Lich King strategery

Last night, my 10 man crew went in to party with Arthas some more and while a few of our attempts were painful lessons in what NOT to do, we can now pretty reliably get through Phase 1 and into the transition phase. Not every single time, but more often than not. We’ve gotten through the transition phase once or twice (I finally managed not to die from falling when Artie cast Quake!), but we’re getting all confuzzled and dying to various things. Things that I am sure with practice we can lick…like killing the frozen orb things in time, handling the raging spirits, etc. Cause I’d sure like to see those Valk’yr and and the rest of the fight, heck yes. We did have some odd aggro issues, with various people getting aggro for doing very little was kind of of wierd. Not sure what that was all about.

I even brought in my priest for an attempt or two, simply cause I thought it might help with Infest, but she’s not quite ready gear wise. Plus, my confidence on Endy is still the highest and my ‘quick draw’ reactions are there for her, and not for Ryska. So when I know to hit a button on Endy to cleanse, Ryska’s set up is different because she doesn’t have one button to cleanse them all (wonder if I could make a macro for that?). I’ll just keep working on her gear, getting what I can from other places. Mostly, I’m done with Triumph badge gear so I’ll be saving my Frosties SLOooooooWLY but surely.

I’m hoping we can get Artie down sooner than it took us to get Sindragosa, but it IS the endboss of ICC, so I doubt it’ll be a cake walk. Hopefully, our group make up will help us more than hinder, with being so loaded with ranged folks. I’m trying not to get excited that we’ve done so good off the bat, because as I recall, we did pretty well with Sindy right off as well before we ran smack into the wall of the lower 20% range.

We’ll go back in tonight and do it some more. I think we’re all pretty motivated to try our bestest and learn the fight because, omg, it’s the Lich King! That’s just cool.

Edit: Because I don’t feel like adding a whole new post, I’ll just add on to this one. We got the Lich King to 51% tonight…new record! Though I died when a Valk’yr hurled me over the edge (the bitch!), we got 3 defiles and a few of the ability that’s cast on the tank (the name escapes me right now) that sometimes requires a tank swap. I think we’re getting through the first transition phase pretty alright. We’re just struggling with downing all the Raging Spirits before Quake is cast, but we’ll get it with practice…we have good DPS. In phase 2, we’re letting the Valk’yr kill too many people, but we’re not doing too shabby with Defiles. Progress is good, I like it. I don’t mind wipes nearly as much if we’re actually getting better and refining our approach to the fight each time.

*daydreams about sporting the title Endyme the Kingslayer*


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2 Responses to Lich King strategery

  1. zelmaru says:

    While a discipline priest makes the infest mechanic significantly easier, I have negated infest pretty much on my own as a druid. So it is possible.

  2. kidichka says:

    It is a tough fight no question about it, but we did well for having new people in and out of the group when our mains are out for the night.

    I can explain the weird aggro issues! DON’T Hit IT until the tank is on top! The King is not to his killing spot yet, and he has every DOT known to Azeroth on him and a hunter with Bazooka shots trying to one man it. Palladin’s aggro is building up overtime, and there is no time for me to build it. Not to mention that it is much harder to build it without concecrate, my 6969 rotation is off because of that.

    Also the boss was taunted off of me several times, while the offtank tried to taunt the adds. So question like “why is the boss facing the wrong way?” is hard to answer, and it would help, if his face looked slightly different then his ars!

    The main thing that is troubling me with the transition phase, it is hard to tell, if we would be able to kill all adds in time, and before new ones pop up. There has been only 15-20 sec windows between the two, when we had clear way. I think that I will count how many we should have, and try to stay with that number of Horrors (so after lets say 4th one, do whatever you have to do to push the boss into next phase, and if we have the 5th one, call it a wipe).
    I also think that we do need our second hunter for more misderect, slow, and tranc shot.
    ANyway, we will see next time, if we can improve and get through the 2nd phase.

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