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Inspirational message

Endy and her 10 man crew had a good raiding day last Thursday. We got everything except Sindragosa (that bitch) and of course, the Lich King. I want to kill Arthas in the worst way. I’ve never killed the last … Continue reading

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Ahh, ye olde days

You know that favorite TV show of yours from childhood, the one you fondly remember as being just AWESOME and oh, I remember when that happened and this episode was the best evar?! Whenever you think about it, it gives … Continue reading

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What’s my main again?

Endyme’s been my main going on 5 and a half years now. She was the second character I ever created (well, 3rd if you count the nelf of some sort I made on a friend’s account during beta) and I’ve … Continue reading

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Fighting boredom

I’m sure many of us have had it happen to us at least once….you log on and then sit around and ponder what you want to do. And then you ponder some more, maybe run around Dalaran on your horse/sparklepony/bear/whatever, … Continue reading

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Lich King strategery

Last night, my 10 man crew went in to party with Arthas some more and while a few of our attempts were painful lessons in what NOT to do, we can now pretty reliably get through Phase 1 and into … Continue reading

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Hail to the King!

A blog post in pictures: We got him to 69% on our best try of the night….not too shabby, says I.

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