Bubbles, I loves them precious!

With my priest turning 73 the other night, she’s just baaaarely eligible for Violet Hold. Every time I random (which, btw is not really random – they just stick you in the same instance til you outlevel it and then put you in a new one), I’ve been getting UK. I’m tired of UK. So with a helpful and awesome level 80 tank buddy, we queue up specifically for VH and as you can guess, the wait was…oh right, what wait? I was so bored in there, I actually started DPS’ing to pass the time between heals. It was a bunch of higher leveled folks, so I’m sure that was why folks weren’t really taking much damage. But still….

After the quick and painless VH, one of the DPS’ers and I queue up for a random and get Old Kingdom. Oh, another new one! This time, though, I was without my safety cushion tank. This should give me more of an idea of how I’ll handle a more difficult instance, I think to myself. I mean, it’s OLD KINGDOM, which can be brutal even if you’re geared to the gills (true, this is normal mode, but I was still wary). And really, it wasn’t bad at all, except for the time the DK disconnected and then came back during a boss fight and he was so far away I couldn’t heal him when something decided he looked tasty. And then there was the one time the boomchicken must have really insulted the mobs because they wanted him D-E-D dead. I could not keep him from taking crap tons of damage, despite my best efforts.

So it’s probably a combination of getting to know my class/spec and the uber leet gear Ryska’s sporting, but I feel like I’m getting much better at this Discipline thing. And you know, it’s fun. People asked me when I first started playing her if it was fun having a different healer. Honestly, it wasn’t FUN…it was OMGWTFBBQPANICSHITSHITOHGODOHGODWE’REALLGONNADIE! I was trying to get my feet under me, to figure out this class basically from scratch and learn how2Disc at the same time. The thought of queueing for an instance by myself filled me with panic. As a DPS, I might could have coasted by unnoticed, but the healer…people die if you suck. So for awhile, I tried to have at least one friend with me when I queued up because my confidence was very low. As low as you could get. Now I can queue by myself (I’m a big girl now!) and it’s all good! It’s kinda fun healing (which I’m used to), but in a fresh and different way. Penance is just awesomesauce, in case you didn’t get the memo.

My only worry is that it’s the gear, not me. Gear DOES play a part in how well you can do your job. Endy 2.0 just could not keep people alive in that UK from hell and I’m not going to say all of it was gear, but dagum..most of the problem was just that. And my arrogance in ignoring my crappy gear, but aaaaanywho.¬† Ryska got lucky not long after transferring in that the guild’s been doing some retro raids that she was able to go in. You know, fun places like Hyjal, SSC, BT, Sunwell, etc. Her gear probably would have made a raiding level 70 jealous, back in the day. But I figure, even if that is helping me get by a little easier, so what? The most awesome gear in the world couldn’t make a really, REALLY bad player good.

I don’t know what my long term plans for Ryska are…after I get her to 80, I mean. But you can get some really nice gear and not even set foot in 10 or 25 mans. And I think it’d be nice to have another healer in reserve just in case one is needed for something. Who knows? But I’m definitely having more fun, now that I’ve got a handle on the disc healing thing. I no longer feel like I’m just mashing buttons if an ‘oh shit’ situation comes. See, progress!

I also get much glee out of whispering Askevar on whatever toon she’s on with progress reports (“Master, I turned 73 today!”) or just to say BUBBLES!


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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2 Responses to Bubbles, I loves them precious!

  1. Kanrad says:

    Teh Bubbles, we haz dem!

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