Dribs and drabs

  • Endy’s 10 man killed Prof Putricide last week, which made me realize that woah…all we have now is the King himself. We still need to get past Sindy again, which may give us some trouble as our roster is adjusting to one of our recent regulars being out for awhile due to RL obligations and one of our other members returning after a few weeks out. So we may take some time getting Sindy down again, but I hope not, because I really want a go at the LK. I’ve been reading up on the encounter and it sounds very….complicated. Lots of phases, big on positioning and situational awareness, tons of AoE damage and things coming at you from the sky. Fun times ahead! But I never really thought, I mean, I guess I didn’t think I’d be seeing the LK anytime soon.
  • Ryska got to dip her pinky toe in ICC (mostly the Lower Spire) and it was FUN! It made the first bosses in ICC fun again as I actually had to pay attention and not coast on muscle memory. Of course, nothing dropped that was usable for me (edit: just remembered I did get some gloves. So I lied. Oops.), which sucked. But I got some experience in raiding as a disc priest and it’s quite fun! I dare say at times I found myself wondering, daydreaming….”I’ve had Endy as my main for like, years. I could change it up…yeah. Maybe.” But really, I loves me some Endy. I also loves me some Ryska. I love them both because I love healing. Ryska has shoved Celrina aside as Favored Alt and my hope is to get Ryska geared enough so that I can interchangeably use either when the situation favors one class over the other or just when one is locked out and a healer is needed somewhere.
  • Endy 2.0 is *crosses fingers* on her way to being fixed. After a horrible train wreck of a UK run shortly after dinging 70, I haven’t been inclined to play her much. It was much like pulling teeth for me. My friend Arcand would ask for 2.0 to come heal an instance with the DK tank he’s leveling and it took alot for me to say yes. Because I was ashamed. I knew I wasn’t up to the task and needed some serious fixing before I was of use to any group. I had coasted along for awhile on a cloud of superiority and it was a wake up call that I wasn’t Super HolyPally simply because I already had one at 80. I’ve been trolling the AH every time I log on and shoved aside my frugal tendancies and paid whatever I had to in order to get upgrades (well, almost…I mean, I have my limits). I got a guildie to slap some enchants on my gear, which I normally don’t do much of whilst leveling and hopped into a random (UK, shocker) with the DK and SWEET JEEBUS IN THE MORNING it was better!! Previously, each boss encounter had left me dry, to the point where people died towards the end because I didn’t have enough juice to do jack squat. This time, things went better. I won’t consider myself out of the woods until I do a few more instances, because it could have been that the tank was 74, combined with the fact that there was a mage in the party to give me Focus Magic and the Int buff. But I do feel I’m at least in a better place and that’s enough to keep me logging on for now.
  • Blog posts on gender (with regards to feminism mostly) seem to be all the rage in blogs now. I’m not gonna jump on that bandwagon except to say that things certainly need fixing, for the menfolk as well as the ladies, and I try to treat everyone as I do IRL, nicely and politely and can’t we all just get along?
  • Cake

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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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