Character Roundup!

  • Endyme’s 10 man crew is still trying to get down Sindragosa. We’re having issues in phase 3, which is craaaaazy times! Mostly the positioning of those darn frost tombs which seem to pop up, like, every few seconds. We had 2 subs in on Thursday and after a few good tries at Sindy, we decided to reset the instance and see about getting folks some emblems/gear/rep. The RL had some trouble resetting so we ended up trying Blood Princes, thanks to our subs having had experience on them. I think on our best try, we had them down to like 2 million health? For not having done them before (except one try for funsies which was….painful), not a bad showing.
  • Celrina FINALLY got some boots to replace the level 200 Titansteel ones she’s been sporting since she dinged 80. I forget who dropped em….Lootship maybe? Nice boots with which I am well pleased. Because Celrina needs hit like I need a piano dropped on my head, I opted to enchant them with pure AP vs the popular 12 Crit/12 Hit enchant. Thanks to her new boots, she’s actually over the Expertise cap. O.o. I’m now at 40 trips into Forge of SUCK, I mean, Souls and still no trinket. There are some groups I actually hope it doesn’t drop, because I’m certain those who have no need of it will roll. I had a tank last time who said they’d been in FoS alot trying to get that trinket after I said I was hoping for it too. He asked if he could roll and said that unless it was good for his current spec (it wasn’t, he even said so), I’d hope he didn’t, since it’s a DPS trinket and I’m like, DPS. But ultimately, I couldn’t stop him. Thankfully it didn’t drop, so we didn’t have to duke it out. I try and recruit guildies when I can, since I know they won’t screw me over. If one of their toons goes with and really needs it, I won’t begrudge them a roll at all, but I know they won’t roll on it otherwise.
  • Endy 2.0 continues to level at a slow but steady pace. She’s just dinged 66 and is starting to see some instances that look more and more familiar. Hooray! Nothing was worse than when I’d pop into an instance like Sunken Temple for the first time in literally years and thinking “Wow, I have no idea where to go or what to expect. I vaguely recall dragons in here….yeeeah, dragons.” I’m realizing that the reason I’ve embraced the LFD system so readily and fearlessly on her, aside from the fact it’s quick, easy and a new way to level,  is that I know my role and I know it well. Having just transferred my priest to ThoBro made me realize that pretty quickly. I know how to handle ‘oh shit’ situations on 2.0. There is no panicking a la “Oh crap, what buttons do what? What heal would be best here? Don’t I have trinkets to help? Maybe? Ahhhh!” I may not be able to pull a situation out of the fire necessarily, but I’ll go down doing all I can.
  • Ryska is the newest re-addition to my character pool. She was languishing over on Scarlet Crusade, unspecced, unloved and wasting away. I transferred her about 2 weeks ago now and I’d say I’m loving it, but truth is, right now I’m still adjusting. Playing nothing but a pally healer for 5 years can make picking up another (nearly grown up, at level 70) healer hard for a girl. Way different styles of healing. Right now I’m petrified to go into an instance without at least one friend or guildie with me. I’ve done so once and while it wasn’t a distaster per se (there was only 1 death), I felt so out of control most of the time. I was pressing random buttons in a panic when multiple characters were taking damage at once. I felt so….wierd. But I’m determined to learn and grow. I know this is just temporary and because it’s new, it’s hard. Hopefully, Askevar will mentor me and I’ll be a fine example of a Disc priest once I hit 80. 🙂

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I'm a 30-something human being who enjoys traveling, reading and playing SWTOR in my spare time.
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2 Responses to Character Roundup!

  1. youyankityoutankit says:

    I love toon updates… it makes it so easy to see how your army is progressing don’t it?

    We’re eventually going to get Celrina that stupid trinket… srsly. It MUST drop.

    • Endyme says:

      I think that trinket’s drop rate goes to like, .0002% whenever I log on. Either that or Blizz temporarily deletes it off the loot list when I log in the game. IT’S A CONSPIRACY.

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