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Brief update on the King situation

This just in…. HFC got Lich King to under 30% last night! I think the exact percent was 29 or 28%. Phase 3!!! We were totally rocking it a few attempts and on our second to last attempt, managed to … Continue reading

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Random thought

I’ve read a few posts of people recounting their Blizzcon adventures, or just summarizing what went on during the festivities and it’s got me thinking. In some of them, bloggers joyfully recount their adventures with guildies and other personalities in … Continue reading

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I have a confession…

First, for news completely unrelated to my post, big grats to Askevar’s 10 man crew, who got down Arthas on Sunday!!! They got to Artie not terribly long after HFC did and have been working on him diligently since then. … Continue reading

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The frost dual wield spec for DK’s is AWESOME! My original plan for Celrina was to make her main spec 2H Unholy and to make use of her secondary spec, thought I’d try out dual wield frost. Askevar was quite … Continue reading

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Haven’t I been here before?

My friends, let me share with you a story of how things used to be….. *waves hands like they do in Wayne’s World* Dooooooodeldoooodeldooo! Dooooooodeldoooodeldooo! Back in 2004, I got a gift. A wonderful gift of a laptop from my … Continue reading

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Pally healing in the 4.0 world

The night of the patch, it was all I could to do log in and gawk at all the changes. While waiting for the ginormously huge patch to download (I didn’t have my background downloader running…don’t look at me like … Continue reading

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My plans for 4.0

I’m not an original thinker, me. I don’t theorycraft. It doesn’t tickle my fancy. So I look to others and their sage wisdom in this time of great upheaval. And I thought I’d give them props, thanks and link love … Continue reading

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New patch, new header!

To celebrate The Great Patch (still downloading for me, yay!), I thought I’d change up my header a bit. It includes my most popular alts as well as Endyme. Hope y’all like it!

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Woot, I can use RealID again!

I first read the good news at Murloc Parliament, and the World of Warcraft forums confirm it….you now have the option to have the ability to opt out of the “Friends of Friends” and “Add Facebook Friends” feature! My 2 … Continue reading

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Caught in the middle

Warning: Cryptic post is cryptic I have people confide in me in game, not all the time or anything, but people tell me things and I’m not a gossip so it generally doesn’t go anywhere. Sometimes I even forget what … Continue reading

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