One year ago….

It was one year ago today that I found myself on a new server (I actually logged on the day before, but nobody I knew was on, so I just spend awhile rearranging my transfer-borked UI) and joining a new guild called Wrath and Retriubution. It began what I hoped was a renewal of WoW for me. A little over 4 years worth of drama and bad memories were bogging me down and I was at the point where walking away from the game would have been quite easy. I made the surprisingly not difficult choice to transfer my main, Endyme, to another server, to join a raiding guild 2 RL friends of mine (Askevar and her hubby) were in. I needed change, as I told the GM of the guild I was leaving on Scarlet Crusade. When the GM tried to play the guilt card about leaving the guild in a bind (there were many core raiders abandoning ship in a slow trickle), I said I had to do what was good for ME. It was either transfer or leave the game. I had reached my point of no return, too much drama left me with no defenses.

So I said my goodbye’s to those I could and quietly initiated the transfer without /gquitting first (like the coward I am) and before I knew it, I found myself on Thorium Brotherhood. It was really disconcerting at first, to look around the familiar landscape of Dalaran and not recognize ONE SINGLE NAME. Guild names meant nothing to me. There was no emotional connection, or knowledge of their sorted pasts….they were all equal in my eyes. It was great! The actual invitation and welcome to the guild, honestly, is a little fuzzy to me now. But I vaguely knew some of the names, since my DK had been quietly leveling up in the guild. I recall being very quiet on my DK until I brought Endyme over, because I wasn’t 100% I was going to transfer, or that it was going to work (I’d never transferred a toon before, I was scared!). My first raid with WaR, we went into Ulduar and I made a pretty good showing for myself (top of the healing meters, not that meters are everything, mind you), and I was happy. Not out of ego or pride, but because I felt I’d proven my worth, made a case for why I would be useful in this new environment, where I only really knew 2 people.

I am grateful that I got everything I had hoped for and more by transferring. I wanted a clean slate. I got it. I wanted a guild that raided and didn’t get torn apart by drama. I got it. No guild, I should say, is completely free of drama. It just can’t happen. But I’ve said before, it’s in how guilds and their officer core handle drama that makes the difference. And WaR handles drama better than the (admittedly few) guilds I’ve been in. I wanted to be happy while playing WoW, log in and have things to do, find a guild that suited my personality and play style…check, check and check!

There is a part of me that will always be expecting the other shoe to drop. And I really hope it doesn’t, but I don’t think I can think otherwise ever again. But I’m glad I found WaR and I’m glad everything has turned out so well and thanks to everyone who’s been a part of that.



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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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4 Responses to One year ago….

  1. Kanrad says:

    We’re glad your with us Endy! /hugs

    • Endyme says:

      Glad to have found you all! Y’all are all lovely to be guilded with. Srsly. Oh, I may have the usual ‘moments’ of irritation here and there, not gonna lie, but it’s like any irritation you may have IRL, with people you know and love.

      /hugs back

  2. Iris says:

    Oddly, as I was finishing my Loremaster Achievement the other night (which only required my lazy butt to finish Netherstorm and Shadowmoon), I noticed that the dates for my leveling Achievements in Outland were *exactly* one year prior to my finishing the content off.

    You’re a wonderful addition to the Guild, Endy-O-Mine, especially to the Happy Fun Crew. You’re our heart. 🙂

    • Endyme says:

      Awwww, shucks. If I’m the heart, you are totally the brains, without which the heart wouldn’t be able to function. I’m just happy to have found a place where I’m happy and *knocks on wood* a whole year has passed without me dreading logging on or upset over dramaz (though there has been some drama, but we’ve weathered it quite well ((so far as I know)) ). I haven’t had to ‘hide’ on alts once in a year, which is a surefire sign of unhappiness for me.

      Grats on the Loremaster! I don’t think I have it in me to even TRY it…sounds terribly involved.

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