Good news!

This is one dead undead!

Next stop….Arthas! (once we get Sindy down again, that is)

Having healed this fellow on my priest and my pally, it’s been a fun fight to learn. We have surely benefitted from the extra buff since the last time we tried him (when it was at 5%), but also, we’re waaaaaaay better geared. And that makes a difference. We fiddled around with various strats we’d heard or read about and in the end, figured out which one worked for us. Another 10 man in WaR got the Professor down recently as well, so we’re all making super progress! Arthas is SO going down. Kingslayer Endyme has a nice ring to it, doncha think?


About Holly

I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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4 Responses to Good news!

  1. kidichka says:

    Grats Endy, and all HFC! It was awesomely easy on our last try. You did great healing, I love your bacon 🙂


    • Endyme says:

      It was easy that last time, wasn’t it? I looked at his health at one point and was like, “Oh, wow….he’s really going down and nobody’s dead!” We experimented with things and eventually found what suited us. Go team!

  2. Kanrad says:

    Congratulations, can’t wait till you guys give ole Arty what’s coming to him!

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