What’s my main again?

Endyme’s been my main going on 5 and a half years now. She was the second character I ever created (well, 3rd if you count the nelf of some sort I made on a friend’s account during beta) and I’ve stuck with her through thick and thin. I love healing so much so that any DPS toons I have just don’t feel ‘right’. I’m out of my comfort zone on anything but a healer. My DK has managed to stick around and I do raid on her on an irregular basis, when she’s needed to fill in somewhere. But she’s just not a toon I feel can compete with the other DPS’ers.

I’ve never had doubts about Endy being my main because I loved healing so much! I felt at home on her, like I was a contributing member of the raid and who cares about recount numbers because I know I just saved so and so’s bacon and that felt good! There are some people who seem to swap mains whenever they get a new alt they like better, or when expansions hit, or just because they want a change. Not me! No sir…I love my Endy! I’ve stayed true to her my whole WoW career. But for the first time, there’s little bits of doubt creeping in.

My priest has showed me another kind of healing, more spells, bubbles, HoT’s, even more healing spells, bubbles, mana regen like woah, bubbles…. And then I look at Endy with her 2 healing spells, well…3 if you count Holy Shock. And I do! Sure, she’s got a bubble too, but it’s got a 2 minute cooldown and that’s quite inconvenient at times. I quite like priest healing, but I still have alot to learn I’m sure. For the first time I can think of, Endy’s lost a bit of her luster. I still love her and even with my doubts, I still think she’s faboo….but….but….augh! I don’t do randoms on Endy any more, it got old and eh….but Ryska? Sure! Bring it on, it’s fun and new and I enjoy playing her. Ryska’s definitely kicked Celrina aside as Alt #1 and she’s eyeing Endy enviously and wondering what she’ll need to do to claim her spot. The idea of co-mains has entered my mind. Once I gear up Ryska a smidge more she’ll be near at Endy levels. She’s not there yet, but she’s not doing to shabbily. I like having both healers for various situations, like Lich King, which favors Disc Priests. It’s easy to swap a healer (me) for another healer (me again!) in raids, so it’s not quite as difficult to do as wanting to bring my new DPS alt when I’m in as a healer on my main and….well, sucks to be me! I guess I’m considering my options, trying to prepare for Cata. Maybe in Cata I’ll hate what they do to pallies, but what I’m hoping is I can use both toons for when one is locked out and another one is needed for some 25 man action.

Just like I never thought I’d switch servers, but when the situation was right, the idea of swapping to a different server wasn’t nearly as hard to contemplate as it used to be. There’ve been times I thought I’d never leave the game, but there have been moments where I could have walked away with ease. So I can’t say I’ll never switch mains, but who knows? All I know is that right now, it’s not my plan.


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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2 Responses to What’s my main again?

  1. Come to the dark side! Don’t fight it- dare to disco!

    • Endyme says:

      I’ve never been more tempted. But for the time being, I think it’s more of a equal love of both toons, than a clear case of this one over that one. Endy’s lost some of her luster and shiney awesomeness, there are some chinks I’ve previously not seen in her armor, but it’s not like I’m over her. I feel comfortable in her skin, I KNOW her. But this priest….she’s pretty fab. I LOVE the bubbles, penance is da bomb, and she’s got a lot of nifty bells and whistles. If I can swing a co-main thing, or a main with a slightly less main of a main, but more than an alt thing, that’d be superkeen.

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