My plans for 4.0

I’m not an original thinker, me. I don’t theorycraft. It doesn’t tickle my fancy. So I look to others and their sage wisdom in this time of great upheaval. And I thought I’d give them props, thanks and link love to share with whomever may be interested….

Endyme got her new Holy spec straight from Kurn’s Corner in this right here handy dandy guide to everything 4.0.1. I must say though, it was much easier than normal to tell which abilities are not meant for PvE focused raid types like myself. Usually, I’m like “Well that’s neat!” “Oh, that looks fun!” “That could be useful sometime.” Increasing the damage my Exorcism and Holy Shock do? Not really for me, thanks. Kurn’s guide was quite handy and spelled out what glyphs, talents and other such things a holy pally will need. Check it out! I’m not sure what I’ll end up doing as a secondary spec. Before, I had a Holy/Prot spec (which has ended up being my primary spec the last few months) and a Holy/Ret spec. No idea how much variety there will be in healing specs yet. I’m open to picking up Ret as a secondary spec, but I liked having the option for healing versatility on Endy before. I may try and keep that if it’s possible. I wonder if I’ll have to wait til Cataclysm to really figure that one out.

Ryska’s Disc spec will come from one of 2 places, as it stands right now. I haven’t actually logged on her yet. By the time I got into the game, it was already late. By the time I stopped oogling at all the changes, and got Endy specced out and her hotbars re-arranged (omg, it’s gonna be interesting for awhile, with things not where they used to be!), it was REALLY LATE. Malevica at Type “H” for Heals had a really well put together guide for Disco’s in 4.0.1, as did Derevka over at Tales of a Priest. Both have “Smite spec” and “Non-smite spec” options. I’m honestly not sure which direction I’m gonna go. It’s kinda backwards for me, to think of DPS’ing in order to heal. Things haven’t always gone well when I’ve gotten ‘smart’ and tried to DPS while the healing is light…so I may, for now, stick with the non-smite spec. Don’t get me wrong, I’m kinda interested in trying the new stuff and experiment with healing, but that may have to wait until I get Endy settled. I may go ahead and make the smite spec my secondary spec and experiment when I have time. Then I can decide which one I like the most and make my secondary spec Shadow later on down the line.

Celrina, Celrina, Celrina…..oy. She’s been Blood since the day she was created and now it’s the tanking tree and I am NO tank. And I really liked Blood. *pout*  I’ve not educated myself on the DK changes as much, since I’m choosing to focus my energies on my healers first. I’m gathering through osmosis that Unholy is the 2H DPS tree and Frost is for dual wielding DPS. Aside from that, I’ve got nothing. I may crib of off my guildie Askevar for her dual wield Frost spec (for my secondary spec). Not sure about my Unholy (primary) spec will look like yet. I’ll get to Celrina, but it may be a day or 2.

Edited to add: Windsoar, at Jaded Alt, has a great compendium of class guides from all over the darn place. Check it out here! Askevar of You Yank It, You Tank It, has also posted links to the various places she found resources for her plethora of toons in this post.

Edit 2: OMG, I forgot to mention Endy has over 40k mana now. That is all.


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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2 Responses to My plans for 4.0

  1. Windsoar says:

    Thanks for the link! It’s definitely nice to refer to an outside guide when trying to decide between a couple of options in your tree 🙂

  2. Endyme says:

    Most definitely. I saw A Healadin’s Tear had linked to your guide and was like “OMG PERFECT!”. I’d found a few of the blogs on my own (and was adding them to my blogroll so I could find them again!), but for my poor DK, I had no ideas, no nothing. So I’ll definitely be checking out some of those links. Plus, one of my guildies was trying to find a Demonology spec for her lock and was having no luck, so maybe it’ll come in handy for her!

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