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Dribs and drabs

Endy’s 10 man killed Prof Putricide last week, which made me realize that woah…all we have now is the King himself. We still need to get past Sindy again, which may give us some trouble as our roster is adjusting … Continue reading

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Good news!

Next stop….Arthas! (once we get Sindy down again, that is) Having healed this fellow on my priest and my pally, it’s been a fun fight to learn. We have surely benefitted from the extra buff since the last time we … Continue reading

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Some observations about LFD

Once upon a time, in a server far away…… People used to have to *gasp* put together their own groups. Say you wanted to run Deadmines. You have some guildies who want to go, but you’re left needing a healer … Continue reading

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Changes coming for RealID?

Click me, click me! Q: Do you have any plans to allow players to not show their real name to friends of friends while using the Real ID system? A: As with any new feature we add to our games, … Continue reading

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So….I have an 80 disco priest

I have neglected to share that my disc priest made it to 80 just shy of 2 weeks ago….and I LOVE it! I dinged in an instance with guildies, knowing I was super close to hitting 80 and within the … Continue reading

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We got her…we finally got her!! We spent just over 2 hours last Thursday getting so very close to killing her, so long that we had respawns. It was simultaneously painful and exciting to know that we were making noticible … Continue reading

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Wipes that hurt

Wipes suck, no doubt about it. But much of the time, you pick yourself up and try again with the hope that this time everyone will do things exactly as they should and that Lady RNG will be kind to … Continue reading

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A Sindragosa haiku

Sindragosa Why do you not die? I really hate you. Sindragosa is the bane of HFC’s existance. Getting stuck on Marrowgar pales in comparison to this. The thing that sucks the most is that we have phase 1 and 2 … Continue reading

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