Ahh, ye olde days

You know that favorite TV show of yours from childhood, the one you fondly remember as being just AWESOME and oh, I remember when that happened and this episode was the best evar?! Whenever you think about it, it gives you the warm fuzzies and you might even bring it up in conversations with friends about TV shows you loved as a kid. But then it happens. One day, you happen up on a rerun of the beloved show and woah, this isn’t what you remember! OMG, it’s..what is…I don’t even. This is crap! How could you like this show, it’s not good at all!! Make with stop! Auuugh!

Looking at fond memories from long ago, even a few years, through those rose colored glasses is not uncommon. You think things were far better than they really were. This is what I was thinking when I read Larisa’s
post about the generation gap in WoW. There are a few other posts floating around the blog-o-sphere, I’ve read a few here and there but at the moment, Larisa’s is the only one I can remember. >.< I’m not really gonna debate if there is or isn’t one…it’s all about perception, where you play and who you play with. It may be there for some and not for others. Me? I’ve not really run into this problem, or rather, if I’ve seen people pining for ye olde days, it’s just that. People often long for what used to be. It’s why I brought up the TV analogy.

Full disclosure: I’ve been playing pretty much since the game came out. I made a wee little nelf in closed/open beta on a friends beta account back when I had no idea what MMO’s were. She never really got out of the starting zone..the owls scared me (true story). About 3 months after release, I finally caved and got an account of my very own. And things were great then, things are great now and alot has changed in between then and now. Some for the better, some for the worse and some just changed and by jove, you adapted. Do I long for ye old days? Yes and no. Yes in that back then it was an adventure, new and mysterious. I knew nothing of addons or raiding and some random dude showed me what Thottbot was when I was playing in a coffee shop. I met new people all the time and woah, guilds? RP? Instances? But there was a lot that in hindsight I can see was clunky and hard and have gotten better and more logical with past patches.

Do I dwell on ye olde days of vanilla? Only the memories I made and people I met that made the game what it is for me? Do I feel that this excludes folks from the club, so to speak? I’ve not waxed philosophical about it to the point where I thought I was making folks feel they weren’t welcome, at least I don’t think so. Do I think people inevitably feel left out? More than likely, at some point. But that’s kinda how it is with anything one comes into a bit later than others. If you start watching a soap opera, that’s YEARS you’ve missed, and many people and events you’re not going to get when referenced. If you make friends with a group who’s known each other for years, they’ll at some point make comments you don’t get, crack those inside jokes you don’t get. And that’s fine. You’ll make new ones that then you can join in on and create your own memories.

I can only speak for myself in that I try and make everyone feel welcome, and I don’t really care when you came into the game. If you’ve played since Vanilla, super for you. If you just started playing in Wrath, right on. Sometimes it’s interesting to hear people who just started playing in WoLK talk about how they’ve never been to UBRS or something, or how they can’t imagine 40 man raids and I might make a comment about it “Oh, yeah, if you think paladin buffing is bad now, lemme tell you how it used to be!” but that’s it. Everyone’s going to remember their newb days with some amount of fondness, most likely. And I’m cool with that.


About Holly

I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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