I has one!!! And it only took 44 treks through FoS.



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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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4 Responses to Trinket

  1. Askevar says:

    OMG YAY!!!!! GRATZ!!!!

  2. Jindrax says:

    Oh snap you got it! Gratz!

  3. Kanrad says:


  4. Endyme says:

    Thanks y’all! It was definitely an awesome evening. And the deck wasn’t stacked in my favor at all. Aside from me and the druid healer, the rest of the PuG were guildies, which immediately made me nervous. Now, the warrior (tank) *shouldn’t* roll, but…. The hunter had worse trinkets than I did, so if he rolled, I could completely understand. Once we get to the end, of course, the trinket dropped and I wasted no time rolling need and waiting. Hunter rolls, fine. Warrior rolls….GRRR. The loot gods chose that day to smile upon me, for my roll beat both of theirs by far and that was that.

    Now I can like, do regular random heroics again! I pretty much put all my focus on that darn trinket and did FoS every time I logged on the DK and I’m just not the sort to do multiple randoms every night, so… And now I can go into FoS on Endy and not worry the trinket’ll drop just to spite me. 🙂

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