoW from the launcher (which I’ve never done, I usually click on the WoW icon in my dock. Surprise! My 3 stage patch hadn’t finished downloading! I thought it would continue to load while I played, since I was in the ‘green stage’, but guess not. Once I got all that downoaded, I logged in and woot! I could move!

After that, I just had to deal with the new abilities I had. And train myself out of using FoL and HL like I used to (which is gonna be haaaaard). I moved some abilities around, so if I mash the buttons I’m used to for FoL and HL, I use different abilities. As far as I understand things, Holy Light is kinda the new ‘regular heal’, with Holy Shock being something you use every time it’s up, cause it’s awesome and also builds up Holy Power. When you have 3 stacks of it, use your Word of Glory (it’s much like a Holy Shock). The Divine Light spell (I may have the name wrong), is biiiig, but costly, so don’t use it unless someone is in need of a mega heal. FoL….poor, poor FoL. It’s now an emergency heal. But, that’s what I think of Holy Shock as….arg, confused! Light of Dawn is interesting. Not sure what I think about this spell yet. I’ve been using it mostly to see the nifty graphic, and I can see where it’ll be useful when alot of folks are taking damage and just happen to be nicely arranged in front of me. Judgements are useful only to give you Judgements of the Pure and Divine Plea and Bacon got nerfed. *sadface* No more DI, dangit. And the ability I forget the name of but would reduce the mana cost of your spells for 15 seconds, it’s now all different and ups your haste and crit by 20% for a short span of time. Which will take some getting used to.

I feel much better than I did Wednesday night, which is why I’m glad I didn’t post the ‘omg the world is ending, I hate my pally’ post I was thinking of doing that night! But it’s gonna be wierd for awhile.


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5 Responses to Pally healing in the 4.0 world

  1. Walrilla says:

    I ran Violet Hold last night with some guildies and a random tank, and I felt exactly like you were saying at the end of your post. We made it through, and no one died, but still… I felt like a fish out of water, no Healbot, trying Vuh-Do for the second time, nothing worked like I expected.

    Kinda makes me want to find whoever worked on the pallies, at Blizzcon next week, and let them know exactly what I thought of this “Holy Power”.


    Barloaw 80-Holy/Ret Pally

    • Endyme says:

      I’ve thought about trying Vuhdo in the past, and if I can’t get Grid to work (I have no clue what the hang up is, I found a release version of Grid on, I may do just that. I reeeeeeeally don’t like the in-game version of Grid they just introduced. Oh, it’ll do fine in the short term, but it’s just not as customizable as Grid.

      My own class feels unfamiliar to me, and I haven’t felt like that in awhile. Change can be good, it can liven up what was stale or boring. I just don’t like it (at first). I’m trying very hard not to make snap judgements either way at the moment, because I know I’m just unnerved by the massive changes.

  2. Kanrad says:

    We ran 10man ICC tonight. I was worried about raid healing on the Pally. I’ve been running 5mans all week and I thunk it’s helped. My worries where unfounded as I sank right into a rhythm with the new spells.

    We managed to get all the way to Lich King and one shot all the encounters except Blood Queen, we had bad luck with a missed Bite/MC.

    It’s different but in a good way as far as I am concerned. I feel I have more choices now and I can help raid heal too. The one downside is Beacon is really bad now. I mean it’s OK and helps but it’s not reliable to keep an off tank alive. I forgot it was nerfed on Dreamwalker till half way though the fight when I realized why she wasn’t going up faster.

    Far as I see it it’s only going to get better as I get more comfortable with the spells and the procs.

  3. kidichka says:

    I think most of the pally people got freaked out when the new patch hit. It became an unfamiliar ground, but we will manage. It just takes a bit of time getting all of the new rotations down. Also, figuring out what your numbers should look like as far as stats go, is kinda hard, since there is not much you can find online, and all information is spread out among many posts everywhere. I was totally depressed when I saw the state Vasi was in. It was very very sad, I did feel like selling Vasi on ebay, that is if someone would even buy her, lol. But talking to others helped big time. Ven and Ask walked me through the needed stats, gems and rotations and it all started to come together. You are an awesome healer, and you will just get more awesome with time. Just as you saw last night, you and I on the boss in HOR with extra mobs, just the two of us against the odds, we were standing our ground, and it was great! Keep at it Endy, if I could help you I would, but I am kind of a noob when it comes to healing.

    • Endyme says:

      One thing I need to do, like Kan did, is heroic, heroic, heroic! I’m just afraid to throw myself in there at the present time because of the lag issues and getting booted repeatedly issues I’m suffering from. I know it’s a matter of re-teaching myself, getting new muscle memory (so I’m not mashing random heal spells when I panic) and adapting to literally doubling the amount of heals I have. And we don’t even have our AoE heal yet! We still have alot to adjust to, but we will.

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