Fighting boredom

I’m sure many of us have had it happen to us at least once….you log on and then sit around and ponder what you want to do. And then you ponder some more, maybe run around Dalaran on your horse/sparklepony/bear/whatever, and think some more. I’ve always done well in WoW when I have goals. Usually it’s to level a character or to get them better gear or to progress in some instance. My most recent goal was to level and then gear up my priest, Ryska. She’s gotten nearly as good as I can get her gear without setting foot in ICC or getting more frost badges (which is slow unless you’re doing ICC). I have no alts I’m actively working on. I’ve created a few alts, and have one sitting at 23 on ThoBro, and then there’s always Endy 2.0 on SC. But my enthusiasm has waned for her a bit since the disasterous UK attempt where she got her ass handed to her.

Sometimes the boredom is tied to burnout. Nothing interests you in the game, you just can’t be bothered to do the things that you *could* do because….why? You just don’t feel like doing anything. I was there about a year and some change ago just before I transferred to ThoBro. There’d been drama in guild, which served to both sap my interest in WoW and make burnout resurface hard and fast. There have been two times I’ve felt I could just quit WoW and walk away without much fuss and that was one of them. I handily fixed all of that by transferring and livening up the game for myself in many ways.

I’m sure this sounds like I’m heading for another bout of this by sharing my past bouts with boredom, but I’m not. I feel no inclination to leave the game, I’m not in the pre-Cata doldrums, I’m not burnt out, I just…lack a clear goal to latch on to in game. Endy’s 10 man is working on LK at the moment and that greatly excites me, but beyond that I don’t do much on her because…there’s nothing to do with her (unless I decided to go for Loremaster or something, but I think that would drive me batty). I can’t exactly work on Arthas every time I log in. Ryska’s as good as I can get her, unless I want to start saving up the insane amount of mats to craft her a Merlin’s Robe or something. Celrina could use some work, probably. Her DPS was starting to depress me the last few times I logged on, so much so I actually got her a dual spec in Unholy and then….didn’t do anything with it. Ryska’s shadow spec is in limbo until I get her UI figured out. I really need to chat up the guild’s expert shadow priests and work on that.

So I have things I can do, I’m just…..not inclined to work on them as much. But last night, a friend and I made Hordies on ThoBro (I a troll shaman, she a troll priest) and we merrily traipsed through the Valley of Whateveritscalled. I got my first totem after I drank something that allowed me to ‘see things’. I captured frogs, thwacked lazy peons on the head and had to remind myeslf that greys were actually potential upgrades! Could this be my new distraction? One of them, certainly. Beyond that, maybe it’s time to take a look at my DK some more…even though she’s not the Secondary Alt, she’s still someone I’ve enjoyed playing.

So what do you do to fight the ho hums? When you find yourself wondering what you want to do in game?

Random word of the day: oogro (as the warrior in my PoS random kept spelling aggro, as well as abusing the English language in general)


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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10 Responses to Fighting boredom

  1. kidichka says:

    You are not alone Endy. I have been wandering about the same things, and even told Silver that perhaps we should quit raiding, and maybe quit wow playing and do something else, or find some other motivation. The goal was to see the Lich King, and now that we have seen him, and I am not sure we will be able to get him with our current group. I just don’t think we are ready for it with our current DPS, which is fine since everyone has different styles of playing. We need a third healer, but if we take any people of the DPS list, we won’t be getting the adds fast enough, which is a problem as is. I think we are at the point in the game where we too bored to be casual raiders, but not ruthless to be hardcore. So we are stuck at this midpoint. This is what people call guild breaking point, I guess.

    We are spoiled from raiding and having awesome gear. When we go to the average toons, it is just seems all so boring. The regular instances are too easy now. Leveling new characters is painful for me, 2.5 toons in 5 years! Perhaps getting some achievements done, like the once in ICC and Ulduar before Cata comes knocking on the door, or trying the hard mode TOC. I am sure we have others in our group and our guild that feel the same way, and maybe, just maybe we need to assemble a best of the best group that would combine some of our better players from the 3 ten man group, to kill the LK and then spread the Hard Mode ICC around.

    • Endyme says:

      Breaks are certainly not a bad thing. I think time away from WoW is healthy and if you choose to come back, livens up the game for you. If you never step away from it, you can’t miss it! But you can’t leave entirely! It would make me cry and you don’t want to make me cry, do you? One things that’s always served me well in the past is when I don’t feel like logging on, I don’t force it. Sometimes I do, but most of the time I try to listen to my inner voice and do something else instead.

      One thing that will change everything for us is Cataclysm. At least for me, I can’t make the Saturday raid (which usually leads to me missing the Sunday raid since I either forget to sign up (oops) or it’s a continuation of the Saturday raid). So Endy’s gear is kinda…..not going anywhere. But with Cataclysm, 10 and 25 mans will drop the same lewt, which is potentially good for someone in my position. Guess we’ll see. As for our issues progressing on the King, I think we can work past it. HFC is very good at beating the odds and doing what we shouldn’t be able to on paper. We can do it, and I’m willing to die alot to get it done.

      The problem with making a ‘best of the best group’ is there WILL be hard feelings from those who aren’t deemed ‘the best’. I’d like to think I’m a good player, but maybe whatever someone or someones making the list think some other healer(s) bring more to the table and I’m not invited. I’d be hurt, even though I’m sure there was no intention of insinuating I’m not a good healer. S’why I’ve always liked that with all our different 10 man groups, there’s no feeling of an “A Group” and “B Group” and so on.

      In any case, I’m still jazzed about Endy potentially getting the LK down (if I need to start DPSing the Shambling Horrors, I will!), but as I said, I can’t very well do that every time I log on. There are things I know I CAN do, I’m just not inclined to do them…been trying to quest some on Ryska or Endy and it’s just….meh. Maybe I need someone to do it with. Questing alone can be good if you just want some ‘alone time’ but I want people to chat with and enjoy the company of!

  2. kidichka says:

    Maybe it was just a bad day! I am not going to leave, our raid nights are the highlights of my days (other than my family). If you don’t know me yet? erm, welcome to a rollercoaster, Silver is used to it, so he rarely gets nauseous anymore. I just need to think of something else to do, not that I have any time to do it, but still, like fishing (352 now wohoo!) and making gold! Loremaster would be cool, but after the horde to alliance transfer Kidi is now down to 1/4 of the needed quests from 1/2, so I don’t see that happening. Raising little toons is fun together, that is how Silver and I made all of our characters, for the exception of Bowhisper. Getting through Ulduar would be fun, maybe I will think of starting a new group for that on Saturday and Sunday mornings. I really don’t know any fights past the cat lady. Hope you find your inspiration Endy, you are an awesome healer, the best I’ve seen in pally flavor 🙂

    I see your point about the best of the best group, it might upset many people. For me though, as much as maybe I would want to get upset, I would have to vacate one tank spot for Ven. (I was ripping apart his built, and armor, and stats, and finding nothing that would explain my 1/2 of his DPS as a tank. Maybe hit rating? but definitely not haste).

    Hopefully we can built up enough knowledge about the Lich King, so next time we come around we could break through our stuck point and become…unstuck!

    Cata is still seem to be soooo far away…

    • Endyme says:

      I have my bad days too, Vasi. I had one Monday, when I wanted to scream a time or two at things going wrong, but it’s the nature of learning a new boss. And I’m going to even rethink my own approach to things…like I’ve been tossing random DPS in the direction of Arthas when I get a spare moment, but maybe I should be hitting the Horrors with Exorcisms and Holy Wraths when nobody’s dying. The cluster all to one side strat *definitely* took some of the pressure off when Infests hit and I think with that we can get by with just me and Iris healing as long as people move asafp when they get the plague. 🙂 If it meant HFC getting a better shot at downing Arthas, I’d even step out and let in a better, more awesome healer in (temporarily, naturally!) because I think that’d be an awesome morale boost for alot of folks. Quick, someone learn how to clone Iris!

      With regards to goals, I looked at Endy’s quest count to see how doable Loremaster is for her (since she’s my oldest toon, she’d be the one that I could best get it on) and she’s….rather far off from it. I barely quested in Kalimdor and am like 150/700 quests completed in there. >.< BUT, I figure if nothing else, I can quest around Northrend and get golds while doing it. I'm just not very gung ho about it yet. Maybe during my vacation in October I'll have the time away I need to freshen up the game some.

  3. kidichka says:

    You did so awesome healing on your priest, I can’t wait to see you all super epic!

    • Endyme says:

      Well I sure am having fun on her! She’s the first toon in 5+ years that has made me have doubts about my main. I love healing, this I know. Pally healing was all I had experience with until Ryska. The priest is fresh and new and way different from Endy, but not so different that I’m overwhelmed.

  4. Tam says:

    I have that feeling and I haven’t even downed the LK :/

    By the way, I LOVE ‘oogro’ – I believe it’s the noise you make when you’re a squishy and you get it by accident, and it should be uttered in an anxious, high-pitched voice.

    • Endyme says:

      *snerk* I wish I could remember what else he said, maybe my other guildies who were present can recall, but oogro was the word that stood out the most because he said it a few times. The last time he said it, he was trying to figure out who pulled oogro on the hill of doom in PoS. I’m pretty sure it was him.

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  6. Great post, I am almost 100% in agreement with you

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