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A little bit of this and that

Endy’s 10 man has now taken down Blood Princes twice as of tonight! Once we get a boss, we generally don’t backslide…it’s wierd, but nice. It’s not to say we don’t occasionally wipe, we do, but it’s rare-ish. It felt … Continue reading

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Logo for my 10 man crew

I got the wild hair to want to make a logo for my 10 man group, which has dubbed itself Happy Fun Crew (HFC for short). I’m a graphic designer, I can’t help but think up ideas for things sometimes…and … Continue reading

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One year ago….

It was one year ago today that I found myself on a new server (I actually logged on the day before, but nobody I knew was on, so I just spend awhile rearranging my transfer-borked UI) and joining a new … Continue reading

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Bubbles, I loves them precious!

With my priest turning 73 the other night, she’s just baaaarely eligible for Violet Hold. Every time I random (which, btw is not really random – they just stick you in the same instance til you outlevel it and then … Continue reading

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Blizz reverses RealID decision

They changed their minds Wonder why? The epically long almost 50k post thread? The loads of blogs and news sites reporting on it? Interesting to see what the future will bring, though. Ophelie posted that even without the use of … Continue reading

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Oy, Blizz

Blizzard has made an announcement about the the future of posting on their forums. Appearantly, they like RealID so darn much that they’re going to make your name (i.e. your real first and last name) appear when you post … Continue reading

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A lesson in humility

I hit a snag in my leveling of Endy 2.0 this weekend, one that came out of nowhere but in hindsight, I should have seen it coming. In a word: overconfidence. It happened on Sunday. My guild on ThoBro did … Continue reading

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