So….I have an 80 disco priest

I have neglected to share that my disc priest made it to 80 just shy of 2 weeks ago….and I LOVE it! I dinged in an instance with guildies, knowing I was super close to hitting 80 and within the hour, was sporting several epics that were kindly given to me by good friend. Within the first week, I was already rocking numbers that took Endyme awhile to get. Ryska’s got 3 pieces of Tier 9 and I’m trying to save up the frosties to buy…..something cool. She’s only got 2 blues left on her person (I think). And she’s not even been 80 2 weeks yet. O.o

I’ve been trying to hit up heroics as much as possible, at least once, so I can get the 2 frost emblems.  And for the most part, the groups I’ve been in have been alright. There have been some mis-steps and mistakes on my part (when I get panicked, I still tend to mash Greater Heal like it’s Holy Light), but I’m learning and getting experience with every one. Then there was the Halls of Lightning group…..

I’ve never left an instance before quite like this. I mean, there’s been times where everyone else is bailing like they’re on the Titanic and it’s going DOWN and I leave because the only one left is the lock who is ‘offline’. Or times when everyone mutually agrees it’s just not happening and it dissolves. But I’ve never just up and left an instance because I’m pissed off or being yelled at. In this case, we had a DK tank who, when I looked at the beginning of the instance, had about 27k health. But I don’t judge. You can do alot with that 27k, if you know how to. The tank mentions wanting to make this a quick one…ok, whatevs. We go on and get to the first boss, General Something-or-other. The one with a few goons following him. The tank says to wait for them to pat to us, I think this is smart…and eventually the fight starts. Now, I honestly don’t know what happened and how much (if at all) was my fault, but everyone was taking shite tons of damage. I was healing it as best I could, but I just couldn’t stop the pain and there was a wipe. I’ve healed Heroic HoL before, so at least I know I can do it (and I was even distracted through some of it…and nobody died). The tank says “Tick tock, tick tock” followed by “Can you guys just kick me?”. I ask why and he says because the healer (that’s me!) can’t heal and he got no heals and if we can’t even get past the first boss, we can’t do this.


Well then. A mage sticks up for me and says “Yeah, cause it’s always the healers fault” and refuses to kick the tank because he’s being a jerk and wants him to take the debuff. I manage to sputter “Wow..thanks. I’ve healed this before just fine, jerk.” The tank says that if I stay, he won’t tank. Nobody else is saying anything….finally he says “ok ok, I’ll tank. Gogogogo”. I felt that I would get blamed for any and every mistake, that if folks died, it would me MY fault, not his or the other DPS…MY FAULT. And I didn’t feel like putting up with that. So I said “Good luck tanking, I’m going to go where I won’t be insulted” and left. In hindsight, I should’ve whispered the mage to thank him for sticking up for me and apologize for leaving or something, but I was so…incensed that I didn’t.

I should write a post one of these days about people not tolerating mistakes/wipes in instances nowadays. It’s insane, how one wipe causes folks to bail left and right….I just spent 2 hours last night and 2+ hours Thursday wiping on (but ultimately killing!) Sindragosa. Why can’t folks apply just a smidgen of this patience to heroics? Yes, we wiped on the first boss in HoL, but we could have refined our approach, the tank could have asked politely what happened and even if it was all my fault, I could have mentioned my observations and maybe he, I or the others could have tried a different approach and succeeded. Was I wrong to leave? Maybe so, but I just was not in the mood to deal with a tank with an attitude like that.

On the flip side though, I should mention that after my brief debuff wore off (I don’t tend to jump ship, I think nowadays that rewards a person with a shorter debuff), I got Old Kingdom. You know, the one with the Spellflingers…yeah. So we wiped on the first group with a Spellflinger after a few bad things happened, one of which is that I mis-targetted and wasn’t healing the tank when I thought I was. I even said so in group and they were pretty cool about it. The mage (who was suicidal and very zen about dying) was cheerful and said he noticed, but it happens. The tank went offline, deliberately or no, and we got a new one and the group went on and was rather awesome. The mage in particular, Grumblegrimble or some such funny name, actually mentioned he’s accepted that he’ll die alot and is actually shocked and disappoined when he gets through a rough pull without dying. I took it as my personal challenge not to have him die.  A few of us went on to do another instance and it was good. So not all folks freak out at one death/wipe, but I sure do run into alot of people who are not tolerant of mistakes from people in heroics. S’why I love guidie runs.

Another interesting item: Ryska did PoS with guildies and y’know, I had to cry a little inside because it was SO much easier on the priest than the pally. The first boss, Garfrost? Piece of cake. That pull up the hill with those 2 mobs who cast every little thing imaginable at you? Painless. Course, I did it again with a PuG and it wasn’t quite as painless, but it was still less annoying than healing it on Endy. I really do like priest healing, with the bubbles that I can cast on people and then tend to others without fear of the bubbled person croaking on me. Endy is still my one true love, but Ryska is sure endearing herself to me.



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6 Responses to So….I have an 80 disco priest

  1. My disc priest is a temptation for me too lol

  2. Kanrad says:

    Sadly I seem horrible at healing on my priest. Not as Disc or Holy do I seem to do well. On the bright side I seem to do good with Shadow. i was even told by one person I was pulling far more DP than they expected out of my gear.

    I’m eager to see what I can do with the mage at 80. He’s doing 1.4-1.6k in normals at level 71 right now. The priest is the first healer I’ve felt weak on and even afraid to random with.

    • Endyme says:

      I’d be glad to random with the priest on whomever if you ever want to practice your heals. I could even bring along a healer *just in case*. Just say the word!

      I got a shadow spec on Ryska the other day, but haven’t gotten glyphs yet, but once I get it all settled, I’ll be the one needing understanding guildies to practice with, since I won’t subject a PuG to my nubbish attempts at Shadow priesting.

  3. Lara says:

    It doesn’t sound to me as if you’re to blame for those problems!

    Discipline is a great deal of fun, and extremely powerful—but it has a couple of weaknesses in heroics. If you bubble everyone, you’ll run out of mana at low gear levels, because your bubbles aren’t being fully absorbed and you get no mana back from Rapture. At higher gear levels, you’ll have enough intellect that this won’t be as much an issue, and in a raid you will almost certainly have replenishment, but 5-mans often lack replen. Ideally, if people are playing smart, you will be bubbling only the tank most of the time—maybe you’ll use bubbles to prevent aura damage or to save a DPS’er who gets aggro, but otherwise you can just use Flash Heal or Holy Nova to top them off.

    The core of the Discipline healing cycle is bubble + penance + flash heal. The bubble gives you Borrowed Time, which speeds up your Penance; the Penance does not consume the Borrowed Time haste, so you can then follow it up with a hasted Flash Heal. A second Flash Heal and another bubble gives Penance time to come off cooldown, and you’re back to the beginning. If you need group healing, your options are Prayer of Healing (which is big, but expensive) and glyphed Holy Nova. But it’s much harder for you to react to sudden bursts of damage that take place outside this cycle; PoH is slow to cast, and Holy Nova requires movement.

    What a Discipline priest really doesn’t have is a quick group healing nuke like Wild Growth, Chain Heal, or Circle of Healing, and no quick-fix cooldowns like Hand of Protection. As a result, when you have more than one person taking lots of damage, your options are limited and very timing-sensitive. A glyphed bubble will do a fair bit of healing, but if people continue to stand in fire, you’ll quickly be overwhelmed.

    One of the big challenge fights for Discipline are the first two trash groups on the hill going up toward the gauntlet in Pit of Saron. The central caster is tossing out hard-hitting shadowbolts, her assistants are putting out a nasty disease and fireball DoTs, and there’s a Hellfire-type AoE fire damage effect. Even a well-geared Discipline priest will have trouble with those pulls without help from the group. A cleansing totem can take care of the disease; if the group will let you, you can Shackle one of the undead; anybody with an interrupt can kick the Empowered Shadow Bolts or the Hellfire effect. But if nobody does any of these things, you will very likely be faced with a choice of which DPS to let die. You can’t afford to stand in melee range for Holy Nova, and even with Borrowed Time, Prayer of Healing is a relatively long cast. Again, higher gear levels (with tons of spell power) will help you here, but even in full ICC 10 gear, you can lose a group on those trash if people are stupid. And that’s even if you’re playing very, very well. It’s just not a strong situation for a Disc priest.

    So, yeah, bubbles are powerful, but even bubbles can’t heal through stupid. 🙂

    • Endyme says:

      Thanks for all the info, Lara. I’ve got a grip on basics (I think), but I’m still learning the finer points of Disc priesting, like using Borrowed Time to the fullest and using abilities like Power Infusion or Pain Suppression and all that jazz. It’s a work in progress, but I am definitely enjoying the process.

      • Lara says:

        Yay! Disc is a fun spec, for sure! If I were every to switch mains away from my much-belovéd Tree, that’s what I’d almost certainly choose. 😀

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