A lesson in humility

I hit a snag in my leveling of Endy 2.0 this weekend, one that came out of nowhere but in hindsight, I should have seen it coming. In a word: overconfidence.

It happened on Sunday. My guild on ThoBro did some retro raids since it was a holiday and alot of folks were out blowing things up and whatnot. My priest, now level 71, went to Sunwell and SSC and made out like a bandit. Briming with the confidence only new gear can bring, I queued her up for an instance and got Utgarde Keep. Cool. Done it before, so I know I can handle it on my still-learning-to-be-Disc priest. I was rocking a 14k mana pool and don’t tend to have mana issues on her (yet). It’s awesome. And even with the new gear and obscene mana pool, I still carried around that feeling of “I’m such a noob, I’m going to fail hardcore!” feeling with me. So I am more apt to pay attention at all times, constantly thinking of what I can do if the worst happens, anything I can do to not embarass myself in front of these people I’ve never met and warrant being kicked. Only one clothie died at the end, but other than that, it went well.

Then I hopped over to Endy 2.0 for an instance before I went to bed. She just recently dinged 69 (tee hee), so is eligible for Northrend instances now. Sweeeet. I queue up and to my joy, get her first Northrend instance: UK. I was struggling a bit with mana (my default mana pool is juuuust below 8k), and wasn’t feeling terribly good about it.

I knew things were going to be slightly unfun when the druid tank exclaims “Oh, that’s why” and then proceeds to tell me my Ret talents have got to go, put them in Prot and oh, glyph for Seal of Wis. He has a pally main, doncha know? I let him know I do too and my main’s primary spec is virtually the same as 2.0’s and his response was “….”. I didn’t have the time (struggling with mana here!) to explain that I’ve heard Holy/Ret is pretty a-ok for leveling cause the Ret talents help with your crit. Along the way, I’m griping with Askevar via RealID and declare I’ll wait until after the instance to go “Take that!” We get to the first boss and I was praying it wouldn’t last much longer than it did because I was scraping the bottom of the barrel as far as mana goes. I had none left to spare at the end. Nobody died, but still. Then the tank drops without a word and another DPS follows suit like a lemming. *siiiigh*

A bit of a wait later and we get a DK tank and a mage. Buffed em up and away we went! Dear LORD, it went badly. Mobs were poisoning folks and I just could not keep people alive. The tank says “Why did the last tank leave again?” to which I dejectedly reply that he didn’t say but I’ll be leaving, seeing as I am not pleased with my performance in the instance and clearly am not ready for Northrend. And I wasn’t. I don’t know if it was ALL my fault, but a fair heaping of the blame could be placed on my shoulders. I just didn’t have the mana pool to be able to toss Holy Light after Holy Light for very long. People were taking damage that I just could not keep up with. Once I rezzed folks, I wished them well and left poste haste. Frankly, I’m semi-shocked I wasn’t kicked.

I’d just come face to face with the ugly truth that Endy 2.0 isn’t the healing goddess I want her to be and my overconfidence in my ability to play a holy pally blinded me to her faults…and my own. Endy’s gear is a mish mosh of what I’ve bought on the AH (not much, since greens often go for crazy amounts of gold I’m not willing to spend) and gotten in instances. I’ve not done alot of questing on her. I’d done some stuff in Hellfire, but beyond that, noooot much. 2.0 was sporting cloth pants I’d gotten from Hellfire Ramparts, a few pieces of gear I’d had for probably 10 levels, including her Lawlbringer bracers, a shield I got as a quest reward at 60, you get the idea. It wasn’t ideal. Her health and mana pools made me cry, but I had deluded myself into thinking it was all because I’m used to big Endy’s 37k mana pool of awesome. I’d been coasting on delusions for awhile. That the fact that I had an epic’d out, raiding paladin made me an expert on leveling a second one.

Stinging from my complete and utter failure in UK, I hit the AH and bought a few pieces in quick succession that should help start me along the path to give Endy 2.0 a gear makeover. I’ll be hoping to get my DK enchanter to put some enchants on scrolls give her gear even more oomph. Y’know, I’ve heard it said that skill can overcome gear and I think that’s got some truth to it, but it’s not completely true. I have the skill. I know what I’m doing, though I’m sure I could improve and learn some new things and will be doing some research on leveling a holy pally. But without the gear to back me up, my skill doesn’t mean as much. I can be the most skilled holy pally out there, but if I’m decked out in all greys, I can’t do jack with said skillz. So I really think that gear is a large part of the problem, but most likely not the entire problem. My ego isn’t THAT big, to assume it’s all gear and nothing else.

I’m taking this as a lesson in humility. I got overconfident and I ignored my icky gear and paid the price. It’s wierd, with alts, I’m usually so afraid I’ll suck and be laughed at or kicked that I try my hardest, get the best gear I can, do research, make macros that’ll help me, whatever. But on Endy 2.0, I’ve been coasting on the confidence factor and not treating her like I’ve treated my other alts. Not anymore.


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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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3 Responses to A lesson in humility

  1. Kanrad says:

    I use the ret style of Holy. My main workhorse is Flash of Light. i can spam Holy Light but with rare exceptions I find it very inefficient, both mana wise and over-heal wise.

    I understand there are two schools of thought on FoL and HL but at lower levels I think FoL is about your only choice for normal instance healing. You simply do not have the mana pool to use HL like you would in ICC gear. I’d recommend trying to use FoL and Holy Shock more often and save HL for when someone needs a serious heal, mainly the tank.

    I’m not knocking your style, just giving tips for lower level Holy healing. I prefer to be as efficient as I can with healing. I still over-heal like mad but not as bad as some which I think is a feat for a Holy Paladin. I manage to be near or at the top of healing meters and rarely at the top of over-healing with my FoL style. The trick is just knowing when to use what heal. Spamming is useful on some raid fights but for the most part you have to be ready to use what tools you have at a moments notice. This is magnified even more so pre level 80.

    • Endyme says:

      Oh, for sure Kan. I agree, and I do tend to stick to FoL in instances on Endy 2.0, just for those reasons…conserving mana. But in the case of the UK from Hell, it was simply not enough to keep up with the damage at times and I had to resort to HL spam a few times. The druid know-it-all actually said at one point that my FoL’s weren’t gonna cut it in the instance, but I mostly dismissed him because well, I didn’t know him from Adam. Maybe it was him, but in any case, my mana pool was not up to the task.

  2. Kanrad says:

    Sounds like less a case of your abilities/gear and more the group. Bad tank or DPS not watching aggro/fires will make it hard on any healer. Don’t be so quick to place blame on yourself when it comes to low level pugers.

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