Blizz reverses RealID decision

They changed their minds

Wonder why? The epically long almost 50k post thread? The loads of blogs and news sites reporting on it? Interesting to see what the future will bring, though. Ophelie posted that even without the use of real names, don’t think you’re completely safe. We still need to be vigilant with our identities online. But still, I didn’t expect Blizzard to just back off entirely from the use of our real names. They’ll still be rolling out changes using RealID, but it sounds like their aim is to make it optional, so you don’t have to announce your name to the whole world just to ask for technical help on the forums.

Color me happy they changed their tune and listened to the outcry, but at the same time I’m wary. That they even thought this was a good decision in the first place scares me a bit. And who knows exactly WHY they backpeddled. I mean, we’d all like to think it was the massive outcry on the forums, and the scores of people actually going so far as to cancel their accounts, but there are probably alot of other factors that played into this reversal. And now my wary eye is watching Blizzard, for their next move. The planned integration with Facebook still scares me (cause FB’s all big on privacy, doncha know?)…but I guess we’ll see. But still, it’s nice that they actually responded to the massive criticisms being hurled at them.


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