A little bit of this and that

  • Endy’s 10 man has now taken down Blood Princes twice as of tonight! Once we get a boss, we generally don’t backslide…it’s wierd, but nice. It’s not to say we don’t occasionally wipe, we do, but it’s rare-ish. It felt so good to get them down last week, I don’t think it occured to some of us that there was loot to be had. Last week we got in 2 very GOOD tries on Queen Whatserface, getting her to 20ish-18ish percent. This week, we blew in ICC like nobody’s business. From Marrowgar to Blood Princes took about 1.5 hours so naturally, we tried the Queen and in 2 shots, got her down! We went to get down Dreamwalker in the time we had left and didn’t have our usual 4th healer with us, but I felt up to the challenge of staying outside to heal while our talented shammie and priest duo went in portals. Juuuuuust as the encounter started, we hear “Guys, we may have a problem, I forgot to change specs” Our shadow priest had forgotten to swap specs before we started. D’oh! Even with all that, it felt like the easiest Dreamwalker heal ever. I barely felt taxed  (and I’m really not trying to toot my own horn here, I just didn’t have to HL folks all over the place to keep them looking good). It was, in short, a good night
  • Ryska is now the proud owner of some lovely level 80 gear she can’t wear yet, thanks to a generous friend and my own mat gathering for some 264 boots of AWESOME. Now she just needs to turn 80. Which I’m working on, but this week hasn’t been the best for that. Busy week at work, doncha know.
  • The day after Endy’s 10 man got Princes down for the first time, the 10 man that Celrina sometimes runs with ALSO got them down (I think for the first time..I know it was my first time to kill them on Cel). It was kinda wierd. They also tried the Queen, but with not AS good results. But different teams work at different paces and in their own way…they’ll get it, they got the talent. I don’t run with that team as much, since a) I feel guilty having 2 toons running ICC and b) that group, more than either of the other 2, has more fluctuation in membership. It’s not always the same 10 folks with the occasional variation, it’s maybe 5 or so core folks with the others coming in and out as scheduling and sign ups permit.
  • I’m very tired, and may stop making sense soon, so I think I’ll wrap it up….Oh! I’m going to New York in October! Wooohooo! This will make trip number errr, 7 or 8? I ❤ NY. I go because I love Broadway musicals and plays and cram in as many as I can. Definitely seeing Next to Normal again because that musical rocked on toast. This is rambling, isn’t it…ok, stopping now.
  • Have another logo!

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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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One Response to A little bit of this and that

  1. Kanrad says:

    Grats on the Queen, I knew once you guys got the princes she was gonna go down. I think you guys are on track to be the first to get Arthas down in guild. I’m happy to see you guys doing so well!

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